Candy [Review]

I was in CVS store picking up a prescription. When I walked by the candy isle. I love candy! Most all candy. What I love more is tasting new candy. I walked past a display for something new that I haven’t seen before.

M&M’s (distributed by the Mars Chocolate Company). The display was for “Birthday Cake M&M’s” and “Mega M&M’s” for only 88 cents each. I couldn’t pass that up. I bought one of each.


First I tasted was the “Mega M&M’s”

  • These M&M’s are larger in size than the regular M&M’s
  • Candy comes in Blue, Red, Green, Blue, Orange and Yellow.
  • There were about 14-17 total M&M’s in the 1.48 oz package
  • 200 calories

These M&M’s tasted just like the regular milk chocolate M&M’s, just more of the candy to melt in your mouth.

Next up for the taste test was the “Birthday Cake M&M’s”

The “Birthday Cake M&M’s”

  • Tasted like a moist bakery chocolate birthday cake
  • Only three colors. Blue, Yellow and Red
  • There are about 20-23 M&M’s in this 1.40 oz package
  • 190 calories

These Birthday Cake flavored M&M’s are pretty tasty. My Beloved said they were a little too sweet to eat them all at once. I enjoyed munching on them while I was watching a movie.

I do enjoy candy. I tend to eat too much of it. I do go through binges where I will eat a lot of candy then I can stand even the smell of it.

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Dark & Twisted [#audiomo NSFW]

What kind of things, humans do you consider “dark and twisted” and why?‎  Razor



Dark & twisted isn’t always a bad thing, however when it goes against society’s norms then it becomes a problem. Like incest between non-consenting individuals i.e parent & child to me is extreme dark & twisted. Albert Fish is another example of extreme dark & twisted. Put aside his history of mental illness, it might be difficult to separate the behaviors, however soaking wool in lighter fluid & inserting that into his anus, then setting it on fire is to me in my opinion is extreme “dark & twisted.”

There are other sexual activities that are dark & twisted to some, however most I do not not consider in that way.  Some of behaviors of people like extreme stalking whether online or IRL is dark & twisted to me. I think to that some individual have distorted thinking which may cause the dark & twisted behaviors. And I think depending on how someone was brought up as a child has a lot to do with this.

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Blog Talk

I see that BTR is getting popular. People sign up there like with anything else, they get that feeling of newness. Tho, I think that most never give it the complete follow through. I know I have been doing BTR’s for over a year now, signed up 9/11/09. WOW…have I really done anything? How serious is this stuff? Sometimes I wonder. Sometimes I think, who really listens? Who wants to sit and listen to ppl talk about themselves. I listen to the radio just to have noise in the background while doing stuff. It does take some effort keeping up with BTR. My show verison is the free one. 30 minutes & 3 uploads. Until I can find a sponsor for the show to supply the monthly cost of BTR, my issue is that the sound quality really sucks…to pay $39 per month and the show to sound crappy really is NOT worth it to me. Cinchcast has alot better sound quality, but does not have the options like BTR does. Blog Talk Radio really has the market on this platform for sure…if there is anything is out there just like this…I would like to know.