Vamping on Boob Day

 VAMP: A femme fatale character in movies or books. The character is a woman who, while not necessarily attractive, has a certain allure (usually this striking, exotic, overtly sexy glamour), and is usually a heartless, man-eating seductress.

Seductive Woman, a woman who uses her sexual attractiveness for the seduction and manipulation of others;
Seduce somebody by Sex or appearing to teasing. – Urban Dictionary.

I love to tease. I love the art of seduction & manipulation to get what I want. I love this time of year. Especially Halloween, I get to dress up. And if you have been following my blog you know I love to dress up.

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Nurse Swallows [WW119]

“Susanne” recently fired from her job. “Now what am I gonna do? How I was I suppose to know that phone number was his mistress’s and not his wife’s!!!???”  Susanne decided she should go back to school. She was tired of being a secretary anyway!  When she was little she always loved to play doctor with the neighbor boy.

OMG!!!??? Nurse Swallows was absent the day the taught about this stuff in Nursing school!

OMG!!!??? Nurse Swallows was absent the day this was taught in Nursing school!

Nurse Swallows tries very hard to study. Anatomy class can be difficult.

Nurse Swallows tries very hard to study. Anatomy class can be difficult.

She asks herself "What can I do to make this feel better?"

She asks herself “What can I do to make this patient feel better?”

Nurse Swallows tries to make her patient feel better any way she can.

Nurse Swallows tries to make her patient feel better any way she can.

Where's my next patient?

This patient wants to help Nurse Swallows study.

Is it possible to make a dead man cum?

Is it possible to make a dead man cum?

Nurse Swallows loves her new job!!!

Nurse Swallows loves her new job!!!


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When I take photos for some of the weekly blogging memes. I do not ever show my nipples. Why? I was always told to leave them wanting more. A person’s imagination can go in any direction. Trying to imagine what my nipples look like (or maybe not). The poses, I hope will arouse & titillate the viewer. I have days when my self image really gets me down, other days I could post a snapshot of my nipples. However, I like being somewhat of a dick tease in this area.

Looking at other women’s nipples, I have a preference. Don’t know how that happened. Some nipples just are not attractive to me. My heart goes out to those women who have suffered through breast cancer. Or any women who has had some form of surgery on their nipples or breast. Having dark skin, I scar after most surgeries.  I know I would have severe scarring on my nipples if I ever needed surgery. I would love to have my nipples pierced but I know too many horror stories in my inner circle about nipple piercings. 

My nipples are super sensitive. I remember a former fuck buddy had decided to put nipple clamps on me. I thought I was gonna faint. Similar to the ones in the photo (right). When he pushed the bar up & I felt the tightness on my nipple, that’s when I felt faint. Panic set in. He was telling me to “Breath…Relax…Breath.” I did calm down a bit afterwards. I am still curious about actually wearing them under my shirts. Funny, I can handle rough play during sex. The thought that my nipple falling off doesn’t enter my mind. Crazy, huh?!

No More Hunger [WW98]

Sometimes I get a craving for something good. I read somewhere that inside is calcium, potassium, fructose and other stuff that is good for me. It’s a great in between meals snack. Thanks to my Beloved for taking my hunger away.

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My Legs

Sex Question of the Day: What body part do you love the most on yourself?

I would have to say my legs, followed by my lips.

I have to giggle when I say I have my “father’s” legs. My mother always says “I haven’t seen legs like those since they fell out of the nest.” Meaning that I have bird legs, huh?! I know by looking at my mother I do not have her legs. I do need to work on my upper thighs. Once the weather gets nice (and stays warm) I will be out there walking.

My lips come in second. I used to be made fun of when I was younger for my lips. I remember being called by racial slurs because a few of my former classmates said they were too big for an Mexican to have, so I must have some black in me somewhere. If you haven’t figured it out, yes I was bullied (at a private school).



My Bad Reputation

Do you have a reputation? Yes, I do. I have since I was little. I was shy up until middle school. I overheard one of my dad’s friends tell him “your daughter’s get moxie.” I was turning into a spunky smart ass little girl. Raised by my father, with a partial maternal influence. I viewed the world as rough & tough. Even more so if you’re a girl & a minority. I began to rebel against authority. Always questioning “Why?!” And “Who says?!” I rebelled at work, home, everywhere and at anytime. I “push.” It’s who I am.


What is it, and where did it come from? My “bad” reputation has been known to be a

  1. Dick-Head: this rep was given to me by a former high school class mate, who I eventually fucked for about 7 years waiting for him to get his head out of his ass. He explained it to me like this  “you’re just like a guy, thinking with your dick (if you had one) and just being an asshole.” He added “you are not a bitch, cause you act/think too much like a man!”
  2. Hard-ass: just being tough. Being able to work three jobs, being a single mom and no time for bull shit. At work, just being a hard calloused person so that I didn’t have to feel. At the time in my life I was too busy to have emotions.
  3. Bitch: I was the spoiled little bitch for the longest time. Because I’m an only child. Spoiled by divorced guilty parents. I learned early on, how to get what I wanted. I never felt a sense of entitlement, just that someone will handle it, so that I don’t have too. My cousins mostly called me a spoiled bitch.  Funny, because I  got most of their “hand me down” clothes. I didn’t get it new like they did. Geez! Currently at work, I have heard “bitch” said behind my back when I am enforcing the rules.
  4. Slut/Whore/The Other Woman: Ever since I started having sex. I stopped counting my sexual adventures. I make no apologies for this behavior. Knowing (now) about my “illness,” knowing that risky impulsive sexual behavior is one of the major symptoms. I don’t feel as ashamed as I used to.  I was using those men, to satisfy the void. To get me high. The rep never went away. Even now, there is a man (at work) that I have developed a close friendship. Sure there is some sort of attraction, not so much sexual, just we get along really well. I watch the other woman’s faces, the other men’s faces. I can read what they are thinking. Sometimes I do stuff on purpose to give them a subject to talk about. Half the time, they are wrong about what they think. It’s always easier to believe the bad stuff, right?!

Is it accurate? Yeah, pretty much.

What do you think about it? In the words of Joan Jett (I wouldn’t kick her out of my bed for eating crackers!)

…I don’t give a damn ’bout my bad reputation 
You’re living in the past it’s a new generation 
A girl can do what she wants to do and that’s 
What I’m gonna do 
An’ I don’t give a damn ‘ bout my bad reputation…

… I don’t give a damn
‘Bout my bad reputation
I’ve never been afraid of any deviation
An’ I don’t really care
If ya think I’m strange
I ain’t gonna change
An’ I’m never gonna care
‘Bout my bad reputation… 

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