White Socks

Someone asked me if I would and could post some photos of me in white socks. I thought sure why not.

white sock fetish

Ok. I know about the sock fetish community, I hadn’t given it much thought to the idea that the sock fetish community then divides into sub-categories. White socks, ankle socks, gay men socks, knee socks, dirty socks. That’s not all of them either, the list could be rather long don’t ya think?

What is it about white socks that turns a person on?

Do you wear socks during sex? That’s probably another topic, huh? How about sleeping with your socks on?Sock Fetish

My white socks have to be just that. White. Crisp. Under no circumstances can my socks fall under my heel or get wrinkled, crinkled in my shoe at any time. UGH!

I detest wet socks. The sensation of wet socks on my feet upsets my sensory balance. Silly but true, kind of like stepping on a wet floor with dry feet. Don’t like that either! My long black hair often gets woven through the socks, so then I’m pulling my hair out of my socks. There is dog hair that never seems to be under control & ends up on my socks.

I seldom walk around the house in my socks. This stems from an incident I experienced at a young age. My mother had waxed the hardwood stairs while I was napping. Yes, once upon a time my mother made me take naps. NOTE: She was the only one who could get me to take naps. Anyway, I had been used to walking around with socks on, but I took one step down those recently waxed stairs and basically flew down them ending up at the bottom of the stairs. Needless to say, I do not walk around in my socks unless I have too.

What is it about white socks or any socks that get someone’s blood flowing?  I was asked if I was interested in selling my socks. At the time I said “No thank you.” But now I’ve changed my mind, not for the gifts or money but for that fact I have TONS & TONS of socks that I don’t wear anymore. So why shouldn’t I send them off to a good home? Knowing that my socks will be loved & appreciated?

white sock fetish

If you’re interested in buying a pair of my socks, I would be happy to come to some sort of agreement with you.  Email me at Catherine@sassycat3000.net


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