Tittie Tuesday and Demanding Dicks

I decided a while ago to create a separate Instagram account. Separate from my main account because I wanted to upload some of my more adult photos. I didn’t want my family viewing these types of photos. It’s one thing them knowing that I do what I do and it’s another having my photos in their feed.

I started using different hashtags to kind of put me out there. For example, today is “TittieTuesday,” there is also “TittieThursday.” There are so many different hashtags to use and  to pick from. I often wonder how users decide and how does one find them all. That topic is not the reason for this post. Anyway, I decided to upload a photo for the day.

gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== Tittie Tuesday and Demanding Dicks

 Within minutes of uploading it, I received a few requests for an exchange of photos and for sex chatting. I found it very amusing. Until my wishes were not respected. Until I received requests, but to me those men seemed more to demand than to ask. Sure some did ask nicely, however I explained that I was occupied. I was told by one “Ok baby can u just answer a question so I can cum?

WAIT. I just told him that I was busy – unable to text or chat. I received another photo, then a video from him. Thanks. I’m flattered. He continues ” Do u like cum

I admit, I do like seeing a man bust a nut. Especially when he is jerking to my photos. It’s the way I get my ego stroked. I may not be rubbing one out, jilling off or beating around the bush while looking at his dick cumming photo.  However it’s still a turn on – mentally & emotionally.

He sends me another text.

Have u every sucked two cocks or a big black one?

I ignored him. He irritated me, had no personality, was impatient and totally bored me. Next. There has been one guy, not bad looking. Young, muscular and wears a uniform. However, he became persistent in his quest for photos of me. I know he was trying, seemingly saying the things he thought I might wanna hear from a man. He would send me a photo of himself, then ask me to send him one. WAIT. Bitch, this is my game not yours. I say WHO…I say WHEN…I say WHO!!!!

I tell each one of them – upfront. I don’t do nudes. I don’t go looking for them. I don’t send any photos via DM. Not to someone I get met. There are men I have spoken with for YEARS who have not gotten any photos of me. Just what’s posted online.  So when this young punk texts me the following I have to roll my eyes.

I really want to fuck you. You probably get that compliment a lot though. So sexy. Have sweet slow & passionate sex. Licking your nipples softly grasping your butt.

Awww. How sweet. Does he think thinks works in real life? Or is that why he says it here (online). I would like to see a guy walk up to a woman he just met in a bar, store, coffee shop. And say that while looking her straight in the eye. There is no fear online, but there is still rejection. I seriously think that with all the sexual stimuli online that young men don’t know how to behave. Perhaps they do and because it’s some chick online they don’t care.

I do like the Italian who now lives in Mexico. He starts out with “Hey pretty. Can u post a pic with you are gagged & bound? Please?

I told him that I was busy and that I would attempt to do it over the weekend. He continued with a Thank You and small talk about language differences, brief location. He ended the conversation with another Thank You and that he would be anxious for the photos. He left me alone until Monday. An entire week went by. Monday he asked again asked if he could see me gagged & bound. I had already taken the photos, because well…sometimes. Yes, sometimes I do requests. When he did see the photos he responded with ” Spectacular! Thank You so much!! Those are so perfect…you are perfect. I am YOUR fan!”

That was it. Thank you. It is probably a rare thing that I did a request. It goes back to my deep-seeded issues. Nothing is free. Especially not me, bitch. Fuck you if you think that I am, just because I may post a naughty looking photo or tell a sex story or two. If a guy jerks to my photo, not a big deal. I’m flattered. Send me a photo of you jerking to my photo. gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== Tittie Tuesday and Demanding Dicks

That reminds me of a man named K. He would print out my shoe pictures from HotShoeShots, then take photos of him jerking & jizzing on the photo he printed of me [RIGHT]. That was really cool. Wonder what ever happened to him, I’m sure he’s around if I really wanted to find him.  Yeah, these I can accept & keep as personal trophies.

Next are the requests to DM me directly. I always accept. The anticipation of seeing a dick picture fills my brain with endorphins. BUTBUTGuys before you decide on sending a dick pic – THINK about it first. Take a moment. Think.  Impulsiveness and self-control can be issues for some of us. I know, because I have problems with them.

Guys…once you decide to show me your cock first. I really have no respect for you. Double standards, perhaps? Maybe. You’re putting your dick in my face. Why? Is that all that you are? You have nothing else to offer? Sure, I can sex chat with ya. I’d love that. PAY ME first. Nothing in this life is free, especially me. Don’t push me with questions about sex. “How do you like it? Threesome? Ever sucked two cocks at the same time?” There is only one way to find out the answers to the questions you ask. If that’s all you want is to bust a nut, that’s fine. I don’t do it for free unless there’s something in it for me. Sadly, most of these guys offer me nothing so they get nothing. I’m sure there is so much more that I can say about sending me dick pix. I can’t and don’t speak for other women, I just speak for myself.

Dick pics. I do love them. I collect them. Send me yours. I will add it to my growing collection.



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