Twist & Pull [boobday]

I have been absent from so many blogging memes. Life gets in the way, doesn’t it? Unless blogging is your business, then it’s something you have to do. It’s a responsibility isn’t it?! Sometimes I feel with blogging I have to “work” at it. I slacked off for most of this year.

Trying to learn to balance everything & everyone in my life can really be draining.

Once again my summer is kind of a bust. Our empty nest is now full again. My “me-time” is so limited these days. Today my Beloved decided to take our company out and about to give me some free time for myself. I wasted no time.

A special THANK YOU to a thoughtful follower/fan for thinking of me and sending me these nipple pumps by Angel Kiss.

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  • Glad you got some quality ‘me-time’. Looks like fun.

  • I know exactly what you mean about the difficulty of balancing everything in normal day-to-day . . . and finding “me time” . . . because me-time, or fun-time, is so important isn’t it.

    So glad your beloved arranged some free time for yourself.

    And the result is wonderful . . . really “pumped” for you !!!

    Xxx – K

  • good to have me time.
    i have those same pumps and i love them

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