Dates, Mates & Relationships [TMITuesday]

1. Which of these are you most often guilty of in a relationship:
a. jealousy…..this is really bad when I’m drunk. I’m jealous over men that I have no right to be, because they are not mine. I get a tab jealous of my few female friends however, not as much as with my men.
b. not apologizing…..I never used to say “sorry.” My beloved worked on me for years, I do apologize when its my fault or if I hurt you.
c. not keeping your word
d. guilt trips…not so much anymore, but I can still manipulate a situation for my benefit.

2. Which of the following behaviors would annoy you most in a partner.
a. fishing for compliments by verbalizing self-doubt…I do this more than he does, but he still does it just doesn’t bother me.
b. passive-aggressive behavior…this would get on nerves after a while.
c. usually forgets important dates i.e., birthday, anniversary…don’t really care all that much. Because I discussed that ahead of time. The only real important date is my birthday! My card and or gift must be on the dining room table before I start my day. Or it must be handed to me before my birthday, not the evening of shit.
d. making you feel guilty when spending time with friends

3. Consider you are looking for a mate, rank these traits in order of importance, with 1 being most important, and 7 being least important.
_5_ Kindness
_1__ Honesty
_6_ Ambitious
_3__ Confidence
_2__ Reliable
_7__ Assertive
_4__ Sense of Humor

4. Score! You exchanged numbers with a hottie. Now you: (pick one)
a. Wait for a week, see if that person calls you first.
b. Call the next day if not sooner.
c. Call and text incessantly. Let them know they’ve made an impression.
d. You’d never call. What if you get rejected?

5. How did you handle your last relationship break up?
a. You’ve never been in a relationship before. The timing’s never been right.
b. You went out and got drunk every night, until you forgot everything.
c. You went out on a massive amount of date, even with people you knew you had no interest, making sure to date a new face every night.
d. You felt bad and cried, but bounced back in a couple of days….months and months..I think that’s a year. LOL

Bonus: Would you take a holiday all by yourself, at the ‘spur of the moment’? Why or Why not? Where would you go? Probably not. I’m too scared to go too far from home…alone. I could travel to someone’s place by myself…but not just go somewhere, anywhere alone or spur of the moment.


Cheating & Masturbating [TMI Tuesday]

1. Your thoughts–is oral sex cheating on your partner?  When I was in my 20’s I used to view cheating as only intercourse. Oral sex didn’t count. This is my opinion. Well, it was back then. Now cheating includes so much more than just intercourse.Blowjob in the cemetery
2. What is cheating to you?  Cheating to me, includes such things as intercourse, oral sex & emotional exchange with someone else than your partner.
3. Does your partner know you masturbate? Yes he knows. What do they think about that?  He views it as something we all do.
4. Think about the best sex you’ve ever had. Why do you consider it the best, what makes it so? Some of my best sex has been times when I have had multiple orgasms. Other times when I have had no orgasms. Funny, but when I think back to all my former sex partners I seldom think of my ex-husband. I wonder why that is? We had lots & lots of sex. I experimented with him, had lots of firsts with him, but I just don’t think of any of our sexual adventures.
5. When you have nightmares, do you call out someone’s name? No I don’t. In my nightmares I hear myself yelling or talking loudly, but my husband tells me that I just moan in my sleep. A sorrowful, fearful sounding moan and he will wake me up if he gets worried. Because my nightmares are always about someone trying to kill me, something in our room and the room has no air and I can’t breathe.
6. When you’re having an orgasm, do you scream a name? When I was single I had sex with different men. I told myself never say any names because I might say the wrong one. So, it’s not something I normally do, I feel weird saying anyones names out lout. One of my lovers always asked me to say his name. I made an exception to my rule and would scream out his name when I was having an orgasm. My favorite times was when I was on top of him, riding his hard cock and I would lean down pressing my breast to his chest. Whispering his name in his ear. Telling him how good his cock felt and say his name a few more times.

watching porn & masturbating

Bonus: Which best fits your usual reason for masturbating:
a. Boredom
b. Stress relief
c. Saw someone/something sexy and you need to act out a sexual fantasy
d. It’s just what I do

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Sex Confessions [TMI]

1. Have you ever devoted an entire day to sex and sexual activity (with breaks for eating, etc)? Was it planned or spontaneous? Any kinky fun? Yes I have in the past. There have been days I have called into work sick just to have sex with someone. When I was younger in my 20’s I did that a lot. Most of the time it was planned. Kinky fun? Just once that I can remember. He used nipple clamps on me, there was food involved, porn on the TV but that’s not really truly kinky is it?

2. Have you had sex simultaneously with two or more people in a private residence? Did you know them well or was it a setup casual encounter? Yes and you can read all about it here.

3. Have you gone out in public wearing an anal plug or vibrator device? No. I have not.

4. Have you ever fantasized about or practiced orgasm control/denial? I have practiced orgasm denial on a few of my playmates in the past. On my hubby, a few times in the beginning of our marriage. I loved every minute of it.

5. Do you like being called dirty names during sex? What names get you off the best? When it’s that hard, dirty sex or that angry sex, when it’s animal fucking. I love being called a slut or whore, roughed around a little bit.

Bonus: The confessional is open–confess anything you want (sexual or not). Can’t think of anything …ok…I can, but I’m not that comfortable sharing it.


Love is in the Air [TMITuesday]

1. List 3 benefits of living with your significant other.

  1.  Someone to spend quiet evenings at home with.
  2.  Someone to share household expenses with.
  3.  Someone to have sex with when the urge strikes me.

2. Have you ever reunited with a past lover and begun a relationship? Several times, like a sex-crazed lunatic.

Was the latest relationship as friends or lovers? Currently we are friends, more like drinking buddies. He is the one who brings up sex, but we never go through with it anymore.

3. Do you think someone is more sexy if they regularly read books or work out regularly at a gym? No. Sexy is a state of mind or being. Being book smart and or physically fit would definitely add to the sexiness.

4. How likely do you think it is that your marriage will end in divorce? Absolutely not. I never think it ever.

5. Who has more power in your love or romantic relationship–you or your partner? Depends on what you consider “power.”

Bonus: Describe the best Valentine’s Day you’ve ever had. When I received a dozen red roses from an anonymous admirer. Made my heart melt. I let him go because he was younger than me, I was too wild, untamable and I had little kids. He had no experience with someone like me. At the time I felt like used goods. He was such a sweet hearted man, I would hate myself for allowing him to get any closer to me than I had already allowed. I wonder where he is now. 


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Deep Thoughts on TMI Tuesday

1. What three things do you expect from a relationship with a lover/spouse?

  1. Respect
  2. Trust
  3. Communication

2. What three things do you expect from a relationship with your child?

  1. Respect
  2. Trust
  3. Communication

3. How do you mend a broken heart?

I tend to cry in the shower when no one is listening. I tend to listen to music, watch movies that would help me in some way understand what went wrong. I analysis every action and reaction during the relationship. Mostly try to figure out what I did or did not do to cause the pain. 

4. What is your favorite therapy (remedial treatment of mental or bodily disorder)?

During the summer it’s jumping on the motorcycle and going for a long ride to clear my head of the toxic thoughts. Listening to music that will help me understand and process the events that got me to where I am when needing this therapy. I try to keep myself from acting out, like I have in the past. Acting out in ways that would harm myself such as; risky sex, reckless & impulsive behaviors. I also try to keep myself busy. My hands and my mind busy, distracted so that I do not focus on the pain or some thing else that will cause me to act out.

5. Who in your life has an annoying habit?  

I’m sure there is someone in my life that has some annoying habit that just drives me crazy, but now I can’t think of anything. How do you deal with this?

6. In five words, describe yourself. You cannot use the following words: funny, fun, nice, kind, responsible.

  1. Impulsive
  2. Emotional
  3. Outspoken
  4. Thrifty
  5. Dependable

Bonus: If in a long time, romantic relationship do you still flirt? Yes. How do you flirt with your significant other? Not sure, how. I know I just do.

TMI Tuesday blog

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Relationships: Beginning, Middle, The End. [TMI Tuesday]

1. A sexy person you’ve been admiring says, “Let’s do something wild together.” What is the thing you pick to do? If I was admiring this sexy person for a while, my response would depend on how well I knew that person. I could say anything from wanting to have sex somewhere and immediately to doing something they were into…within the lines of sanity and borderline law breaking.

2. I saw this headline: Whip Your Vagina Into Shape. Sadly the subject matter wasn’t what I wanted. Anywho…which way would you prefer to whip your vagina into shape. (Fellas you can select your fave way you’d like to whip a pussy or see it whipped)
a. a nice, stingy pussy spanking by hand. This sounds a bit too painful & uncomfortable for me…PASS
b. doing kegel exercises with kegel balls. I would pick this one, safety first! LOL. Besides I love to tighten my muscles around an entering & exiting rock hard shaft from my pretty pink place. It’s a muscle…and it must be in perfect form for activities.
c. having some SM master/mistress actually whip your pussy, with a whip! OH NO…this is out of my comfort zone

3. When in a relationship (married, living together or dating) What do you do if you want to be alone for a while? How do you get “me” time? I go shopping. Most days I am alone while he is at work, so that works out great. I spend time in my office or ride the Harley or just go on a road trip out-of-town. 

4. Which of these subjects causes the most tension or fighting between you and your significant other?
a. in-laws…We agreed early on that the subject of each other’s parents were off-limits. Dads were ok to trash talk about most of time, but mothers were never to be trashed talked by the opposite spouse. Sure we both have moments when we get upset with the MIL’s but that’s only being human. 
b. children/step-children…yes at times, because I spoiled my kids, enabled them and he worked them..hard at times. 
c. finances…because I’m irresponsible. We had a joint checking account, but I kept bouncing checks. He said NO MORE! I was forced to get my checking & savings acct. He still gives me money to cover my checks that might bounce prior to pay-day. He smiles and says “I love you, I hope that one day you learn how to add & subtract.” We joke a lot about me going to private school and learning only how to deal drugs & drink booze in school without getting caught, but not learning the important things in life!!! Seriously though I do balance my accounts. I pay the cable, the mobile phone bill and the medical bills along with groceries and any extras like shoes & clothes for myself. 
d. housekeeping…we are both slobs at times. No biggie. We clean when it needs to be done otherwise you might see towels on the bathroom floor. BUT it’s ME that left it there, not him! 

5. When breaking up with someone or ending a relationship, which method is more your style? Avoidance. Ignoring. No Contact after the decision has been made known. I don’t care if I’m dying or can’t breath I won’t contact that person. Even if there isn’t a break up. I’ve had efriends especially men that tell me “if I don’t contact you, I’ll never hear from you.” I say “true. I make the perfect mistress.” LOL

a. dramatic exit– sending texts and phone calls and taking the chance to vent about all the things you didn’t like about the person.

b. play it cool and be upfront and tell them “it’s not working out.”

c. slow down the time you spend together…fade away and disappear without a word. I tend to do this one a lot too.

6. I know none of YOU would ever break up with someone via text message (btw, there is an app for that but if you did, what would your text read? Depends on why I’m breaking up with them. I often say that if someone hurt me deeply that I would shred them verbally & emotionally. I haven’t been like that in over a decade. Don’t think I have it in me anymore. I probably would just tell them the truth…”I need to focus on myself for a while.” 

“I feel too restricted. I need space.”

“You’re a great guy and someday you’ll make a woman very happy, but that woman isn’t me.”

Yeah yeah…not all that truthful, but it’s what I do. 

Trying to stop laughing because YES I have tried to break up with someone via text (not a relationship, but a very intense friendship). He wouldn’t take NO for an answer. I told him I didn’t want to get in the way of his crazy girlfriend & him. I also went on to say “it’s not you, it’s me.” I used that a lot with break-ups. My husband laughed when I shared this story with him. He said “He can’t tell you’re being sarcastic via text.” 

I remember trying to breakup with an internet relationship via yahoo messenger. He wouldn’t accept it either. He started using my full name, typing in ALL CAPS (stop laughing! LOL it is funny, huh?!) He finally broke down and actually called me on the telephone. Begged me not to leave him. 

OK, this leads me the answer I gave for the bonus question…Now I think (after reading the above) that I’m a terrible person and I might have to reconsider that answer! 

BonusWould you like you if you met you? I would in the beginning, until I got through the layers of crazy, then I might get scared and bail on myself. Why? I might not run away because I do have fun with myself & I tend to be there when anyone calls/needs me. Because I do expect that from those close to me.

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Night Time is the Right Time [TMI Nov. 18, 2014]

1. When I can’t sleep I grab my iphone, play on Twitter, read some blog posts and try to get tired. I know that I will go blind instead. 

2. My dream bedroom would be full of lots of purple & black colors, kind of Gothic looking furniture (nothing over the top). I want a dancer’s pole in the corner. Huge walk-in closets (two) the room is big enough for a sitting room, master bathroom, big screen TV mounted on the wall. Basically I want a bit of everything in my master bedroom, including a small refrigerator. So when I wanna escape the world, or even my family or guests I have all the comforts in MY room!!! 

3. If I could wake up anywhere tomorrow it would be ENGLAND and second would be SoCal 805.

4. I need to have a routine  at night.

5. Sleeping alone would truly be a nightmare.

6. Night time is the right time to go out partying, find hook-ups, do all those things one can not do during the daytime. Also to cuddle, relax and just decompress.

Bonus:  Briefly tell us about your last dream–erotic or not. I had dreamed about two kittens. One got killed when my car flipped over in a mud puddle and the other kitten was too afraid to come out from under the car and turned into a frog. I was at my apartment when the someone knocked on the door. I opened the door and there stood the kitten who turned into the frog, who had two legs standing upright with one arm stretched up towards the sky. He came into the apartment and ran behind my sofa turning into a little adorable boy who couldn’t talk. I woke up shortly after asking the little boy who he was and his name.

TMI Tuesday blog

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Sex: Then & Now [TMITuesday]

1. Do you think sex is less important after age 50? Why or why not? No. I think sex is as important as the person makes it.  I’m almost 50 and sex is still is in the top 5 of important things in my life. Ok, sex is important on a daily basis, unless of course there is a stressful event distracting me.

2. Were you ever squeamish about sex? At what age (or age range)? Not squeamish, but very shy & insecure about sex. Back when I first started having sex. Being insecure about my body, my performance etc. I kind of mirrored the person I was with.

3. When did you quit being squeamish and start to relax and enjoy sex? I would say I stopped worrying about sex in my early 30’s. I don’t get squeamish with body fluids, unless there’s something wrong with the body fluids. I don’t like stepping in body fluid in my bare foot. Not because it’s cum, but because I hate my feet getting wet.

4. What is sex worth to you? Depends on what the stakes are.

5. What do you seek in exchange for sex? Besides a good time? I won’t go into some of the hooker-like things I’ve done in my youth. Never for money. Mostly seeking that one high that equals the euphoric feeling that most drugs will give.

6. Is your sex life better or worse now vs. five years ago? I would definitely say worse. Not being in sync with my spouse the majority of the time. It seems so much easier just to masturbate. Why? Five years ago I was experimenting and challenged myself to do new things. I did things to curve my boredom, but nowadays I feel like I have completely lost my touch. I feel as if I have completely lost my “mojo” the part of me that could lure men to me. That would, could keep them interested, with the potential of sex later in the evening. I was told by “him” via text…

No. Not bored, just really busy..need to get out for some drinks or coffee. Love You..and You…lose ur touch?! smh…DOUBT IT!!!

7. Would you answer your mobile phone (a call or text) if it rang/dinged while you were having sex? It depends on who is calling on my cell phone and depends on if the sex was good and who I’m with. If one of us is close to a climax..FUCK NO I ain’t answering the phone.

Bonus: What is the one thing you wish your love interest understood about you? Even though, I act like a hard ass. I really am a very romantic person and want to be seduced.

TMI Tuesday blog

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