The Beginning of My Blog

Why did you start your blog?  I started this blog back in October of 2011 on I had been through a series of bizarre internet experiences. I needed a place to vent them, not necessarily to share the experiences with the public. I just needed to get all the stuff out of my head. I figured if I could write it all down, then read it back to myself that I could have a better understanding of myself and my behaviors. So, that I could change some of the things that I may have done to cause the situations I was in. I wanted to be able to write about just anything that I felt was important to me.

Later, I continued to record audio. It is so much easier for me to record a mini-podcast then to type all of my thoughts out. Always worried about punctuation, grammar, etc. I slowed down on the blogging just because I fit that I never fit into any specific group of bloggers. Then once again, I got bored and thanks to a fellow podcaster I decided to self host. Now I continue to find topics to write about, issues to discuss on here> However, I am still leery about how much of my private life to share. It always scares me when I see mommy bloggers post so much of their intimate moments online. I continue to get writer’s block only because I forget to write down my ideas when they hit me, then just finding the time to write every thing down. 

Is that still why you blog, or has your site gone in a different direction than you’d planned? I am pretty much blogging for the some reason. Mainly to get those thoughts out of my head, share my opinion on subjects. Always finding new things to write about. Although I don’t have a big following, they doesn’t worry me. Because who truly cares? Who cares about what some chick in Northern Illinois thinks about what happened today in her kids life? Or how to make home made candles or how to cook her grandmother’s favorite recipe?!

My blog is the site that houses most of my social media connections. Where to find me, listing other places to find me, etc. I am always adding new things that I find interesting. I do love social media, more than I should. I get distracted by it. It’s become an addiction. Yes, addiction. Oh there’s another future topic for this blog.

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