Third Theme for #Octaver13 – “TOP LISTS”

We are now entering the three section of #Octaver13 and here are your following daily topics. This all about Who & What is on your top lists. The artists don’t have to be your favorites, just the ones at the top of the list. Be as creative as you would like. Remember to use your hashtags, promote your stuff and listen to your friends.

14.  Share your top 5 music artists that you enjoy listening to.

15.  Share your top 5 music artists you can’t stand listening to.

16. You’re hosting a party, name your top 3 music artists you hire to perform at your party. Do you have specific playlists for them? What song will they open with? What song will end your party? In what order will the artists be performing.

17. You’re a young female groupie or a male roadie, name your top 3 music artists you will be touring with and why.

18.  Name your top 3 music artists that you wish would stop touring or performing live or recording and why.

19.  Share your top 5 must have driving or traveling songs. When you are listening to those songs how do you feel? Does it make you drive faster, slower? Do you have certain driving songs for different seasons?

20.  Share your top 3 female vocalists along with your top 3 male vocalists.

Let’s Rock Octaver!

It’s all about You & Your Music

Any thoughts, suggestions, comments, hate mail? Contact Cat 

Please be mindful of any and all copyright laws in regards to using music

“Love Me Like You Used To” by Tanya Tucker

Remember you do not have to answer all of the questions, unless you want too. I provided several suggestions for the speaker to use, to be creative, to express thoughts, emotions, memories through the sharing of music. You don’t have to have the “perfect” sounding boo, to participate in Octaver13. It’s not a competition of who can be the best sounding pretend DJ. This is a daily activity to give the speaker something to discuss about themselves in regards to their musical tastes. Still not sure? Take a listen to Omaniblog & DaylightGambler. Check out what others are sharing & saying about Octaver13.

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