The Drunken Mr Black [The Bar The Booze and Me]

Everyone was having a rough time, most were on the verge of blacking out. When I got there Mr. Black was already there, he was with Sheila. He was all over her, when she was able to she escaped out the door.

That left me. He staggered over and sat down next to me. Slurring his words he kept on about going home with me. That no one would care, he kept trying to touch my breast. guys in there don’t think my tits are real. He would lean-to me whispering “lemme see them, can I touch them?”


He held on to my hands. He kissed the tops of them. “God, your hands smell so good.”

He leans in closer and takes a deep breath. “Oh YES! You smell amazing! Hey due….come here and smell her!”

Dude looked at me and said “Mr. Black I’ll take your word for it.”The Bar The Booze and Me

Mr. Black is the type of man who doesn’t like to take no for an answer. He also doesn’t like not knowing who is in his bar. Some of the members of the PHG walked in and we all sat down together. But the peace didn’t last long, Mr. Black  approached the table and demanded to know who some of the guys were. I didn’t confront Mr. Black at first. But I had to do something when he started screaming at one of the guys who was just sitting there.

“What are you looking at? Who the fuck are you anyway? You keep looking at me and I’ll kick your fucking ass.”

When he lunged at one of the guys I jumped up “Mr. Black. Mr. Black! They’re with me. This is….and this is….They are with me!”

With fire in his eyes Mr. Black stared at me, “Why are you sticking up for these nobodies? You know if Charlie was here, you wouldn’t even be sitting there with them. You know that if Charlie was here he would have knocked them punk ass bitches out! Tell me he wouldn’t. I dare you! Tell me!”

I lowered my head. He was right. If Charlie was there, I would have never even approached the table. I would have been sitting with Charlie. Mr. Black tried to get himself in control but I could see the booze taking its toll. He had the white foam around his mouth, he’s eyes couldn’t focus and his rage was frightening. He sat down at the bar for a few minutes, he came back over. His arms embraced me from behind, he whispers in my ear more about whatever. I knew he was drunk and would not hold that against him (yet).

One of the PHG members had mentioned “I was waiting for you to give that look of concern or fear so I could step, but you never gave it.”

No. I didn’t. But in the back of my mind I thought when in a bar like this when men get riled up in to a frenzy could be very dangerous for any woman. I knew it was time to leave as soon as I found opportunity. I didn’t want Mr. black to see me leave because I didn’t want him following me.

Mr Black had proven in the past to be very strong & determined. Astro had stood up to him earlier and got knocked to the ground. Astro also know everything would be taken care if anything got too out of hand. Mr Black wanted me to return to his home for the evening. Saying things like Charlie won’t mind. Charlie is a good guy, my friend. I would laugh “Mr Black I know all about you and Charlie. I’m not leaving with you.”

“Why do you treat me like that? What do you know about me?”

“I know….Charlie…told me….”

“What a bastard! Why would he tell you that?”

I felt an evil grin appear on my face.

Mr Black staggered to the bathroom, Astro pointed to the back door, and I took the cue. Walked fast, didn’t look back.

A week later I went back. Astro approached me shortly after I sat down. “Mr Black sends his apologizes and wants to pay for your drinks.”

“Oh, wow. Thank you and I accept his apology.”

I enjoyed my drinks for the evening.

Weeks later I was enjoying my evening when Mr Black walked in. This was the first time since our little incident. He approached me “I sincerely apologize for my rude behavior, if you just refresh my memory. Did I do anything…anything…that offended you or upset you in any way?”

I had to take of this moment. I changed my facial expression to that of regret and sadness. “You mean you don’t remember us out in the parking lot? Or your house? You don’t remember all those beautiful things you said to me?!”

He looked back at Astro like “WTF?! You didn’t tell me any of that!” His face turned red and he shamefully looked down at the ground. “No. I don’t remember anything. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m soooo sorry!” On the edge of tears when I touched his arm and said “I forgive you and nothing happened. I mean nothing happened!”

His body collapsed with relief. Astro and a few of the other crew cracked up laughing. Mr Black walked to them, but before he made it there I yelled “Hey Mr Black since your crew is always asking if my tits are natural,  can you vouch to the fact my tits are real since you felt them up every chance you had?!” He turned a brighter shade of red and just kept shaking his head.

I laughed as I lifted my drink to all of the crew members.

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