Sassy gets fucked for her Birthday [MM140, Guest Post]

Thanks to WB for writing this story for me as one of my birthday presents. My birthday was Mid-April, sorry that I am just now sharing it with all of you. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. I did get a dick pic with my story, but it was for my eyes only. I love this kinds of gifts.



You should be watching me right now, starting with my chubby and finishing with a creamy happy ending.

I dreamed your lips around my cock. But that wasn’t going to do it till I took you by your arms stood you up, turned you around and threw you on the bed. Ripping off your panties, I spit on my fingers, give your cunt a little rub. I ram my hard cock in to your wet hole. I push your legs up close to your ears and fuck you like a wild animal. I immediately pull out to admire the gape of your glistening flaring lips. I can see your heart is racing by looking at your throbbing hole as I watch it close up. I’m not finished yet, I shove my thick hard cock into your tight hole once more. Using my weight I’m pounding harder and thrusting further in to you. You take deep breaths with each thrust, your heart is beating harder now. I pull out yet again; you breathe a sigh of relief. Short-lived relief as you know full well what’s in store for your holes. I hold you spread apart for another glimpse at your beautiful gaping hole, spitting inside before you close up. Pound you a few more times before deciding to turn you over.

I’m hovering over your ass. SMACK! Happy Birthday Sassy! SMACK! SMACK! Faint red finger lines across your smooth rounded ass cheeks. I see beads of pre-cum beginning to run down the back of one of your thighs. I’m so turned on giving you your birthday fuck.

You reach back pulling your ass cheeks apart. Oh Yeah Baby!  I spit on your hole, more spit on my cock. I slide my throbbing cock into your awaiting hole. I can’t hold back, I start to cum as I pound into you. Your screams are turning me on even more. I know how much you needed this hard pounding.

I’m still hard as a rock as I continue pumping your sweet tight ass. I knew I would lose all control as soon as I started pumping you. You yell at me to fuck you, my birthday girl is getting a creampie for her present. Can you feel the cum squirting deep inside as I slowly pull my cock out of your tight ass? Cum covers your hole as I push back in, keeping a slow rhythm with my strokes, pumping all that remains of my load.

I stand there feeling depleted & used up. As I pull out for the last time I watch my cum drip out and down your slit.

Happy Birthday Sassy, you got dick pic (not included with this post) and a story.
– WB

[Disclaimer – Owner of this website has permission from author to share this story]


Darrell’s High School Teacher Experience [MM118]

This week’s Masturbation Monday story is written by “Mr. Darrell.” He has shared a few of his stories withmasturbation-monday-badge-small me. I mentioned that I would be willing to post them on my website. Here is one of his stories. I did go through and edit the punctuation.

The weather was changing and so was I. This was going to be my last year of school. I really toned up over the summer. My boyish body was just about gone. I put 10lbs of muscle on in my arms chest and shoulders. The girls really noticed me and were more friendly than I remember. They started hanging around me a lot more during our lunchtime. Most of them started showing more of a womans body then the girlish type.

I’m an ass man. I really get off on a nice looking ass. The kind of apple bubble type and a nice healthy pussy. The kind of pussy that makes you want to get all up in there with your face and get that tongue flicking really fast on that clit knob. The lips swell up and fold outwards like a flower blooming then her juices start flowing out.

With my newly developed body, I’m feeling pretty good about myself. I need to find me one of those girls but it will be difficult cause I never was the type to just go after it. Everything I know is from magazines and skin flicks, if they only knew what my pornographic mind was thinking.

We were about mid way through the 12th grade. I haven’t had much action but my confidence is a lot better. I’m not ready to let the freak out yet, still shy in that area. One of the teachers I have has an ass that I wanted badly. I purposely picked the back of the class so I could oggle her, undress her with my eyes.

One day I think she caught me cause I was mesmerized. my eyes were fixed on her crotch, I just stared. I didn’t realize she was looking at me, so what does she do, she puts me right up front. Right where she had a good look at me from her desk, shit my mind fuck was over. I can’t even get a boner with my sexual thoughts of her. she had me and she knew it. she always wear these tight-fitting jeans with a nice blouse and just looked so fucking hot.

Schools almost over, the weather is getting warm. One day I went to class and Ms. Crape was wearing a dress. I was like ok she looks kind of nice, can’t see much booty but she was just gorgeous.  So she’s doing her thing and she sits at her desk kind of facing me. I’m taking notes looking all student like, always glancing over to sneak a peek at her. No fucking way, she had her dress hiked up just enough for me to see that she wasn’t wearing panties. FUCK ME! She sees me looking, she can read my thoughts from my face expressions. She gave me this sultry alluring look, it was the come fuck me look.

It was the last class of the day and she knew exactly what she was doing, cause when class was over I couldn’t stand up. I had a rock hard erection. I have a pretty big cock. the class clears out and she walks over to the door, looks down the hall then comes back in. She locks the door. There were no windows in this room. She walks over to me grabs my arm and sits me in her chair. She straddles me face to face. I’m going nuts like what the fuck is this really happening. She knew I was way out of my league, but she is the teacher and teach she did. she does a little lap dance letting her pussy lips glide back and forth over my bulge. When she got up it was wet with her juices. I could blow a wad right in my pants.

Image courtesy of radnatt at

Image courtesy of radnatt at

She says “stand up and let your cock out. I can feel your pulse through your jeans.” I was so fucking hard, it was different to unbutton my pants.  I get my cock out and its dancing, thump thump thump. it was throbbing so hard, it’s never been like that ever. I couldn’t cum piss or nothing. It felt like I could fuck for an hour and still be hard. she sits on her desk and spreads her legs. She tells me “gently run your hands up and down the length of my legs then suck softly on my toes, working your way down with wet kisses between my thighs.” So I do as she told me and just before I get to her glistening wet fuck hole. she says “now kiss my pussy, make out with it like regular kissing, use your tongue the same then work it where your tongue is fucking my hole. Suck on my clit and flick your tongue quick on it, push down with your tongue and suck real hard at the same time. Pull out, let my clit pop out and do this routine over and over till I cum in your mouth.”

I’m going at it and she’s thrusting into me, pulling back shaking her ass. It was wild. It was all I can do to stay there. I’m fucking munching away at her box like a crazy person. I didn’t want to stop, she grabs the back of my head and pulls me in and shoves her pussy in my mouth.  I hear squeesh and she cums inside me. I was like fuck ya, she gets down and sucks my cock. My cock is fucking so hard. She turns, bends over the desk and says “you can fuck away cause I’m wet and ready just put it in and go deep. I want to feel your balls slapping my pussy.  Just beat it up, fuck me hard and fast. Get a good grip of my waist and do it!”

So I do, I’m fucking her deep and hard. I can feel my balls bouncing off her clit hard too. She started off pushing back but I was in control, it was all me. I fucked her hard and fast as I could. Pulling back with my arms, thrusting at the waist. Shes screaming “FUCK! FUCK YA! OOOHHH FUCK ME! FUCK ME! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!”

She says “DON’T STOP!!! Cum inside me! Yes Yes ram it deep. Cum for me!!!

I filled her pussy full of my jizz,  came so hard that I almost collapsed. i pulled out, cum was dripping out of her gaping beat up pussy. I got dressed. She stayed in the classroom.  What a great teacher she was!!!

Sit on My Face [KOTW] [Masturbation Monday]

My friend and I were out-of-town at a dance club. She had her eye on some random guy, nothing new. I wasn’t looking for anything special. I was just going with the flow of the night. The guy she was talking to was with his roommate. A young guy of average height and shoulder length blonde hair. We talked basic general stuff, nothing serious. 

Bar is closing. Now what? My friend wants to get laid and I’m tired, slightly buzzed from the alcohol. She tells me that we are going back to their place. I’m stuck, because I’m with her. We follow them back to their house. My friend & her guy immediately head for the bedroom. I’m attracted to this guy, but unsure of what’s going on. He asks me if I want anything to drink. 

“Some water will be fine.”

“I think our friends are gonna be a while, if you’re tired you can use my room and I’ll sleep on the sofa.”

I really want him to kiss me, fuck me to sleep. My friend was getting laid, I waited to get some too, but I’m not gonna move any moves on him. He showed me to his bedroom. The bed is pushed into the corner, covering up part of a window. The window doesn’t have any curtains. The light of the moon or street light is peering through. I’m exhausted. He stood in the doorway. How could I allow him to sleep on the sofa when this is his room?

“You don’t have to leave, you can sleep here.” He smiled at me. He reminded me of a Southern Californian guy. His long, wavy blonde hair, blue eyes and white pearly teeth and slightly tan skin. We laid on the bed, like two kids planning on having sex for the first time. Oh wait…we are! We are both in our early to mid 20’s. Experiencing each other for the first time, his hand is on my waist. We both still have our clothes on, laying on top of his blanket. I feel his pelvis push against my ass and I push back. We rock back & forth a few more times, his hand slides in between my thighs, his fingers feeling me through my jeans. Through body language I let him know that I wanted to have sex. He, however had other plans for me.

He slid off my jeans, pulled off my top & bra. I laid back down watching him take off his clothes. The light coming through the window lit up the room just enough that I could see his hand stroking his manhood. He turned, walked towards the foot of the bed, slowly started kissing my legs. I tried not to giggle, but I did. He held my ankle, as he continued to lick & kiss my leg. All the while my insides are going wild. I want to feel his hard cock inside me. I wanna cum. My pussy is aching to be filled with his hardness.

He pushes my legs apart crawling up towards my now dripping pussy. My body was wanting to scream out, but little moans just escaped my lips instead. I feel his breath against my lips, his hair brushing against my inner thighs. Immediately the tip of his tongue finds my clit, gasp. I’m wanting to cum so much, his tongue dances with my clit. At times, stopping to gently suck it, holding it in between his lips and flicking with his tongue. It’s a feeling that makes my body jerk, I’m not sure I like it. But, I don’t stop him. My mind drifts in some other dimension, pleasure. His hands under my ass cheeks, lifting me up slightly. One of his hands slides from under my butt and he stops. He looks up at me, puts two of his fingers into his mouth. He continues to look at me as he lowers his hand down to my clit, rubbing it a few times, sliding his two fingers along both sides and straight in to my very wet pussy. A deep breath. His tongue again begins to play with my clit as his fingers tickle my g-spot.

I feel pleasure. I feel high. There is no sense of time or place. I’m totally at his mercy. I can hear myself moaning loudly as I reached orgasm. He continues to drink up my juices as I slowly come down from my high. Deep heavy breathing, I’m relaxed and doze off for a bit. He also must have fallen asleep, because I woke up to the weight of his face on my thigh. As I moved my legs, he woke up. He came up to lay by my face. We kissed, I could feel desire & passion building once again. His fingers caressed my skin, cupping my breasts, but his fingers had other plans. He sucked two fingers and went straight in. The suddenness, the dryness of my pussy, quickly brought me out of that groggy state. His fingers tickled my pretty pink walls, searching for my spot. He slowed his pace. He sat up, kissing my breasts, moving down towards his awaiting pie once again. He gently spread my legs. His fingers were replaced with his tongue. His tongue teased, nibbled and sucked my clit until I begged for him to fill my hungry pussy. At that moment I didn’t really care with what, I just wanted to reach my orgasm. I wanted to have that feeling of fullness in my pussy. He pushed his fingers back into me, in & out in a slow thrusting pace. I felt warm, quick swallow breaths escape from my lips. He must have known this time that my climax was close because he picked up speed. When he did, it didn’t take long for me to reach my climax. He only stopped when I was still & quiet. He sat up, leaned against the wall. I could see his dark shadow from the light coming through the bedroom window. I rolled over, dosing off. He stayed in that place until I woke up again.

I grabbed my clothes, left to go to the bathroom for a quick cleanup. I didn’t want to go back in the room. I wanted to get home to the warmth of my bed & security of my room. Unfortunately my friend wasn’t planning on leaving anytime soon. So, I quietly returned to his room.  When I laid back down he woke up, he placed his hand on my leg. He started softly caressing my calf up to my thigh and back down again. I just lay there, trying to relax. He lays his head on my stomach. I run my fingers through his hair. God, I loved his thick wavy blonde hair. We lay there in silence as his hand rubs my tummy. We laid dozing in and out of consciousness. I felt his hand slip inside my panties. I asked myself “when is this guy ever gonna want to stop?” He tugged at my panties, hinting to me that he wanted them off – again. I took them off – again. And again he laid there between my legs …licking …nibbling …sucking my clit. He did this thing when he would suck my outer lips and run his tongue all over them. Holding each one in between his lips while his tongue explored every inch of it, then he would move onto the other one. He would end up in the middle, his tongue would plunge into me, tongue fucking my hole while his hands rested under each one of my ass cheeks. I wasn’t sure if that was him lifting me up or my body’s response to his mad tongue skills. I got so excited that I would push into his face. My fingers would tangle in his long hair as I held him there. He stopped, laying down next to me. “Sit on my face.”


“Sit on my face. Please.”

I hadn’t experienced anyone like him before. Most of the guys I had fucked were mostly concerned with themselves. Busting a nut quickly, not too concerned with me getting mine. I wasn’t quite sure about what was going on. I hesitated. 

“Please. Just sit on my face. I wanna taste you so more.”

I didn’t say anything. I sat on his face. I could see out the bedroom window. I held on to the window pane as I felt his tongue plunge into my wetness yet again. I felt one of his hands caressing my sides. I am ticklish, wanted to laugh but couldn’t because of the orgasm I was about to have. Rocking back & forth on his face, I was lost in my orgasm. I’m holding on to the wooden window pane. I opened my eyes for a moment staring out the window, wishing for someone to watch me as I reached my climax. As my orgasm ended I noticed that his body had tightened up. I was still saddling on his face, when I turned around to see his other hand stroking his erect hard cock. I unsaddled him in time to see cum squirt out of the tip of his cock and onto his stomach. My smile must have been a mile long when I seen that and then to look down at his face covered in my juices. He looked so used. 

I finally made it home later that morning. I slept most of Sunday away.

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Masturbation Monday

Like I had mention in the story, I have not come across many men that are like him. He really enjoyed being in between my legs. Otherwise I don’t think he would have given me oral pleasure, right? We never had vaginal sex. I never gave him a blowjob. We lasted a week. If you asked me what is name is, I couldn’t tell you. What does he look like? Don’t remember. Where was his apartment? No clue. He’s just that guy with the most amazing tongue and the love of licking pussy. He will always have a special place in my memoir. I didn’t allow just anyone between my legs. I had to consider them someone special. For whatever reason, I just believe that not everyone is worthy of my sweet nectar. And I will stop a man if I’m not feeling that high or if he doesn’t know what he’s doing. 

Maybe one day I’ll share my experience when I was “involved” with my couple and they took turns licking my pussy and teaching me about squirting and other things.

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Blowing through Monday

I arrived at “our spot” in the park. I seen his car backing into a parking spot. There was another blue car with its lights on parked there too. Thinking “oh crap, someone has beat us to our spot.” I drove down to the dead-end. The other car started to drive off. He got out of his car, stretching his arms while the other car moved slowly away. I parked. He walked towards the car. I got out of my car.

“You scared that guy away”
“Did I? Was he alone?”
“Yeah, I think so, he looked at me and I looked at him.”
I so wanted grab him. We both stood with our bodies facing each other watching the car drove getting smaller in the distance. He leaned in and kissed me.

“What’s up babe? missed you.”
“Oh yeah, really? how much?”

He turned me around, swatted my ass while pushing me in the direction of the other side of his car as he started to get into the driver’s side.

I dropped my keys on the floor of the car. He’s unzipping his shorts. I see his limp dick and he is need of a shave.

“You gonna suck my cock baby?” 
I eagerly got to it. Feeling his limp cock in my mouth. Pushing it up against the roof of my mouth.  Swirling around it with my tongue. It’s so supple. So soft in my mouth. I swallow. Sucking up his balls into my mouth while his cock is still soft, but that didn’t last long at all. He reached into my jeans, squeezing my ass in his hand. His other hand was grabbing a handful of my hair. But there was still a lot of my hair wrapped up around his hardening cock. I stopped to readjust into a better position.

I love it when you watch me.” 

“I love watching you suck my cock.”

New to Cat’s Fellatio Project Stories? Start withPractice Makes Perfect

He started grabbing hair from around my face and mouth. He wrapped his hand around it and pulled. Then he pushed my head down onto his cock.  Pulling & pushing, faster & faster.

“You gonna swallow all my load, baby? You wanna taste every drop, don’t ya?”

 Agreeing with him with my mouth full, making that uhuh sound. I wonder if it vibrated on his cock at all. He started to lift up a little from his seat. Strangely he got loud. All that tension that was released through his vocal chords and his cock. What a turn on!!! He had put his hand at the base of his cock. Normally I go down to the base, allowing the cum to slide directly down my throat. This time I couldn’t do that. He had his hand in the way so his hot jizz was squirting onto my tongue.  I was having difficulty keeping up with the swallowing. I love sucking after he comes because he reacts so intensely. I started sucking harder and at the base of the head.

“Stopppppp!!! Whaaaaa are you doing?! ahhhh you’re driving my crazy! That TICKLES!!!” 

He managed to wiggle free from my mouth.

“Ah! that really tickles!! Why do you do that to me?!” 
“Because I enjoy that power of watching you squirm.”

He put his cock away. Zipped up his pants. Patting his pants.


I just giggled.
I noticed that we had a different connection this time.  We were getting comfortable with each other. Both of us knowing what the other one wants.  He smiled that wicked smile at me. He mentioned meeting with someone over the weekend. I was totally ready to jump out of the truck. but he was relaxed. After I had finished sucking his cock.  I kissed him. Just a brief tender kiss, am I slipping? Geez, I hope not.
“This was a great Monday! Don’t forget Wednesday! For sure and then Friday we can get together again. OK, sweetie?”
“Yup, Wednesday for suck & fuck and Friday for business!”

He winked at me as I climbed out of his car.



Another past experience from my wild & crazy days. If you’re interested in more about “The Fellatio Project” click the banner below for the full list of bloggers who are blogging about it.

The Fellatio Project


I Wanted Him Today

I text him early today. Asking for a favor. (I won’t go into that here)

Got time later…meet me at my house?
What time can u get over?
anytime after 1pm
4 good?yup, works for me

ok, my place 4pm

k c u then

you feeling any better? we fukkin????

up to you. I still cough a lot. I think its bronchitis

I’ll bend u over so you dont cough on me.  LMAO

Whatever!!! I want kisses, but I understand you need your fix of me.

Ok honey, I’ll kiss you.  I love kissing you!

At 345 pm he text me to let me know he was in the shower and that the back door was open. I parked up a ways from his driveway, since his new place can be seen easy.

I get pissed at myself any more when I fuck him . Why I do. I have no idea. It’s not the best sex in the world by any means. I guess I get those feelings again, the emptiness, that needs to be filled. Some how, the sex will temporarily fill that void for a short time. I hate myself so much at times that I use this loser to make me feel worse. Maybe I should start cutting myself instead or making myself puke.

I walked into the house. Looked in the frig for some bottled water. Nothing but BEER, cans, long necks, booze. I yelled out to let him know I was there. I heard him answer. He came around the door as I almost walked into him. Noticing that he had made some improvements to the new place. He walked into the kitchen I asked for some water, he says “in the frig.”  I peeked and said “NOTHING” He laughed and said “opps, next time.”

I walked into the the living room…”whatcha watching?”
Nothing, just playing music.”
ah, ok.”
He walks into his bedroom. I follow. I am reminded to a time when I was young and stupid. A teenager, that first was experimenting with sex. How uncomfortable & awkward everything was & felt. He had his flannel PJ pants on, pulled the bedding over the bed. He laid down.  I unzipped my boots, laid next to him. We made small talk about our mutual friends.

Are you in a hurry today? or you got time to relax?”
“I have time, cause I am alone this weekend.
Where are the kids?
With their daddy this weekend.
OH sweet you can come back tonight or this weekend and we can party more.” (which I knew was a lie, cause he can only take me in small doses. I am just like him, it’s so strange how much we think and act alike).

Making small talk was odd at first, due to the fighting he & I went through. I wish he could have just been honest with me. I don’t give a fuck what he does or who he does (just use a condom!) There is more to the story, but I will not disclose any of that here.

We started kissing, laying on our sides, me fully clothed and him in his PJ’s. He gets up after a few minutes of us kissing. He walks to the kitchen, locking the door. He returns, stripes off his pants. I still have my clothes on. We kiss some more, really getting into it. This is what I missed, the kissing.

He asks me “how do you want me? wanna ride me, what if from behind? Tell babe.”

I stand up and take off my pants. My sweater comes off, lastly my bra. He watches intently. I laid back down next to him and we kiss some more. His hands roam all over me. I thought I never do that to him. I wonder why? We both have things that need to be worked on, his is that the oral sex is missing (only did it a few times) because I think of location and time. Me is that I don’t caress him like he does me.

I had been playing with his cock while we kissed. I remembered his ex had said he was unable to keep his erection. However this time, he seemed to be very hard! Didn’t take long like the last time. I re-positioned myself so that I could suck him off while he watched. I like when he watched. I deep throated him a few times, sucking on his cleanly shaven balls. (Thank you for that) and then mounted him. Our experience in the past is he would go limp at times. Not this time, I think he was relaxed, feeling easy about the everything. Not worried about anyone catching us. Both of our exes could be insanely jealous at times. It would be no surprise if either one of our exes knocked on the door.

I mounted his hard cock, slipped right in. I moaned. I love looking at him while I am on top. I rocked on his cock back & forth. I felt it long & hard-hitting me deep inside. I kept moaning and rocking. I leaned forward onto him, we kissed. He smacked my ass cheek & upper thigh. It felt wonderful.  I heard myself say “harder, again, harder.” He mumbles “harder?!” “Yes, harder.” He pauses rubs my ass cheek and smacks it hard. “Yesss, like that.”

We kiss some more.  I lean up and he pinches my nipples, cupping my breasts with both hands. My hands on his nipples doing the same thing to him. He looks at me saying “if we knew each other when we were kids, our lives would be completely different right now?” I mumbled in agreement. I am sitting straight on his cock, rocking and one hand around my back on his balls, squeezing, caressing, rubbing. He face tells me it’s almost time. I watched  his face as he lets out a deep moan and his head turns upward, eyes closed and his hands pulled at the blanket. My pussy squeezed tightly onto his cock.

Oh god, I missed you and missed this so much!

mmmm, you sure do have a funny way of showing it you asshole.”
lol, you bitch
lol yup, aren’t we a pair.”
“Over there on the table, just reach over. it’s the one I just used for my shower.”
I wiped off, threw the towel at him. He wiped off. We both got dressed and started talking (again) about mutual friends.  Sitting there I got that feeling of “ick” in my head I hear “You dumb ass! Why did I fuck him again. What’s wrong with me?! Jesus Christ. where are your fucking balls?”He went onto say, he was with some mutual friends and I couldn’t help but to get slightly jealous because he is probably fucking them too. Or maybe they stopped fucking him, because they all found out that he is a complete fucking manwhore with no self-respect, so they won’t fuck him anymore.  Making me feel worse, than I already do. Anyway, I sat on the sofa, talking about the old neighborhood, I could tell he wanted me out, be the way he kept pacing and standing up as if to say “any time now you can go.” I made him feel uncomfortable and I like that. He doesn’t know how to communicate, only through visual, body language, that kind of thing. I loved it. I got up and walked towards the back door, he had to unlock it. I no longer kiss him, like I used to, when I would walk out the door. Also, when we have sex, I don’t even have orgasms. Why? because that says to him, “you ain’t doing anything for me.” Wouldn’t most guys in his place or personality want to know that they are the greatest lover ever? I think most sociopaths really don’t care after the deed is done.
Above is a story from my self loathing past. A time when my life was spiraling downward. A time when I used anything, mostly sex to fill that void of emptiness. Built on an unstable relationship with a sociopath.  I can see it all so clearly now. Sure, I knew back then that I “used” men for some form of “high.” The high never lasted long. Like any other drug, I always felt worse afterwards. Then sometimes needing more right away. Sometimes I could last a few days, before I needed another fix of sex. I can see the self loathing. The unstable relationship. The substance abuse. The unstable self-image. The push-pull game. Mostly the impulsive dangerous behaviors. I have learned that this type of behavior is fun, for normal people. It is very dangerous for me to behave like this. I almost feel like an addict working a program, everyday I try not to fall into situations like this.
This story was previously released on my other blog.