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The sounds of snow crunching under my boots.february photo fest, latina sexblogger, winter, kotw, sweater weather, february photo fest

Seeing my breath in the cold air.

I love wearing thick socks, especially thigh high socks and leather gloves. I wish I could wear hats, but my hair is so thick that I overheat quickly.

I absolutely LOVE snow storms, watching those big thick snowflakes falling from the sky and hoping that it will cause a snow day. The bad part of my wishing thinking is that if I don’t work I don’t get paid.

I love looking at the snow-covered landscape when the snow is undisturbed. I hate the end of winter when the snow is black and full of trash from the snow plows.

I miss days like last winter when I would go to Mr. Sam’s house straight after my AM shift. I would strip off all my winter gear and hop in bed with him. The feeling of being relaxed and only existing in his bedroom, no world outside the house. However this year is different. I’m having too many things to do during Christmas break. Laying in bed until noon is no longer an option for us. 

Winter with my Beloved is all about watching old movies during the cold nights wrapped up in sweaters & blankets. Not leaving the house unless we absolutely have to. Since his retirement last month we are still adapting to a different way of living.  We don’t do much now mostly due to his health issues, in the past we drove down to Texas to visit our youngest son. I love driving during a blizzard, the last one was 2013 when I left at 5 am to pick up my mother and we were driving down to Texas. We stopped at a Truck stop and it was deserted due to the blizzard, almost looked like zombies would be coming for us soon because it was so empty. 

During the winter I tend to drink more and act more reckless, engaging in risky behavior. This is because I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, overeating and insomnia are the worst for me. I try my best to keep this under control. Sex. Sex is something that I engage in more during the winter. Probably because of the depression, the sex releases those happy chemicals in the brain and make me feel good during the dark nights of winter.

I HATE the bitter cold of winter. The frigid temperatures & the wind chills that can cause severe health issues and even death.  I hate the freezing leather seats in my car.

I hate having to get up earlier so that I can start & warm up my car before I leave in the morning.

I love the Christmas lights and the romantic glow that they give off. 

I have collected a few winter photos that I have taken over the past few years.

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