Two Adjustable Pet Seat Belt Leashes [Product Review]

When the kids moved out both took their dogs with them. I missed having a dog around to bark when someone is knocking at the door and having a dog to greet me when I get work and just keeping me company. My Beloved finally gave in and we adopted a senior rescue dog.

I started taking her out more and trying to get her used to riding in the car. The only thing is that she moves around a lot. When I was given the opportunity to test out this Adjustable Pet Seat Belt Leashes from PetGlory I jumped at the chance.

Dog Seat Belt Leashes

There are two seat belts that come in this order. One is a dog seat belt leash with Soft Padded Handle, Cover with Pocket and Metal Clasp. The other one is a dog seat belt leash with Metal Clasp.  The second one has an adjustable leash length of 22 inches – 37 inches and has two reflective strips on one side of the leash.

Two Adjustable Seat Belt Leashes

What I did not like about the Two Adjustable Pet Seat Belt Leashes:

  • That the shorter seat beat wasn’t a bit more shorter. To be more restrictive for Stella’s movement.
  • There wasn’t other negative points about the Two Adjustable Pet Seat Belt Leashes.
  • Does not work in Volvos.

What I did like about the Two Adjustable Pet Seat Belt Leashes:

  • There are Two of the adjustable seat belt leashes; one might work better than the other.
  • The longer seat belt leash has a padded handle and is comfortable on the wrist.
  • The longer seat belt leash adjusts; 3.7ft (actually 3.9ft) – 6ft (actually 6 feet).
  • There is a zipper pouch attached to the longer seat belt leash 4.9 inch 4.3 inch / 12.5 cm x 11 cm (L x W). This works great to carry a few doggie bags so that you can pick up after your dog.
  • Made of nylon and is bright red to see with reflective threads on both sides of the longer leash.
  • Company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with a one year replacement warranty
  • Cost is reasonable at $18 for both belts.

Two Adjustable Seat Belt Leashes

The Seat Belt leashes are very simple to use. Great to have for my car. I like the fact that Stella is secure and that she can’t move around too much in the back seat. She can no longer pace back & forth from one window to the other, which is distracting for me when I’m driving.

Stella using her adjustable seat belt

I recorded a very simple video of me (by myself) taking her out for a walk after we had stopped at the grocery store.

[DISCLAIMER: I received the Two Adjustable Seat Belt Leashes at a discount for testing purposes in exchange for my honest opinion of the product. The owner of this blog Catherine “SassyCat” Martinique DOES NOT give permission to use, copy or print any of the content on this blog You Won’t tame this Sassy Cat without written permission or form of payment.]

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