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Here I am late with my installment of Kink of the Week. It’s one of my favorite sexual activities


I do not think blow jobs are kinky, a basic form of sex. On the same level of foreplay or perhaps one level up. I would consider the act kinky if the man needed something extra in addition to the act itself. Maybe some leather gloves, bright red nail polish, bright red lips. Maybe watching from a rear view mirror or the bedroom mirror. Taking photos during the performance, that’s kinky to me.

I view my past performances of sucking cocks as dominant. I would suck a cock and leave. The man is the one with his pants around his ankles, I’m fully dressed. It’s a major turn is hearing the man moan and making other types of aroused sounds. That’s when I feel in total control. Because I could stop suddenly and he would be left hanging or I could continue allowing him to release all that is bottled inside him.

 Also, I viewed blow jobs are not as emotionally connecting as penetration sex. Sure I can suck a cock and no need to get a phone call the next day. I just wanted to be “that girl” who haunted their sex dreams. The girl who they wondered about, the one they know is sucking her husband’s cock every night while they’re married to a frigid woman who thinks performing such an act is disgusting. Twisted, I know. But it’s who I am. I still think that way.

I have my tongue pierced for a reason. It’s what I like to do. I have a few tricks that work every time. In my podcast I do go into a little more detail about sucking cocks. I will add that I have no gag reflex due to a medical procedure. So, this gives me the ability to deep throat. Trick is to stay calm & breathe through your nose. Relax, a person must enjoy what they are doing, otherwise your body will start to tell you “bitch you better stop or I’ll lock up your jaw”

I don’t understand why some women don’t like doing it. It’s something that blows my mind.

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  • While I love giving a blow job, I can totally understand why a lot of people are uncomfortable with them. I was at one point. After all some guys insist on the face fucking and some girls (me included) have very strong gag reflexes. If my fiancé, trying to push his cock into my throat it would be a very upsetting and unpleasant time as gagging is a hard limit for me and for him.

    And then a lot of people get squiged out by the whole “they pee from there” thing.

    But I love giving them and I’m glad you enjoy them as well 🙂
    Bunny recently posted…#Sinful Sunday/KOTW Delicious BK CockMy Profile

    • Ya know, I’ve never given thought to those with strong gag reflexes. I just figured that anyone could do it kind of thing. Thanks for explaining your side of blow jobs. Also I guess if a person had a first bad experience with sucking cock, that would leave a mental scar.
      LOL, I remember when I was still a virgin and when I learned what a blog job really was, I thought “ewww they pee from there” that all changed after I had sex!!!

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  • Hmm… yes, with bright red lipstick and nails, that might make them kinky 🙂
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