Tenergy Classic LED Desk Lamp [Review]

I needed a lamp for my office. Sometime that is small, lightweight and portable. I ordered my first LED USB desk lamp.

What I Liked about the Tenergy Classic LED Desk Lamp

  • Is that this lamp is very lightweight (1.26 pounds).
  • The neck of the lamp is bendable so you can either straightened it up which lights up a small room or bend it over to direct light in a specific area.
  • It has three touch buttons on the base of the lamp. Power, timer and color temperature change.
  • The lamp has a 40 minute timer and will shut off after that time.
  • The power button also serves as a dimmer switch and works on all three filters.
  • The lamp has a rechargeable battery. It can be charged by plugging in the USB cable into a USB port. You can charge the lamp while it’s in use.
  • There are three different color temperature filters. A sort of amber filter, cool blue filter, soft white
  • The price was around $30 which I thought was worth it for all that the lamps features.


What I Didn’t Like about the Tenergy Classic LED Desk Lamp:

  • This lamp comes in only ONE color – white. Sugesstion would be to offer more colors. White shows the dirt more, on the good side it is very easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

I’m glad that I ordered this lamp. It works well, bright enough to light up a small room. My office is 9×12 and this LED lamp is enough. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

Would I recommend this lamp to my friends? Yes. Yes I would.

[Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge or at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. This post may or may not contain affiliate links].

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