Jay & I were talking & leaving the building when my phone rang.

What u doing this AM?? Anything special?!? 🙂

Nothing why?

Didnt know if you wanted to come by and say HI?! 🙂

Sure just finished work. Gimme 20 minutes

Of course…back door will be open..and ill finish my beer!! LOL


I told Jay that I had to cut our conversation short. He seemed disappointed & a bit jealous. Oh well.

I parked my car out of sight. Walked to the back door, walked inside & locked it behind me. I didn’t say anything like I normally do. I just walked into the family room. I was expecting him to be in bed like he was the last time. Instead he was stretched out on the sofa watching Good Morning America.

I didn’t want to sit down, I was feeling fat & ugly. I was hoping he would suggest the bedroom.

“What’s been going on with you?”

“Trying to get use to getting up at 4:30 am so I can be to work early.”

I’m standing, he slaps the sofa next to him. In attempts to get me to sit down next to him.  Walking over to him I straddle him, leaning into to kiss him. My hands on his chest. He shoves his tongue into my mouth. My lips wrap around his tongue and suck it, swirling around it once or twice. My lips and tongue sucks out the taste of him, my hunger for him grows. My body temperature rises, getting hot. His hands running down my back, pushing me to him tightly. The passion, the want is starting to over take us. I stand up, so does he. We undress. He sits back down. “Are we staying here?” I ask.

“No, we don’t have to, we can go to the bedroom.” I follow him.

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He climbs in, holding the blankets open for me. I climb in. We kiss again. And again. Our hands roam over each other’s bodies. His hand under my ass, holding me tight against him, as we kiss deeply. Kissing as our spirits intertwine, becoming lost in that one moment together. He cups me, squeezing, kneading until his fingers slide to my nipple. The pinching, twisting of my nipple forces my body to react. My back arches, my pelvis pushing into the bed and up ward. My nipple disappears into his mouth, as I feel his tongue flicking it back & forth. His teeth gently biting me. His hand releases my mound, down to the warmth between my legs. His finger rubs slowly, gently. A finger pushes open my swollen lips, his finger enters me, my body arches against his hand. He’s holding me close to him as his finger thrusts deeper, deeper. My lips meet his shoulder and bite as he pulls out his finger, slowly, two fingers enter, deeper, deeper. OMG. What’s happening to me? He holds me tighter, my face buried in the side of his neck. His fingers find that spot that only he can find. I hear my voice, my breath is swallow & quick. I bite his neck to muffle my orgasm, as his fingers tickle my insides. My body shudders, riding that wave of pleasure. He slows his rhythm, allowing me to catch my breath.

So full of desire that I push him back to lay down. Throwing the blankets back, I grab his iron-hard cock with my hand. Swallowing him whole, I heard that sound he makes. That huge gasp of air followed by a sigh. His body begins to shake, I swallow him again. Holding him there I swallow as he is motionless in my mouth. Breathing his scent in, making me intoxicated. My eyes water as I look up at him. Euphoric by all that is going on that he can’t wink or smile. He’s breathing fast and hard. I know that I can’t keep sucking him otherwise he will cum in my mouth. I’m in the mood to carry him with me today. I go down on him a few times more, my eyes watering more and now running down my face.

I climb on top of him. Feeling his hardness enter me is breath-taking, we both a deep breath. I begin to rock on his swollen manhood. I feel his cock so hard inside of me, that I’m getting turned on even more. Rocking faster, faster. My waves are beginning to climb again, I continue to rock to bring myself over the edge. My orgasm is a tidal wave of immense power. I wipe the tears off my face, as I feel the spasms lessen.  He grabs the blanket around my waist, pulling the blanket with both hands. The blanket acting as a belt, he bucks me. I hadn’t completely stopped moving after my orgasm, just rocking very slowly. I get the message that he wants to cum.  I start to rock faster, my fingers playing with his nipples. I look down at him, looking into his eyes. I yell “Give it to me! Cum inside me! I want it baby!”

He’s pulling the blanket faster, causing me to move faster. We’re rocking in a perfect rhythm. I’m listening to his swallow and fast breaths, he’s close. His hands tighten around the gripped blanket. His body convulsed beneath me. I watched him abandon himself to the pleasure as he explodes deep inside me. He lays there, arms at his sides, catching his breath. We are quiet for a second, enjoying the moment we just shared. Emotions are against our arrangement, however this moment we shared was very intense.  I think we both realized that at the same moment. That uncomfortable silence accompanying that feeling of “What just happened? What did I  do?” Looking down at him I ask.

“Where’s the towel?”

“In the bathroom.”


“If you get up, I’ll get it.” So, I get up. No counting this time. He’s sharing the towel with me?! What?! Cleaning up at the same time. Strange. I quickly get dressed, just I always do. I glance at the clock. Only 25 minutes. A bit longer than normal but that’s ok. We actually had more small talk. FUCK. Still high from what just happened we start making small talk about mutual friends. Which is what broke us the first time and the second time. Not sure if we could survive a third time. We will both need time away to break the attachment we just felt. Both of us have our own suitcases filled with emotional trauma. We just use each other as that quick fix that we need. However with any drug, a person can overdose or build up a tolerance. That’s why we stay away from each other, it’s understood now.

He threw on his running shorts. “I love it when you stop by here to say hello to me.”

I laugh. “Of course you do. Who wouldn’t love me to stop by and say hi?!

He laughed. “Damn, girl. We are too much alike.”

Scary, very scary.”

I leaned towards him, we kissed goodbye.

I’ll be unavailable for the next few weeks.”

His smile disappeared. I knew that he was thinking it was probably due to what just happened, but it wasn’t. “please be careful and stay safe.” He says as I’m walking down the driveway. “Yup.”

Pulling away from his house, I turn the corner. Sitting at the stop sign, I’m dazed. Playing it back in my head, I realized that he made me cum twice. Twice!!! My insides started to tingle once again. That was some of the best sex we have had in a very long time. Sure, the sex is usually pretty good, but this time he made me cum twice!

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