A Special Thank You

I have a donate button on my website. I added it for anyone who feels compelled to donate funds to my website. Recently I received a notification stating that I had received a donation. 

Captain America I’m writing this special THANK YOU. 

A Thank You to Ted S. for his gracious donation. I sent Ted an email letting him know how much I appreciated his donation. I had considered the idea of ending my blog (at the end of the year). I won’t be doing that now. I hope he won’t mind me using a few of his statements. 

I always like to support artists, whose work I enjoy and admire. We all have our favorite bloggers … It’s not just the content, but something about the person behind the blog who touches us in some way…the sexual arousal is one of the key factors…it’s creativity, and the emotional touch makes the difference.” – email from Ted S.

His email means so much to me. I have it saved so when I’m lacking direction, motivation and asking myself “who & why am I doing this all for?”  I can read it again. One person can make a difference and that person is Ted S.

Thank you to Ted

I Think I’m Ready?!


First things first. I wanna say that I’m very thankful to someone I met on Audioboo.fm during Febooary 2012. I had done a “boo” last year about wanting to tunnel my own little place in the cyber nation. He answered my call and was so helpful with pointing out where I should start, always reminding me that I could do it, that it wasn’t gonna be that easy and was there anytime I needed a question answered. That person is Stefano or as I know him “Slandi

So, here it is! Pretty much complete. With just a few things left to tweek. But isn’t that half the fun? Tweeking, rearranging the widgets, trying out new plug-ins. Another HUGE help was “Using WordPress for Your Business” app. This was amazing & perfect not to mention very easy to understand for a beginner like me. I give it 5 stars!

I added a page for my podcasts and most of my audio.   I still have to connect the main podcast with itunes, since I no longer use Blog Talk Radio. However, my “boos” are now on itunes. So, go and follow me there and PLEASE PLEASE review & rate. I need my ego fed. I recently purchased an app called “mobile podcaster.” I must be honest and say I am NOT impressed with this app. It’s got a great purpose, to post the podcast directly onto a WordPress blog, however I have found that it only uses m4a format. There is only one audio player that I found to be able to play that type of file. I also added a page for my “adultthemed topics. NSFW. I have been doing reviews & posts on a separate blog, because I was concerned about offending some of my efriends. Most already know I’m more of a “sex kitten” and a flirt. It’s part of who I am, I tried denying that part of me. But NOT anymore!

I hope that you, will decide to return, comment and connect with your favorite little internet kitty. I am always on the lookout for new people, places and things. Oh and IF you have any  suggestions for me, I welcome them! That’s how we all learn-from each other.