Yappie App Revisited [Review]

I guess my archive feed via twitter sparked a response from the boys over at Yappie


I re-downloaded the app onto my phone. I logged in. There was a notice of an “update” why wasn’t the app automatically updated when I downloaded it? Instead of sending me a notice via the app.

Unfortunately this app crashed on me more than a few times. It didn’t freeze up, which is ok. But, the app crashed and just flashed back to the home menu on my phone.


What I did notice was that there are some really interesting points on this social voice app. Once you log in to the app you can work on your profile page. You can edit your profile…in that section you can do the following.

  • Invite friends
  • edit your profile
  • change password
  • change your settings
  • block other users
  • make your profile private
  • and logout

The bonus options are blocking users and changing to a private profile. 

Under the Settings sections

  • My Interests – a member can pick from different categories such as sports, music, etc.
  • Social Networks – Connecting to both Twitter & Facebook. However, I’ve tried to connect my Facebook account but the app continues to crash. As far as Twitter, on the toggle is on but there is no automatic posting to my Twitter timeline.
  • Notifications
  • My Feed – a member can choose from Editors Picks & Global Content or both. I think this is another bonus feature in this app.

Recording a Yap 

  • A member can tap the record button and talk for 60 seconds or you can select a file from your library. You can only upload via the website.
  • After you record you choose from 6 different voice filters or save as is. Here you can also play back your audio before you save it to your profile page.
  • Next section is to add a description of your Yap along with the updated feature of added photos to your Yap. When you do, the photo then becomes the player otherwise if there is no photo the Yap remains a pink line player.
  • Also add any mentions and hashtags to your Yap.
  • There is even an option to add location. The bonus feature is adding the location because if you do you can
  • You can also share your Yap to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or email. More bonus features in this voice app.

What I really thought was interesting about this app is that you can find & listen to different users by location. Just to click on the “pin” and you can listen to that Yap. This feature I have NOT seen on any other voice app. Definitely a bonus for Yappie. A member can also customize their member page with a “background” photo, just like the Twitter format. A member can add another account to Yappie and switch within the main account, again just like Twitter.


A member can even upload photos to their Yaps, which turns into the player. There are different voice filters to add to your Yap which adds an amusing sound to the audio. The two issues I had was that the app crashed on me several times during use. The other issue is that the recording time is still only 60 seconds long. It is a really good little voice app to use. This voice recording app has made some really unique and useful features. Surely, worth a second look.

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