Wet on the Washer [KOTW, MM159]

I told him about my sex bucket list. I wasn’t expecting him to remember or be focused on helping me cross some items off my list.

He told me that he had some plans for me the next time I came over and he wasn’t lying. I’m not one to be tied up, restrained or confined. I have severe lack of trust issues stemming from childhood. When he informed me that I was to be tied up I began to experience shortness of breath yet at the same time I felt excitement.

Down to the basement we went where he had the green neon rope set up and his brothers old whirlpool washing machine had pillows and a blanket on top of it. He had a backpack full of my favorite toys. “Get undressed and lean over the washing machine.” He said.

“WHAT? You know how I feel about being tied up.”

Making a circling motion with his finger “get undressed, turn around and lean over the washing machine.”

I felt the rope against one ankle and then the other. My body leaning against the machine, he takes my hands & wrapped the rope around my wrists and tosses the rope over the beam in the ceiling. Pulling everything tightly. “OMG, OUCH!” He giggles, “stop wiggling around so much and it wont hurt as much.” He reaches into the bag for something, oh what now?! I thought to myself. “Look forward.” He demanded. “OPEN YOUR MOUTH,” he commanded. So I did, that’s when I seen & felt the ball gag in my mouth. Once it was secured in place he sat down on some towels on the floor.Β  He lays out more towels. I can see just over my shoulder and underneath my arm that he is like a surgeon laying out my favorite sex toys that he plans on uses on me.gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== Wet on the Washer [KOTW, MM159]

“Relax. You want this and you know it.” He says in a stern voice.

I let out a whimper.

There’s silence.

I don’t feel anything.

What’s going on back there?! My lips & mouth are dry, I feel like I can’t breathe. Then I feel his tongue against my slit. His hands spread my cheeks apart and he goes in deeper. I let out a loud gasp that turns into a deep sigh. His tongue speaks to me like no other man has ever done before. He licks & sucks every part of me. While his tongue is talking to my clit, I feel his finger gliding through my lips and push into my pussy. My body is pushing into the whirlpool, the metal is cold against my skin. He takes out his finger, now two go in. He’s finger fucking me fast & hard. I can’t make any loud sounds, I just wanna scream.

Now his tongue slides across my juices, I hear a slight hum sound. That sound you make when you taste something delicious. His hands grab my ass cheeks as he pulls them apart, his tongue slides into my ass. His tongue dives deeper into my tight hole, his fingers enter my pussy once more. I can feel my hands pulling at the rope, my legs become weak as I feel the first wave of uncontrollable spasms. He stands up & unties me, “hop on the washer.”

I’m afraid to do it. He scolds me “SIT ON TOP! NOW!” I did as I was told. He tied my wrists up again, leaving some slack so that I can remove the rope if I want to. He propped a pillow behind me, so I leaned back.

He allows me to catch my breath. “Here’s a drink of water and then it’s round two.” He says softly. He picks up one of my clit vibrators, turning it on he presses it against my clit. He picked up my favorite dildo, he slowing pushing the bulbous head of the dildo into my aching pussy. He wasn’t slow for long, he picked up speed. Faster & faster he pushed the dildo in & out of my pussy. I felt different, as if my body and my mind weren’t connected. I could hear myself moaning from underneath the ball gag. I hear the wetness of my pussy as he continues fucking me with the dildo. OH MY GOD! Nooooo! I’m trying to talk but I can’t. I wanna tell him to stop, but I can’t. I can hear my scream in my head, my body started to shake, my legs widen and then it happened. I felt a release so intense, so exhausting and so satisfying. He stood back, I sat up. He had this grin on his face and he pointed to his arm. There seemed to be droplets on his skin, reflecting in the light I could see his arm was wet. He pointed to his leg, that was wet too. He said “you made a small puddle on the floor.” I hopped off the washer and almost fell to the floor because my legs were so wobbly & unsteady.Β  He pointed out that the blanket that I had sat on had a huge wet spot. I had gotten wet on the washer, really wet. “Babe there was a few times I wanted to stop and stick my cock inside you, watching you got me rock hard.”

I have squirted a second time with Mr. Sam. It was even more intense than this orgasm. I may have to share that story next time.


That is the first time I had squirted with him. We had discussed it before this happened. He had mentioned how wet his bed was the past few times he had fingered me and massaged my pussy with his tongue. I told him that “Charlie” had been obsessed with getting me to squirt. Charlie’s X was really the one who got me to squirt, well the both of them did. She kept telling me to relax, not to be afraid and if I did pee on their bed I wouldn’t be the first one to do that. She made me feel comfortable about it and about my body. Charlie & her had explained and shared what they knew, what they read and then it was down to doing it. I only did it once with them. I became too anxious about everything else that was going on between them.

After I squirted for the very first time, I would try to get myself to squirt when I masturbated, couldn’t do it. Until I received the Bullseye dildo to review and while testing it out I squirted. The Bullseye can do make me squirt every time I use it. The majority of the time I don’t squirt, so far Mr. Sam is the only one who has gotten me to squirt more than once and now it’s his goal when time allows.

Some Words from Mr. Sam about Squirting…

Yes it’s a turn on. To get a partner to that point were nothing else matters but that feeling. At that moment, the total loss of control of their body’s orgasms. And them letting go and just living for the feeling…for those moments in time.


I combined the Kink of the Week topic with Masturbation Monday for this post. If you want to read more about squirting or read something steamy & hot, CLICK on either of the two banners below.




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