Today In The Mail….

Today in the mail I received this copy of Skoko & Bluebird’s CD “Trust Your Mojo Sista”. They were on Cat’s Tales a few weeks ago. Rob “Bluebird” Ruggeri called from Rome to do the interview while Elena tended to the baby. I am currently listening to the CD now, uploaded it to my itunes. I think that “I’m an Angel, I Confess” and of course “Trust Your Mojo Sista” are my favorites. Thank You so much to Skoko & Bluebird for the CD!!! I so enjoyed the show and it is still one of my most listened to podcasts. Hopefully when they come to Chicago, we can get together and do a live show. I am working on getting Elena (Skoko) on the show to promote her book….don’t forget to check out their website or look for them on Facebook.


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