How I Spent my Christmas Holiday

Sorry that I have not been around or posting any updated posts. I feel like I have fallen off the radar since I have left on Christmas holiday. I think next year I will be just take the Christmas break completely off.

A Boy & his DogSpending quality time with the Manchild has been my focus along with going to visit my mother-in-law. Trying to convince the Manchild to move back to corn country isn’t going as well as I thought it. I thought he would be more open & accepting to this idea. But he is more concerned with how others will view him upon his return home. Everyone can understand that, however we continually explain to him that he is NOT a failure if he were to return home. He is merely starting over in his life, moving in a different direction with the love & support of his family. Here in Texas he has no support, works at a pace that would eventually kill a horse. SUre he’s young, yet he needs to move in a direction that he won’t get himself stuck. Thank goodness he doesn’t have the responsibility of a family, that would surely drain him of the young life he has now.

I realize being away from home is ok, with a place that I can curl up away from others to re energize myself. His apartment is like staying in a studio apartment with 4 adults. It’s too cramped and one can not fart in the bathroom without everyone else hearing it outside. Plus there is Ginger, poor girl is getting old. She doesn’t bark anymore, I think her hearing & vision is getting bad. She will turn 12 in March and I will NOT be able to drive down here to help the Manchild cope with her loss.

There has been no time to take photos for my blog, even though I did try. I am so bloated, overweight and exhausted that I don’t feel sexy, attractive or desirable in the slightest. I believe that one must feel good about self in order take good photos. Being under the weather doesn’t help either. I have been suffering with sinus issues for the 4 day now. The weather is warm to wet to cold, toss my allergies to dogs, dust and a low immune system from being exhausted and I am a breeding ground for sinus infection and colds. UGH. The sleep schedule is upside here, it’s sleep all day up all night due to the Manchild works 3 shift. a Boy & his Dog

We traveled to Houston to visit the mother-in-law. It’s been two years since she last drove up to Illinois to stay with us for a season. I told my beloved that he had to attempt to make amends with his family while we were visiting. Too no avail. He decided not to say goodbye to his sister, I told him that she might not live another year, his response was that of “I want to remember my sister the way she was, not the way she is and I don’t feel like crying anymore.” Knowing that one must let go of an alcoholic is painful experience. Knowing there is nothing more that anyone can do for them, why is it that family members can watch another slowly die of cancer yet can not do it for an alcoholic?

I realize that it’s once again fun for me to travel, before I hated it so much. I traveled so much when I was younger that it ruined for me as I grew older. It’s like camping. We stayed at a wonderful Comfort Inn in Spring, Texas. The front desk clerk wasn’t gonna let us check in at 9:30 am but we looked exhausted and she gave us my reserved room. It was perfect for some great sex photos, but like I said. I just wasn’t feeling it at the time we were there. Dammit! It was great for a shower scene and quickie. A quickie before we met up with the MIL. It’s like I had to “shut off” that part of me while being down here. However for the time that we were alone in that spacious hotel room I had to take advantage of that moment.

I am kind of looking forward to driving home, to sleep in my own bed. Showering in my own bathroom, using my own stuff. I’m sure the Manchild will feel the same way. The drive will be a long drive home, because my mother wants to stop at a few Goodwill stores along the way. Along with Redmon’s gift store in Missouri. Redmon’s is the “largest candy & gift store.” It’s an amazing place to stop.

Plus the gift shop has thousands of items to purchase for gifts. It’s overwhelming. We probably won’t be home til very late Monday night or possibly early Tuesday morning. Either way I will be thankful I am home. Then I will try to catch up on memes and the more important reviews that I need to write. Thanks for still being here with me!

Parenting is Never Easy

All the kids are out of the house. Friends would say “they’ll be back, ya know!” No. Never. Once again, the manchild has been dealt a kick to the teeth by life. He went to school, got a trade skill, even moved 1000 miles away from home, to a place where he has no family and only one former classmate. Time for the boy to become a man. Right?! Right.

After my tears dried from him leaving, I got to spend the holidays with him. Leaving knowing that he has become a man. Paying his bills, working for the company that trained him. He was set, for now. He realized shortly afterwards. That what he had decided to do, wasn’t what he wanted to do at all. However, he knew that he had to fulfill the contract that he signed to stay with him until September of this year. That what he planned, he had also been looking into attending night school to work towards something else.

He overheard some staff members stating that his boss was out during lunch with some of the other managers. That someone’s relative was in need of a job. The manchild was the last on the list. That day he was replaced by a relative to manager. I’m not saying that my son is perfect, I do know he is a very independent hard worker. I have never experienced hearing of a company that just paid tuition and then let to employee go. Sure, it’s a tax write off, right? That’s business. How does a parent explain that to a young adult male? What does a parent say about employer practices? That life is not fair, no matter how honest & hard working you are, you’re still gonna get screwed over. How does a parent prevent a young adult male from becoming bitter?

I can’t understand the thinking behind it all. If the manager at the dealership in Mckinney Texas  was not satisfied with the manchild’s ob performance, why not sit down with him. Keep in mind the manchild is only 20 years old. He’s green, he’s fresh clay in the work force. Yet, he was kicked to the curb even after all the training the education, the determination and hard work of relocating away from his family. This manager without a second thought, without giving ample warnings or instructions, or guidance of any kind dismisses him, only to be replaced by a family member. How does a parent explain that to their child? 

Maybe I am making too much of this. Maybe I’m over reacting as a mother. We have all been there at some point, with out a job. Looking at eviction, not having enough experience or having too much experience. The manchild now faces all of that. He asks me “how do I get experience if no one will hire me?” He’s gone for several interviews now, a few dealerships. They told him, sorry you don’t have enough experience. Next. I have no idea how Texas works as far as unemployment services, but Manchild is having no luck getting any money. What happened to the days where a person could go stand in line and meet with a real person? Everything has to be done online?

As a mother, I feel that my hands are tied. I can’t do it for him. He’s not stupid, he’s just at a low point. Now enter my Beloved. Who tells him to go back and call the school that assisted him in finding the job at International, ask them to help him find another job. Manchild doesn’t want to because he is worried that he may get stuck with the tuition bill for being terminated. My Beloved insists on the “who cares” attitude.   Only thing, I’m not sure how many International dealerships there are in the area. I do love my beloved but sometimes that “old way thinking” is so out dated. He keeps saying “Go there and be a pain in their ass, either they will tell you why they won’t hire you or they will give you a job.” I disagree. After being kicked in the teeth for so many times, one no longer wishes to smile. My beloved continues to believe that our son is not trying hard enough to find a job. Really?! He’s gone on lots of interviews, one a day there for a while. It boils down to not qualified or over qualified. It’s so frustrating. Manchild has noticed that most people could care less about someone like him, not being able to find a job. It also doesn’t help that he is only 20 years old. Most places want a 21 year old to drive or work at those heavy jobs. Beloved also stressed that he wants the Manchild to hit an emotional bottom, to learn to set his pride aside. Take that job, washing dishes. Sure, that would be great if he was 16, however he can speak English.

I am looking at this now as, where will the money come from to pay his rent, food, not to mention the dog. Bills, loans. Thank heaven he is not married or have children. That’s got to be hell on a man. So much pressure to provide. I can understand why it would be easier for some to turn to a life of crime after there have been no positive rewards for any honest work done.

I understand being a man is not easy, there is a lot of pressure. I understand how an average 40 something male can flip out and kill his entire family or others in his work place. I can understand why men, drink, whore around, taking part in other illegal activity. Anything to release the pressure, tension from everyday life. Then add in the mix ungrateful children and a non-working over budget spending wife.

How does a mother tell her young adult son “life sucks and it ain’t fair, but it get out there anyway.”



I Won

While I was in the Big D over the Christmas Holiday, visiting my Manchild since he was unable to drive up north. It was Christmas Day, just leaving the Dallas area, while in the backseat of the Manchild’s car. I’m occupying myself with my iPhone (of course) checking email. I read an email from I like reading The Frisky because they do have some interesting articles. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Scrolling through it I see a contest to win “The 25 Days of Sexmas.” I figured “WTF, I’m bored & I never win anything away.” I continued to read the rules, simple enough. The Frisky was just hosting a contest. I double checked the time, I think I entered with like 45 minutes to spare.

On the day I was driving back to Illinois from Texas, got the email requesting verification of my address. WHAAAA?!


I WON something?! Get the F*** out!

20140120-185550.jpg Yes. I won. So, what did I win? Here is the list from website.

One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive an Unbound Box including

Glas G Spot Tickler approximate retail value (ARV) seventeen dollars ($17.00 USD)

OVO bullet vibe ARV eighteen dollars ($18.00),

Good Clean Love Lube ARV twenty dollars ($20.00)

Lelo Luna Beads Noir ARV thirty four dollars ($34.00)

Bijoux Indiscrets Silk Blindfold ARV twenty dollars ($20.00)

Babeland Arousal Balm ARV twelve dollars ($12.00)

Maia remote control vibe ARV sixty dollars ($60.00)  This one hadn’t arrived in time for the main shipment. It was sent separately. I am still awaiting this prize.

Bijoux Indiscrets Mimi Nipple Covers ARV sixteen dollars ($16.00)

PicoBong Toy Cleanser ARV five dollars ($5.00)

Dead Batteries ARV five dollars ($5.00)

Vibrating Sponge ARV fourteen dollars ($14.0)

Sir Richards ARV two dollars ($2.00)

This is L. ARV two dollars ($2.00)

OOO Condoms ARV two dollars ($2.00)

Tattly Tattoo ARV five dollars ($5.00)


Who sponsored this contest?

I had seen the site before, stumbling onto through twitter or a blog. I wasn’t totally unfamiliar with the site. I was really excited, concerned when my prizes hadn’t arrived yet. I thought, did I miss the delivery at some point? God, I hope no one stole the box of the front porch. Shit, that would be just my luck, ya know?! Winning a box full of sex toys and some kid steals it! UGH.

Concerned. I decided to email both Kathryn Oldenburg (thefrisky) & Sarah Jayne (unbound). Both ladies were great. I received the first email on the 27th of December, 2013 from Ms. Oldenburg. The second email was received on the 31st of December from Ms Jayne. She stated that she would be mailing out the prize package this week. On January 14th (2014) I decided I better email both ladies to find out if perhaps I had missed the package in the mail.  Both women got back to me rather quickly, which was great. However, in the back of my mind I wonder if I would have never mentioned not receiving the prize that they might not have sent it out.

20140127-091127.jpgMs. Jayne mentioned that due to the polar vortex that had hit most of the United States, the mail was behind. Sarah tossed in a few extra tubes of lube, along with Erin Hoodini’s specialty bondage rope. She was kind enough to inform me that she was still waiting on the Maia Wicked Wireless to arrive. In the course of emailing back & forth the Maia arrived and Sarah was dropping it in the mail the next day. So, it should be arriving tomorrow (1/21/2014).

As of 1/27/2014 I have yet to receive this product mentioned in the email to the left. It was also part of the winning prize package. I will not be emailing them asking where it is, I just won’t be recommending a positive experience with this company.


20140127-091143.jpgThere were only a few things that I noticed about this. That the box in which it came in was slightly larger and Ms. Jayne apologized for the over-sized box. I did notice that the “pasties” were not inside their protective cover. It looked like possibly items were tossed into the box last minute.  I am pretty sure that it was last minute. I’m pretty sure that perhaps there was no intention on shipment of winning prizes. I’m just surprised that a company like this would even conduct business like this, knowing that they are building a reputation.

I mentioned to Sarah that I would probably blog about this. Can I somehow not blog about it?!

And of course I will add my reviews of the products as I use them. I think it will add to my “resume” of product review items.  I need the experience, practice and something to review. I think this will work. Thanks again to Kathryn & Sarah. And thanks to the universe for tipping in my favor for once.


Buying the Tickets

I have major anxiety issues about spending large amounts of money. Sure, I have no problem spending $20 dollars here or there but not a couple $1000 dollars at once or even a few $100 dollars at once. Shopping around for inexpensive airline tickets is stressful enough. Not to mention that the Manchild will be moving out of state (to Texas) in a matter of weeks. We are having to shell out money in large amounts all at once.

My stress is being felt in my neck & shoulders as I type. I think the trip will overshadow the fact that my youngest child is leaving the nest. Add onto this that my mother will be moving to Texas with my son. Why? Cause that’s what Mexican’s do. They travel in groups or packs or whatever, they just don’t let go so easily. Because I am unable to travel with him, my mother will do this. I suppose I might do this for my grandson if he needs me. Seriously thought, my mother can’t let him go off into this world without some sort of protection safety net. Besides that we always talked about her going where ever he went, or which ever of my 3 kids left that needed someone to assist them.

But this post is about buying the airline tickets, some thing that worries me is that after I filled everything out and received the confirmation email, I see that the company doesn’t take debit cards. So, I immediately called the company. “Lukas” the voice at the other end of the line, said “no we don’t accept debit cards, but every once in awhile the transaction gets processed and you should see that on next months statement.” I asked him “are you sure?” He asked me for my “booking reference number” I read it out loud to him. He replies with “Yes, you have reserved for this flight, just remember to check in before your flight departs.” I asked him again “are you absolutely sure, we are on this flight?!” “Yes, m’am you are, the payment went through.” I’m thinking with my luck that this was a fluke not in my flavor. I know, I’m negative, but if I’m wrong then I will be happy otherwise I won’t be too shocked and disappointed because I was expecting it. All in all this is it. No turning back now! Oh, BUT “Old Man” gets a window seat & I wanna sit next to him doped on my Xanax!!!!

He’s Moving Where??!!!

Today my Manchild comes into my office to tell me that he received a phone call from McKinney Texas. One of the resumes that was sent out has been looked over and the company is very interested in hiring him. The same company has already hired his fellow classmate.

McKinney was my Manchild’s 2nd choice to places to relocate to. His first was Minnesota only because his one of his older brother’s lives there and he could bunk there. However when he heard that there was some shifts in the living arrangements Manchild decided to look else where. So, McKinney Texas it is!

He had already done a little bit of research on the location. Voted #2 of the Best small towns to live for this year by CNN Money. You can watch a video about that here. The town looks nice enough. I was very excited at first, why shouldn’t I be? My youngest son is about to start his new life as an adult. Yet, Yet, fear creeps into the back of my mind.

Texas?! I worry about my 20 year old going off into a new unfamiliar place. He is so excited, I am excited but in the the quiet of my being, I will still be afraid. Another issue…”I WILL NOT CRY…I WILL NOT CRY… I WILL NOT CRY”

I know this sounds awful but I almost hope & pray that he moves while we on holiday in England! So, that I DO NOT have to assist him in the move. Yeah, bad parenting, but emotions & I do not do well at all. I will be driving into the ‘hood & acting out for some sort of release.  All I know is that my baby is leaving to be 14 hours away. Better get my car in perfect driving condition!