Totally 80’s

I had to work at my PT gig today. I was feeling a Madonna 80’s look. I can’t dress in total costume, still have to wear the black shirt & khakis. So I tried to do something with the hair, makeup & basic accessories. I have collected my “dress up costumes” since my kids were young so I have a little bit of everything. 

I’m glad this is only temporary because I don’t think I have the physical capabilities to work retail. It’s really hard on my lower back & feet. But like I’ve said before I’m sure that it’s the same for others who work retail.

I think the next costume will be something dark. And the weekend will be something do to with a solid color. Other co-workers wear merchandise of their choice to promote the Halloween season. I have issues with using items that strangers have used or tried on. I could suck a strangers cock but can’t wear a hat that a stranger has put on their head before me. See the madness that is me?!?! LOL

Hopefully I’ll remember to post other photos of my Halloween looks. 

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