Everyone Needs Sex Toys [SS269]

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted any photos. Shortly after my milestone birthday I spiraled down into a hole of emotional darkness. I haven’t taken any fresh, new photos either. However, I thought I should probably post something; to get back into the habit and routine of posting.


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Harness [AtoZChallenge/Product Review]

Thanks to Topcotoyz I was able to test out a complimentary TLC Eve’s Harness Strap-on Kit so that I can write my honest opinion about the product.TLC Eve's Harness Strap-on Kit

I have wanted a strap-on harness for a few years now. The kit came with one harness and two dildos of different sizes. One realistic flesh color 7 insertable inch dong with 1.5″ inch girth and the other is a purple translucent 6 insertable inch slimline dong with 1.1 inch girth. The harness is made of a material that resembles leather, but it is not leather. There are layers of fabric glued and stitched together. The harness was huge enough to accommodate up to 49 inches around the waist.

What I did not like about the TLC Eve’s Harness Strap-on Kit:

  • When I opened the harness kit I could immediately smell a hint of silicone. It almost smelled like paint. Taking out the two dongs for the plastic case, each one felt kind of sticky in my hands. I washed them and that it didn’t work. Still sticky when they dried out.
  • The harness was too huge around the waist. I had to make a hole in the harness so that it would fit more comfortable.
  • The slit type opening that is in the crotch area of the harness was not lined up with my body. I didn’t like the way it felt against my skin. I didn’t like the opening at all, it wasn’t comfortable for me.
  • The harness itself seemed cheaply assembled. You can look at the photos and see that there are layers of material that are glued together and cheaply stitched together. (See Photo)
  • The area that secures the dong into the O hole/ring has already torn apart after the second use. Not sure if it is because the dong might be heavy but when I tried to pull the Velcro tab open it to release the dong the tab tore. (see photo).
  • The dongs do attract hair, dirt, dust and general debris and even after suggested cleaning of anti-bacterial soap the dongs are sticky & may attract debris.
  • Price for this harness kit is $37.00. My personal opinion is that this is a bit pricy for the quality of the harness.
  • The harness doesn’t look like it should be washed. That means that it can only be wiped off. Not sure I like that. The inside of the harness is a soft smooth felt material. The outer side is a leather type material.

What I did like about the TLC Eve’s Harness Strap-on Kit:

  • This harness gave me the opportunity to experiment with strap-ons.
  • I did like the idea that there are TWO different size dongs. Especially when using a strap-on for the first time.
  • The harness was large enough for most people. Up to 49 inches which like I mentioned I had to punch a few extra holes for the harness to fit my properly.

I recommend this to my friends?

No. I would suggest to spend the extra money and get something more durable, long-lasting and possibly with non-toxic dongs. Out of all the sex toys I received complimentary for my review process this one is one that I am really disappointed in the quality.

I like being able to use this strap-on for photos.

[Disclaimer: I received the TLC Eve’s Harness Strap-on Kit  complimentary for testing purposes from Topcotoyz.com in exchange for my honest opinion of this product]


This review is included in my A to Z Challenge.

“H” is for Harness. H

Eve After Dark G-spot Vibe (Crimson) [Product Review]

I have recently played with my new Eve After Dark G-spot Vibe. It was a pleasurable adult novelty.  The Eve After Dark G-spot Vibe was provided by Topcotoyz.comEve After Dark G-spot Vibe

Sure it’s a beautiful metallic crimson color. It’s slick, smooth and slender with a bulbous head designed to stimulate your g-spot or any other part of you that you may wanna stimulate. There is a lot of vibration, that travels up into my hand while I was using it.

The Eve After Dark G-spot Vibe is about 8 inches long with 7 insertable inches. It is bent at a slight angle right before the bulbous head. I have had experiences with slighted bigger heads than this vibe. I took a photo so that you can get an idea of the size of the head on this g-spot vibe.

head sizes of different viberators [ABOVE:The first is the Bullseye Dildo, the Eve After Dark G-spot Vibe and a large egg]

What I did not like about the Eve After Dark G-spot Vibe:

  • That its battery operated. 2 AA batteries are required.
  • Its has twist on/off control. This can be a bit awkward. Trying to twist the cap when I was trying to turn up the vibration.
  • The vibration seemed to echo in to my hand the more I turned up the power.
  • The vibration level fell just below the intensity level that I prefer. It’s strong, but just not strong enough (if I needed it).
  • Not sure I would buy this based on the price of almost $21.00

What I did like about the Eve After Dark G-spot Vibe:

  • It’s waterproof. It has a clear rubber ring that seals the body and the cap that holds in the batteries.
  • It’s a beautiful metallic crimson color.
  • The battery life is still better than some other battery operated vibrators I’ve used in the past.

I was not really impressed with this g-spot vibrator. Sure, it got me off. However, the vibration level fell a bit short of my expectations. I would have liked to have the vibration level amped up just a little more. Even if I don’t go that high, it would be nice to have the option. I didn’t like that it’s battery operated, because batteries are expensive. Batteries don’t seem to last very long anymore. The are so many more options for USB rechargeable vibrators that would cost a few dollars more that would probably make you more orgasmic than this Eve After Dark G-spot Vibe.

Eve After Dark G-Spot Vibe, Crimson

[Disclaimer: I received the Eve After Dark G-spot Vibe complimentary for testing purposes from Topcotoyz.com in exchange for my honest opinion of this product]

Bound by Fear


Sometimes I feel to afraid to do anything; to make decisions. The fear I may make the wrong choice.  The fear of judgement if I say or do something that isn’t acceptable.  The fear of being who I want to be, that others may walk away from me leaving me to stand alone.  I’m bound by fear. I know I can break free. It feels secure & safe being bound by fear, because I have an excuse for my behavior. For today, this is how I feel and tomorrow is a new day.

Thanks to topcotoyz for providing me with the two props in this photo. Japanese Silk Love Rope Gag Ball and the Japanese Silk Love Rope Wrist Cuffs.

Japanese Silk Love Rope Ball Gag [Review]

I recently received the Japanese Silk Love Rope Ball Gag from Topcotoyz.com to test out Japanese Silk Love Ropse Ball Gagand review. I have been an affiliate with them for a few months. It is a small company with limited selection. However, the Affiliate Coordinator is very friendly & helpful. She’s quick to response as well.

The first thing I noticed about this product is that when I opened it I could smell the rubber. It smelled like one of those Dollar Store Super Rubber Balls in the toy section. I washed it, with hot soapy water. Wiped it off with some alcohol and washed it again. Didn’t help. The ball gag still smelled like a rubber bouncy ball.

I tried wiping it dry with a towel, that’s when I noticed that any loose towel fuzz ended up on the ball gag. It’s difficult to keep the ball free from debris.

Japanese Silk Love Rope Ball Gag
What I did not like about the Japanese Silk Love Rope Ball Gag:

  • The rubber smell and taste the ball had.
  • It was difficult to keep the ball clean from debris.
  • The corners of my mouth were pinched by the rope & the ball. The hole that the rope passes through the ball would actually catch the corners of my mouth.
  • The fit. I had to tighten the rope almost to the end of the rope. It just didn’t feel as comfortable as I had expected it to fit.
  • The seam of the ball is rough, it started to crumble around the hole.


What I did like about the Japanese Silk Love Rope Ball Gag:

  • This product came with a small booklet about Japanese Rope Bondage. This includes very brief and general information on rope bondage.
  • The ball itself fit fine in my mouth. Wasn’t too big or too small.
  • The clasp was very easy to use for quick take off.
  • The braided rope is nylon, it’s not rough however I did experience some slight irritation to the corners of my mouth after use.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • The price is reasonable. Keep in mind you get what you paid for.
  • It does come in purple & black.

Would I recommend the Japanese Silk Love Rope Ball Gag to my friends? Probably not. I would suggest that they continue shopping around, read some reviews before making a final decision to buy this product.

I used the Japanese Silk Love Rope Ball Gag in some photos for Sinful Sunday Meme and the February Photo Fest Challenge

[DISCLAIMER: I received the Japanese Silk Love Rope Ball Gag from Topcotoyz complimentary for testing & reviewing purposes in exchange for my honest & sincere opinion based on my personal experiences.]

For Anonymous [fpf21][SS254]

Another photo featuring the Japanese Silk Love Rope Ball Gag from Topcotoyz complimentary for reviewing purposes. I will get the review completed as soon as I can. I finished taking the few photos in this set. I went through them and seen this one photo. And I looked at it and remembered something.

This photo is dedicated to “anonymous.”

Japanese silk love rope ball gag



Come Out & Play [fpf16]

Recently I signed up with Topcotoyz.com as an affiliate. I was given a few products to  review. This was one of them; the TLC Eve’s Strap-on Harness Kit.

My very first strap-on. Personally I don’t think it’s gonna pound “Charlie’s” ass like I’m hoping it will. My Beloved is not in to this sort of sex. However he did say that “Charlie” would be the only man I could use this on.

I’ve known for a while that Charlie is bisexual. He wishes this to remain his secret and I respect that. I really wanna watch this dildo slide in & out of his ass. I wanna slap his butt cheeks, tell him how much I’m enjoying fucking his hole.

I wanna stroke his cock while I pound him hard. But what would be a huge turn on would be if he came while I was fucking him. This would complete my fantasy. Strangely I really have no desire to use this on a woman.