Shell Fuel Rewards Card

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

I received my second vox box called the VivaVoxBox.  I needed gas in my car. The Shell Fuel Rewards card came at a perfect time. I activated it online. Then went to fuel up. Gas is $3.79 per gallon. Memorial day weekend is around the corner. I know it will go higher. At the pump there are instructions to tell you to swipe the reward card first before any thing else.

Once you sign up you can also sign up for other programs via the FRN (Fuel Reward Network). Savings on Allstate insurance, shopping, dining and groceries. It might be worth looking into, just to save a few pennies. Remember to always read the fine print before signing on the dotted line.


I Won

While I was in the Big D over the Christmas Holiday, visiting my Manchild since he was unable to drive up north. It was Christmas Day, just leaving the Dallas area, while in the backseat of the Manchild’s car. I’m occupying myself with my iPhone (of course) checking email. I read an email from I like reading The Frisky because they do have some interesting articles. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Scrolling through it I see a contest to win “The 25 Days of Sexmas.” I figured “WTF, I’m bored & I never win anything away.” I continued to read the rules, simple enough. The Frisky was just hosting a contest. I double checked the time, I think I entered with like 45 minutes to spare.

On the day I was driving back to Illinois from Texas, got the email requesting verification of my address. WHAAAA?!


I WON something?! Get the F*** out!

20140120-185550.jpg Yes. I won. So, what did I win? Here is the list from website.

One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive an Unbound Box including

Glas G Spot Tickler approximate retail value (ARV) seventeen dollars ($17.00 USD)

OVO bullet vibe ARV eighteen dollars ($18.00),

Good Clean Love Lube ARV twenty dollars ($20.00)

Lelo Luna Beads Noir ARV thirty four dollars ($34.00)

Bijoux Indiscrets Silk Blindfold ARV twenty dollars ($20.00)

Babeland Arousal Balm ARV twelve dollars ($12.00)

Maia remote control vibe ARV sixty dollars ($60.00)  This one hadn’t arrived in time for the main shipment. It was sent separately. I am still awaiting this prize.

Bijoux Indiscrets Mimi Nipple Covers ARV sixteen dollars ($16.00)

PicoBong Toy Cleanser ARV five dollars ($5.00)

Dead Batteries ARV five dollars ($5.00)

Vibrating Sponge ARV fourteen dollars ($14.0)

Sir Richards ARV two dollars ($2.00)

This is L. ARV two dollars ($2.00)

OOO Condoms ARV two dollars ($2.00)

Tattly Tattoo ARV five dollars ($5.00)


Who sponsored this contest?

I had seen the site before, stumbling onto through twitter or a blog. I wasn’t totally unfamiliar with the site. I was really excited, concerned when my prizes hadn’t arrived yet. I thought, did I miss the delivery at some point? God, I hope no one stole the box of the front porch. Shit, that would be just my luck, ya know?! Winning a box full of sex toys and some kid steals it! UGH.

Concerned. I decided to email both Kathryn Oldenburg (thefrisky) & Sarah Jayne (unbound). Both ladies were great. I received the first email on the 27th of December, 2013 from Ms. Oldenburg. The second email was received on the 31st of December from Ms Jayne. She stated that she would be mailing out the prize package this week. On January 14th (2014) I decided I better email both ladies to find out if perhaps I had missed the package in the mail.  Both women got back to me rather quickly, which was great. However, in the back of my mind I wonder if I would have never mentioned not receiving the prize that they might not have sent it out.

20140127-091127.jpgMs. Jayne mentioned that due to the polar vortex that had hit most of the United States, the mail was behind. Sarah tossed in a few extra tubes of lube, along with Erin Hoodini’s specialty bondage rope. She was kind enough to inform me that she was still waiting on the Maia Wicked Wireless to arrive. In the course of emailing back & forth the Maia arrived and Sarah was dropping it in the mail the next day. So, it should be arriving tomorrow (1/21/2014).

As of 1/27/2014 I have yet to receive this product mentioned in the email to the left. It was also part of the winning prize package. I will not be emailing them asking where it is, I just won’t be recommending a positive experience with this company.


20140127-091143.jpgThere were only a few things that I noticed about this. That the box in which it came in was slightly larger and Ms. Jayne apologized for the over-sized box. I did notice that the “pasties” were not inside their protective cover. It looked like possibly items were tossed into the box last minute.  I am pretty sure that it was last minute. I’m pretty sure that perhaps there was no intention on shipment of winning prizes. I’m just surprised that a company like this would even conduct business like this, knowing that they are building a reputation.

I mentioned to Sarah that I would probably blog about this. Can I somehow not blog about it?!

And of course I will add my reviews of the products as I use them. I think it will add to my “resume” of product review items.  I need the experience, practice and something to review. I think this will work. Thanks again to Kathryn & Sarah. And thanks to the universe for tipping in my favor for once.


American [365 Day Photo Challenge]


After venturing outside again, during this arctic cold front

Headed home after running a quick errand. Driving towards the round a bout, I noticed the American flag was really blowing.

I didn’t have my Samsung camera, just my trusty iPhone. I had wanted to snap a photo of this American flag since they first erected in the circle. I really wanted to stand under the flag itself looking upward at it. Then snap. No one shovels sidewalks anymore! UGH!

The very first time I saw it, I asked Old Man “Does Perkins know their flag is missing?!”

He cracked up laughing.


Driving to Texas

Wow, a part of me thought that it was just down the street. Texas that is. We left around 6 pm Wednesday night, with 2 cars full of the Manchild’s belongings. Not all his stuff, but things he needed now. I used to love to drive. I could drive all day & all night. However, now I have noticed that it’s just not as fun as it used to be. My anxiety, the PTSD kicks in now more, in high gear sometimes. I didn’t know that PTSD stays with a person a lifetime. I thought that when the doctor diagnosed me that I would eventually get over it after a few months or years from my accidents. Not so, not so at all.

So, now I deal with that crap. I “panic” now when driving faster, with semi’s, traveling at night is great but not for me to drive. I noticed I can’t see as well as I could, then the panic creeps in again. UGH. Truly sucks getting old, I say.

Anyway, we were getting so tired, it was late or early Thursday morning. So, we looked for a place to sleep a few hours. After driving to a few places, that should have rented by the hour. We picked one “Budget Motel Deluxe” I think it was called. It looked ok from the outside, however, I kept getting a really uneasy feeling about it. I am learning to go with my instincts and not to doubt them so much. We went inside, deciding not even to carry in anything. Why? Because we were just planning to sleep a few hours to get us over that hump. I told him to pull down the covers to inspect for bedbugs. We didn’t see any. BUT BUT BUT when I looked at the pillow, I seen that someone must have slept with it between their legs because it looked like it was covered in pubic hair. Got our money back and left immediately.

Driving further down the road a bit, pulled over into a truck stop parking lot. Each of us sleeping in a car, temps dropped down to the 30’s, car windows were getting frosted. We both slept about an hour or more. Time to leave. We continued onward. Sun rising as we traveled through Missouri into Oklahoma, which driving that part was the worst. The speed limit would drop to 45 in these small towns filled with broken down rural decay buildings. Old rusted vehicles scattered throughout the landscape. The turnpike was the best part of the drive. We did stop at a place gas station called “Buckaroo’s.” The lady was super friendly. We ate freshly made fried chicken strips. Hit the hunger spot and it was fresh!

Continuing into Texas. WOW. Speed limit is 75 and Illinois is 65, which takes some getting used to. Speeding 18 wheelers, motorcycles, cars, trucks. TRUCKS! Tons of trucks. I know one thing for sure. The Manchild will NOT be getting the Fatboy any time soon. I won’t be worrying about him on I75 on a motorcycle at 75 mph. Hell No! Yes, he’s my baby! End of story. We finally arrived at his new job, talked to some employees there, got the key to his apartment and went to see his place. There we got to see “Ginger” aka “Gru” again. I am highly severely allergic to dogs & cats. I can’t touch them, they can’t touch me. I did touch her and welted up, that was painful.

We waited for the Manchild to finish with work, so that we could go out to eat. While we waited we unloaded his belongings. I truly wish I could have emptied my shed of all of his childhood belongings. He still has quite a few more boxes of toys, his collection of dinosaurs, books etc.  After he arrived at his apartment, cleaned up he took us to Saltgrass Steak House. I guess I am used to food being relatively inexpensive in Illinois compared to Texas. WOWZERS! Going out to eat is painfully expensive. I will say that the food was absolutely delicious. We drove around the town into Country Club Drive. OMG! Those houses! I couldn’t get any photos because I felt too much like a creeper, besides it was dark outside. He drove us around to show us the stores for shopping the next day, went back to the apartment and crashed!

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Our Holiday to England

Heathrow AirportHeathrow Airport
New BridgeWe Made It!!Mind the GapLast Supper
MemoriesThe Glen
English ChannelBuckingham GateHomemade Dinner

Our Holiday to England, a set on Flickr.

This is the first set of vacation photos that I took using my iphone 5, along with using the camera pro app my and using the Samsung WB250 I had purchased just for this trip.

Our trip was from September 9, 2013 – September 20, 2013. Ten days is really a good amount of time to get stuff done. It was non-stop moving, sight-seeing and drinking tea. lol.

I am very impressed with using Flickr to push my photos onto my site. WOW! Sometimes I feel like a total goof, I’m sure thousands of people already knew this, yet I feel like a little kid who just learned how to tie her shoes for the first time. I have over 600 photos of my trip, so are repeats, others are just goofy, but there are a few amazing shots. I wasn’t sure about how to all of this or how it would all come out, but I am really digging this.

Hand Sanitizer [Sinful Sunday Wk 122]

Sinful Sunday is all about the image. I am late in posting.

The story behind this image is short. Went to Market Days to meet up with my efriend (TimmySimms). We had walked back to my car to feed the parking meter. I have must have clean hands. So, I get the little sample bottle that I grabbed from one of the vendors. Getting ready to use the hand sanitizer, the guys yell at me…”Noooo! that’s LUBE!!! not hand saniziter!!!

OH God!!!

I would have been walking through Boystown, yelling

Free Hand Jobs!!



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Sinful Sunday

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Buying the Tickets

I have major anxiety issues about spending large amounts of money. Sure, I have no problem spending $20 dollars here or there but not a couple $1000 dollars at once or even a few $100 dollars at once. Shopping around for inexpensive airline tickets is stressful enough. Not to mention that the Manchild will be moving out of state (to Texas) in a matter of weeks. We are having to shell out money in large amounts all at once.

My stress is being felt in my neck & shoulders as I type. I think the trip will overshadow the fact that my youngest child is leaving the nest. Add onto this that my mother will be moving to Texas with my son. Why? Cause that’s what Mexican’s do. They travel in groups or packs or whatever, they just don’t let go so easily. Because I am unable to travel with him, my mother will do this. I suppose I might do this for my grandson if he needs me. Seriously thought, my mother can’t let him go off into this world without some sort of protection safety net. Besides that we always talked about her going where ever he went, or which ever of my 3 kids left that needed someone to assist them.

But this post is about buying the airline tickets, some thing that worries me is that after I filled everything out and received the confirmation email, I see that the company doesn’t take debit cards. So, I immediately called the company. “Lukas” the voice at the other end of the line, said “no we don’t accept debit cards, but every once in awhile the transaction gets processed and you should see that on next months statement.” I asked him “are you sure?” He asked me for my “booking reference number” I read it out loud to him. He replies with “Yes, you have reserved for this flight, just remember to check in before your flight departs.” I asked him again “are you absolutely sure, we are on this flight?!” “Yes, m’am you are, the payment went through.” I’m thinking with my luck that this was a fluke not in my flavor. I know, I’m negative, but if I’m wrong then I will be happy otherwise I won’t be too shocked and disappointed because I was expecting it. All in all this is it. No turning back now! Oh, BUT “Old Man” gets a window seat & I wanna sit next to him doped on my Xanax!!!!

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