Shell Fuel Rewards Card

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

I received my second vox box called the VivaVoxBox.  I needed gas in my car. The Shell Fuel Rewards card came at a perfect time. I activated it online. Then went to fuel up. Gas is $3.79 per gallon. Memorial day weekend is around the corner. I know it will go higher. At the pump there are instructions to tell you to swipe the reward card first before any thing else.

Once you sign up you can also sign up for other programs via the FRN (Fuel Reward Network). Savings on Allstate insurance, shopping, dining and groceries. It might be worth looking into, just to save a few pennies. Remember to always read the fine print before signing on the dotted line.



Back when my kids were little and I was a single mom, there wasn’t a lot of money to spend for clothes. Don’t even mention buying new clothes. I would get Thursday newspaper and mark the garage sales that were close my job so I could go during lunchtime. I would mark my calendar down for the big church sales.

I was driving past a new store. A very small shop, inside were kid’s clothes for garage sale prices. Adult clothes, new brand clothes. Shoes, some jewelry and miscellaneous items. All at very inexpensive prices. I ended up buying some jeans and a few other items. When I was checking out, the owner told me that they are always taking gently used clothes to re-sell. Oh Cool! Consignment thrift store.

That was over 13 years ago. The store has tripled in size and continues to make me some extra spending cash. I take in my old holiday decorations, books, shoes, clothes, a few small pieces of furniture. I end up just buying more clothes for myself. I used to use the money for vacation, kid’s clothes and anything else I needed the money for.

I still enjoy a good charity shop, Goodwill or Salvation Army shopping day. I recently went to my first $1.23 Goodwill sale. OMG. The parking lot was overflowing and cars were parked two blacks down the street. It was an experience that was insane. All the clothes are $1.23. I got a few items that the price tag was still on them. I know most of the brands of clothing, if it’s unfamiliar then I google it – quickly. I like some Old Nay, Apt 9, Somona (Kohl’s). Everything that was an article of clothing was only $1.23.  I wanted to take some photos of the shopping carts of some customers but I forgot in the midst of my own shopping. It was insane, the shopping carts were overflowing with clothes, to the point where the woman had to hold the top so it wouldn’t tip over when she turned the corner.

I view it this way, even it I only wear it one time. It didn’t cost me much at all. Verses spending $43 for it and slipping something on it and it’s ruined. Anyone can easily express their individuality and still be frugal, thrifty with their money.

Shoe Fetishism – Interview 6

iphone photos 807Part of my life online was doing the shoe model gig for those male fans of mine who had shoe fetishes. I do not have a shoe fetish like they do. I enjoyed it more when the men personally picked out the shoes that they wanted me to wear. I have always enjoyed wearing the shoes, teasing men. I’m a tease. I get off (emotionally) watching them get off, watching their face light up like a Christmas tree.

Some of my closest efriends have shoe fetishes, some of my efriends are men who get off while wearing heels. They all have a common denominator, shoes. I decided to ask some men on a shoe fetish site just a bit about their fetish. To share themselves just a bit. Just for a little insight into this somewhat common fetish.

How old were you when you first noticed being sexually aroused by shoes? That’s a difficult one to answer. In my early Teens I started to notice shoes a lot more, probably as I became more aware of sex. Thinking back however , I can remember being maybe 6 or 7 and being entranced at a Friend of my Mother’s feet .

Do you have any other kinks or fetishes besides shoes? Many 🙂 Lingerie, Latex, Rubber, Equestrian Attire, Wet-suits and Flippers , Gloves.

Where’s there an incident that stands out in your mind during that time of your childhood? I’ll go back to my Mother’s Friend again . I remember noticing that on one occasion she was in tights (or stockings, I wasn’t aware of them at the time) and I was aroused by her nylon encased toes , arch arches and ankles.

What was your first sexual experience with a pair of shoes? I vaguely remember a pair of said Friend’s shoes left under a table. I managed to stroke and sniff them when the room was empty.

What is your biggest turn on about shoes? That would have to be split between pointy toes and killer heels or toe cleavage , possibly dangling.

What is your biggest turn off with shoes? Anything vaguely open toed . Haven’t a clue why given that toes turn me on so much.

Are you in a relationship? If so, how long? 3 years

How many shoes do you possess? 4 pairs of heels , one pair of thigh boots and some runner riding boots.

Do you prefer a specific type of shoe over others? If so, what type of shoe? High heels , however depending on the wearer , anything non-open toed is fair game 🙂

Do you have a secret shoe stash somewhere? I used to stash all my shoes/boots/lingerie etc in the attic as my Ex was too small to get up there.

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? Why are they special? I have a pair that came from a friend’s Wife’s clearout.

What is the most you have spent on a pair of shoes, for yourself or someone else? $200 on some thigh boots a long time ago.

How have you used shoes/boots in sexual scenarios? Describe if you feel comfortable. I have worn and seen partners in used shoes , its a turn on knowing that the original owner has no idea that you’re wearing them during sex.

What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with their acceptance of their own shoe fetish? Get on the Internet and look up like minded people. There’s a hell of a lot of us out there (Male and Female.) Knowing you’re not alone is a great relief if you’re struggling.

What does the term “shoe fetish” mean to you? That’s another difficult one. Probably the ability to sexualize an item as an aid to arousal.

Is there any drawback to your fetish? Getting caught glancing at woman’s legs and feet 🙂

How do you feel about the way society views this fetish? I think Society in general views any fetish as “not normal.” Probably as everyone has at least one , even if they refuse to accept it .

In your opinion could you explain the difference between a foot fetish & a shoe fetish? The clue is in the question . Not everyone like shoes , not everyone likes feet. If the origins of fetishism are ever explained that will wrap that one up for good.

Does your partner know about your shoe fetish? If so, are they accepting of this? Has it made your relationship worse? How did your partner react when you disclosed your fetish? My last 4 Partners were aware to varying degrees. No negative experiences at all thankfully. 2 actually asked me to wear heels and stockings , the 3rd gave it a whirl once and my current Partner enjoys it with me.

How did you find out about your partners shoe fetish? This was with an Ex. We were out shopping once and she casually asked if I’d do her a favor when we got home. Intrigued I said yes then she asked if I’d wear her heels for her. Having a small collection of heels myself already, I did question if she’s come across them and was testing me. Happily that was not the case and we had many “Shoe Nights” together at her request.

How did your initially feel when your partner told you of their shoe fetish? See above , over the moon 🙂

How would you describe your relationship currently? Blissful.

What advice would you give someone who is currently having a difficult time accepting their partners shoe fetish? Ask them to question why they are having trouble with it. Do they have a fetish themselves? Are they hiding it and thus relating this to their Partner’s admission ?

Are you a man who wears heels? If so, at what age did you begin to wear heels? Probably about 13 or 14.

How do you feel when you wear them? Just plain turned on.

How do you shop for your shoes? Since my Partner is aware and supports it , we shop together. No one ever guesses that one of the pairs was not for her.

Do you think that society will ever being accepting of men who wear heels? Historically we used to be but sadly given the state of the World these days its unlikely.(Unless Dr. Frank-n-Furter lands his Spaceship on the White House Lawn and does the Time-warp in front of the World’s Press)

Have you ever worn heels in public? What was your experience? Only once , in a secluded area late at night. It felt daring and the thought of getting seen was quite a turn on .


Sometimes it’s difficult to get people to open up a lot. However, I am grateful that some members on the site volunteered to answer my questions. I notice that there isn’t a lot of information about the fetish. There are lots of photos, maybe that’s what men want. I have yet to meet some women with a shoe fetish where she masturbates with shoes like the men do. I wonder how many women truly have this fetish. If you would like to share you shoe fetish story, feel free to contact me.



Valentine’s is Almost Here

Valentine’s Day is upon us. Around the corner, that special day for lovers & couples. A time when husbands & wives search for that special gift that says “I Love You.” I have never been the conventional, conservative female. I told my spouse from early on in our relationship, that flowers, cards and jewelry just wasn’t for me. Sure, I never stopped him from buying those things for me. I have a gold bead necklace that he would add to on every occasion.

Who would say no to chocolates?! Not I. I will kill a slut for some fresh melt in my mouth chocolate. Cards, I read them and sometimes I keep them other wise, I’ll toss them in the trash. “Old Man” is the sentimental one. Flowers fade, not lasting long. Also flowers, especially roses, can be very expensive. Nope. I want something different. Something that says “I love you” in our marriage. Not someone else’s, because what works for us, isn’t going to work for others.

Ruger .22 Long Rifle with Rosewood Grips

Ruger .22 Long Rifle with Rosewood Grips

A few years ago for Valentine’s Day I was given “Rosie.”  She means more than the dozen long stemmed roses, box of chocolates and sappy card. She takes great care of me, when I am home alone or when I travel. She reminds me of “Old Man.” Because he knows that I am picky, he looked for the “perfect” gift. He found it. Now, once again, he will say “I love you” this time with a shotgun. I looked in the little kids section. Ya know, the shotguns that only weigh 5 lbs or less (not many).  There are shotguns that weight 7 lbs or more, way too heavy for me. I will be also getting a cute little red light for it and a pistol handle in place of the standard. I am kind of excited.

Whatever he picks out for me, I know I will be happy with, just like with “Rosie.” Old Man loves me, like no other and it’s times like this when I can actually feel my icy cold heart skip a beat for him.




Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Position Master – Position Pillow – Review

Fetish Fantasy inflatable position master – Sex slings, pillows and support – EdenFantasys

Front Cover of Box

My current sex toy review is of the Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Position Master – Position Pillow by pipedream and available at currently on sale for $21.56.

Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Position Master (back side of box)

The package is pretty simple. You might want to keep this box handy for later storage of the pillow. There is no other means of storage, unless you have your own “toy box” hidden under the bed or in the closet some where. Inside the package you get the pillow, a blindfold, two circular patches and glue. All items wrapped separately in plastic bags.

Total Package. Inflatable pillow, blindfold, box, two circular patches with glue.

The material of the pillow consists of a suede type material. This pillow seems to attract dust, lint and hair.  Do not use a white or light-colored towel for after use cleaning. The black coloring tends to come off and will end up on your towels. To save your towels, use a wet wipe of some sort. The blindfold is an item that is just simple enough to start off a couple in “role playing.” My spouse did suggest to deflate the pillow, perhaps soak in the sink for a good cleaning. I have not tried that yet.

An angle view of the position pillow (side) Plastic Handles on the sides of pillow

My first concern was that of putting too much weight on the pillow that the air nozzle would pop out and deflate the pillow. The pillow does take about 5 -10 minutes of heavy blowing into the pillow to inflate it. The edges of the pillow are a bit rough, scratchy on bare skin.  The handles are handy when a quick adjustment is needed.  The handles can get in the way when using it in some sex positions. The box says “holds up to 300 lbs.” It has held up so far.  I did notice that not all positions are possible when using the pillow, depends on the height of the individuals. I recommend it for any one who is limited on income, on a budget and wanting to try something new. It does add that little bit of extra support. Don’t forget to continue to add to your toy collection, once you purchase this pillow, add some restraints, lubes, ball gag, feather tickler and anything else you desire.

A view of the position pillow



 My Rating is as follows – (according to

(N/A) Vrooms – The toy does not vibrate.

(N/A) Bees – The toy does not make noise.

 This product was provided to me free of charge by Eden Fantasys in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines. 

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