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When I started this blog, I really didn’t have a direction. I still don’t. There are times when I do product reviews. Sometimes I write about my opinions about the current news. Sometimes I take part in the different blogging memes, such as Wicked Wednesday, Sinful Sunday,  Kink of the Week and Boob Day.

I enjoy taking the photos. Being creative with the prompt, creating a scene. It’s fun. I had mentioned in a recent post how I feel about my readers, viewers and lurkers using my photos.


Sinful Sunday Weekly Round Up 181
Written by “Cammies on the Floor” and “Molly’s Daily Kiss”

 I’ thrilled when I’m included in Sinful Sunday’s Weekly Round Up. I think I’ve been included 3 times since I’ve started back in 2013. It’s a great feeling, knowing that I have accomplished something and that someone noticed. More important is practicing my photography skills. I used to love taking photos, then I stopped. Now I’m back doing again, an old hobby – refreshed & renewed. I recently was in 1st place for Beck’s September’s Favorite Images. Beck picked another photo in a series from my Sinful Sunday post. It’s those kind of things, like Beck liking my photo. That she picked it from a month’s worth of photos and placed with some of the best sex blogs out there. That makes me tingle in all my pretty pink places.


In the past I was writing about Nina & Jax. A series of erotic short stories. They have a dysfunctional relationship, using each other to fulfill their selfish needs. Needs such as emotional fulfillment, drugs, hardcore sex and so much more.  I haven’t written about them much, because I started getting more involved with taking the photos. I participated in FebPhotoFest. Molly’s creation to post erotic photos daily for the month of February. I really had fun. That’s when I really got into taking the photos, not to mention cleaning out my old ones.

My blog has some personal posts, including a category about some of my relationships, some of them online that I’ve had over the years. Men that are now knows as My Discarded Men. Some experiences go back to 2008, sharing how I was involved with these men via the internet, messages and texts. It’s all my personal experiences that I’ve had, there are so many others that I can share, but there is never enough time. Some of those men were and are some of my “shoe guys.” Those men who have shoe fetishes.  I take photos for them to see. I have interviewed some to help shed some light on those who have shoe fetishes.

Then there is my most popular category and that is the meme that once belonged to Kinky Mia, Marie Rebelle has now taken it over. The Fellatio Project. I am always amazed when I see that those posts are always my highest ranked ones on my blog. Those are my favorite posts. They really came from the heart, because I truly do love to perform oral sex.


Nominate Me

There are a few product reviews of sex toys, beauty products and general stuff. This year I recently started to write about some mental health issues. However, that has kind of been sitting on the bench for now. I know that a few readers who may not be aware of Kinkly or Rori’s blog called Between My Sheets. I am reaching out to my silent readers, lurkers and those men or women who enjoy my photos to nominate me at the following places. Sometimes its nice to know that what I am doing isn’t just for me, but that someone else gets something out of my posts. Sure, it’s a great feeling to have fellow bloggers vote, nominate but I think it’s even more special when those that read, follow or even masturbate to my stories & photos nominate me. Here’s me asking…(please know it’s difficult to even write this post. I’m not a person to ask someone for something).  Could You? Would You? Do this for me? You can -> nominate me here <- for Top Sex Bloggers List of 2014. How do you do this? Click the link.

  • Go to the comment section (scroll down)
  • Type my name (SassyCat) and add the URL (

That’s it! Simple, huh?! You have until October 26 to nominate someone’s sex blog.

I have only recently added my site to Kinkly’s Sex Blogger Directory. They are also having voting on the Top Sex Bloggers for 2014. Not sure if my site will be included, it’s pending review. Fee free to check. If you see it, could you cast your vote?! If you do nominate me or vote for me (if I’m listed) PLEASE let me know. So that I may thank you properly!

[A THANK YOU to Penny at Penny for Your Dirty Thoughts for giving me just enough to re-think my decision about writing this post]


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