The Gaze [WW275]

When we frist started getting to know each other there were plenty of times when we would just look into each other’s eyes.

He would stare deeply into my eyes, without saying a word. Time seemed to stand still. He was reading me, my feelings and looking deep into my soul without saying a word. He always wants to see my eyes.

I remember reading about if you look into someone’s eyes for X amount of minutes that the brain releases chemicals and that can cause a deep seeded connection. Mr. Sam always makes eye contact with me. Sometimes it bothers me, I feel like an 8 yr old little girl again.


The first time we made love, we took turns of each other being on top and looking into each others eyes not saying anything. Sometimes we would smile, sometimes we wouldn’t. I don’t always like it when he eye contact with me, so I’ll look away and he will bring it to my attention.

I love it when we are out at the bar and from across the room I can feel his eyes on me. Making that eye contact and feeling that tingle, that communication with out words. Charlie used to do the same thing to me, just not so intense as Mr. Sam. My Beloved & I don’t make eye contact during sex as we used to. However, we do sit at the opposites ends of the bed and have our deep conversations while looking into each other’s eyes. I will admit if I’m not attracted to someone, I don’t like to look them in the eye too often. I do like intimidate some people by making eye contact with them.


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