For Anonymous [fpf21][SS254]

Another photo featuring the Japanese Silk Love Rope Ball Gag from Topcotoyz complimentary for reviewing purposes. I will get the review completed as soon as I can. I finished taking the few photos in this set. I went through them and seen this one photo. And I looked at it and remembered something.

This photo is dedicated to “anonymous.”

Japanese silk love rope ball gag



Lace [SS181]

These are my favorite thigh highs. They have a perfect fit. I love the lace tops.




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One of the photos above was chosen by Beck for her September Favorites
I feel the same way about Sassy Cat as I do Penny. I really admire her work and find it very inspirational. When I seen this set of images, the below image immediately jumped to the top of my list. I’m a big fan of stockings. Whenever I see them in images, I am drawn to the lace band. I think about the slow action of someone pulling them up their legs. This reminds me about pulling them up my own legs and how sexy I feel. I find myself rubbing my hands up and down the stockings. This image reminds me of that feeling and it’s really sexy to watch a women admire her own body.” – Beck

Buckle [SS180]

This photo came after I finished a brief self-flagellation session with that leather belt. I’m now shopping for a flogger to continue this experiment of mine. I want to experience that trance-like, hypnotic feeling I felt – again.

Now I’m doing some research on types of floggers and different websites. There are so many, I can see that this might take me a while to make a wise decision.

Self Flagellation

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