My Signature Drink [PostADay]

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Captain Picard was into Earl Grey tea; mention the Dude and we think: White Russians. What’s your signature beverage — and how did it achieve that status?

Above is my “signature” drink – X rated & Sprite

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Stripes [Boob Day]


It’s Boob Day and the Theme is “Stripes”

The above photo is dedicated to the newest of my English blokes. I’m a sucker for a man with accent & who enjoys a bubble bath every now & then



Bonus Photo: Boob Day 6/13/14 “Stripes”


A Bonus Photo. I really couldn’t decide on which one to use. So I will be using all three of them at different times.

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Candy [Review]

I was in CVS store picking up a prescription. When I walked by the candy isle. I love candy! Most all candy. What I love more is tasting new candy. I walked past a display for something new that I haven’t seen before.

M&M’s (distributed by the Mars Chocolate Company). The display was for “Birthday Cake M&M’s” and “Mega M&M’s” for only 88 cents each. I couldn’t pass that up. I bought one of each.


First I tasted was the “Mega M&M’s”

  • These M&M’s are larger in size than the regular M&M’s
  • Candy comes in Blue, Red, Green, Blue, Orange and Yellow.
  • There were about 14-17 total M&M’s in the 1.48 oz package
  • 200 calories

These M&M’s tasted just like the regular milk chocolate M&M’s, just more of the candy to melt in your mouth.

Next up for the taste test was the “Birthday Cake M&M’s”

The “Birthday Cake M&M’s”

  • Tasted like a moist bakery chocolate birthday cake
  • Only three colors. Blue, Yellow and Red
  • There are about 20-23 M&M’s in this 1.40 oz package
  • 190 calories

These Birthday Cake flavored M&M’s are pretty tasty. My Beloved said they were a little too sweet to eat them all at once. I enjoyed munching on them while I was watching a movie.

I do enjoy candy. I tend to eat too much of it. I do go through binges where I will eat a lot of candy then I can stand even the smell of it.

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General Podcasting Stuff

Black and white photograph of a Neumann U87 mi...

I have felt restless about going back to typing. I have been really wanting to get back into my “audio-blogging” and podcasting. What’s the difference?

I would say audio-blogging is more of a personal audio daily dairy sort of thing. Podcasting is more on the professional and not so personal audio.

I continued onto to talk about other audio platforms that I have some experience with. This all came about with the new time increase on Audioboo to 10 minutes from the free 3 minutes upon sign up. I was at 6 minutes for about a year or more.

The audio apps that I mention in my above audio is…

I just gave a run down of those. I hope to continue to do more audio stuff. If you sign up for any of the above, look me up and follow me. I will follow you in return.

Social Stigma’s


Last week, I responded to a tweet from @RayneMillaray when she re-tweeted the following.

I was not a teen mom, however I did have my first child straight out of high school. I had to get married. I am Mexican, an only daughter and raised by my paternal grandparents along with my macho father. Of course I had to get married! It was the worst time of my life. I will say that attending Catholic school for 12 years, I don’t remember a time when a women’s body was broken down so that I could understand any thing that was going on in my body.

I mean, when I first heard about menstrual cycles. They are all the same right? Right! Every 28 days, ok, maybe 32 days. Lasts for 7 days right?! RIGHT!!

NO! Every women’s cycle is different. At 18 years of age I had no idea. I also had no idea that being on the pill and taking antibiotics can cause pregnancy. Ya know, one cancels out the other one. Too late. I found that out the hard way, nine months later. It’s one thing to be a teen mom, there is judgement. However, being 18 years old, married and on welfare. There is another judgement there. There is a stigma of that “poor lower class people.” There is that judgement of nationality, being stereotyped. I felt that (a lot).

My grandparents told me “if it doesn’t work out, get the divorce, move home, but the baby has a name.” Good Grief! I was terrified. Long story short, I got the divorce, moved back home. Once again experiencing the judgement of being a divorced women, single mom on welfare.

Fast forward to present day. I have a job that one could easily get away with wearing their “house clothes” to. However, I do not leave my house in sweats or my “cleaning the house” clothes. I dress a bit more stylish, why should I dress frumpy? I was recently told that I dress somewhat sexy for driving out in corn country. Then I explained how I used to dress in the 1980’s with the big hair, short skirts, heels and sometimes with stocking with the seams up the back when I worked in the local government office building. The person I was speaking with said “you dressed like a hooker?! You were loose.” Even though this person is 22 years older, I figured that there would be a bit more open-mindedness. Since we as a society have come pretty far. Well I thought so any way.

I was hurt at first. Then it turned to anger, because that person judged me based on my attire. Judged on how I dress to go to work. Maybe they would feel more comfortable if I wore bib overalls, white tee-shirt with some farm boots and my red hankie hanging out of my back pocket.

I am disappointed that society still has some of the stigma’s. Teen Pregnancy, Mental Illness, Financial. Doesn’t matter what the social stigma is. Education. I see that education is the key. I have educated all three of my children about birth control, abstaining and menstrual cycles. They have no excuses. I educated them about sexuality to the best of my ability. My best friend, a gay man. I never hid my kids from viewing my friend with his life partner. I spoke to them about mental illness, more so now that I have my issues that I have started working on. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. 

Educate your daughters. About their bodies, about those “bad boys.” Educate your sons. About their bodies and about those “mean girls.”

Do not judge a person on their outward appearance. Get to know the person. Ask questions. Don’t just walk away or turn your back on someone because they are different from you. You might miss out on something so special, that both your life and theirs may be changed for the better. One life affects so many others.

Rayne Millaray was inspired to write a post on her website Insatiable Desire called “Shit Happens: On My Experience as a Teen Mom

Conversation with 43

I wake up Saturday morning with no hangover, no headache. Talking to my Beloved about the evening…BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ goes my phone. I get a text from 43.

Did you close the place up and wake up with a hangover?

No just got out bed right now and making breakfast. C really can talk. I adore her! We left at 10

I had 5 drinks, 3 shots. Not even buzzed

Sounds like your getting use to these “Friday Night Get together’s”

Yeah someone else told me that too. It’s not good. Tonight I’m going out again. Alcohol changes me.

He must be working

Who? Hubby? Nope he’s upstairs. And where are you that you can text me on a Saturday. Oh you had that trip to ?

I’m in **** be back at 3

Nice day in the country

more like the sticks


yea this kind of work is when you need company


ur happy I’m here?

Here? as in the town? or at the other end of the conversation?


The first is work, you get paid. having you at the other end is nice, you’re a great guy.

Just a great guy – I guess that’s better than nothing

Are you attempting to get more with that statement? I was generally speaking. I can’t really say more because I don’t know what comes after being a great guy. You’re amazingly funny, intelligent, thoughtful and kind and a huge flirt

Thank you – that’s the best compliment I’ve had all day

I can be brutally honest at times. other times my communication is non-verbal. That tends to be more painful to others. and if I didn’t like having you as a friend I would have stopped talking to you long ago. Think of it this way, you must be some what cool to be in my life and serve a purpose otherwise – fuck off. you’re still here, right? so you must be a great guy. 

My Discarded Men

My Discarded Men

The whole time I’m typing this I’m thinking you stupid mother fucker. All I want is to lull him into a false sense of security. That he becomes complacent in our friendship. I will slowly continue to distance myself from him. He will never be allowed to enter the core of my circle. He hurt me to quickly. The other thing I noticed is that he offers nothing to me other than a person who gets his hands dirty so that I don’t have to. I never asked him to do any of my dirty work, however, he took it upon himself to do it. Ok, far be it from me to burst his bubble. I do know that eventually he will get tired of me being unappreciative and ingratitude for his servitude and will stop doing everything all together or he will pitch a fit for some sort of recognition of his good deeds.

You said “friend” make me feel a lot better already

Why? Did you feel guilty about something? Feel like your not worthy? You’ll know when I’m with you. It’s a painful experience (trust me). Friend is a term I use loosely for you. But I ain’t calling you at 3 am However don’t get cocky cause you ain’t any where near the place you may think you wanna be.

I understand I think

Really? Explain back to me so I know you understand

As I understand you think of me as a person that you would be seen with in public, but not as a person that you would turn to for help (nothing major) you don’t want me to be that close to you.


You see, I’m not as dumb as some people think I am

I didn’t think you were

I respect you for you-you are a decent person who knows what she wants out of life & goes after it in her own way and no, I didn’t include you in that statement

You may respect me however I think you view me in a different light wait..I take that back..Can you respect the person without judging them?

I hold you to the same standards as everyone else that I come in contact with. I just see you in a different way due to our discussions that we have had and hope to continue. yes to your latest statement.

The discussions of how he made it perfectly clear that he desires the warmth of my bare skin against his. That our lips touch, that he can undress me one piece of clothing at a time. Wanna read about “43” from the beginning? Start hereHe Touched Me

Interesting. I think you made it somewhat clear how you unconsciously see me.

Hows that?

Really? Ya wanna go there?


You judged me based on something I said.

Now I don’t understand. I guess I’m not as smart as I think I am.

So you didn’t know I was upset with you?

Yes – I let my ass over-run my mouth and I am truly very sorry for that – I did not mean any disrespect toward you – I repeat I respect you for who you are and wish to continue being as close of a friend as I can be, but that will be up to you as how you see me.

It tool you all this time to apologize? Your communication skills suck. attempting to give gifts only added insult to injury. I’m not like most women you will even meet. You let me know exactly how you view me based on my outward appearance. It’s ok. It’s how you were raised. I will still be the same person towards you.

Not really. I am just telling him what I know he wants to hear so that he can focus on something, even if it’s me. I will continue to distance myself from him each day until it becomes a regular routine. I will pull away from the others on their Friday night get together’s. It’s just all too close for my liking. The judgement will or has come quick and it will be too hard to try to persuade them to think otherwise.

I told you at that time that i was sorry for that statement and any gift that I might give you is because I would like you to have it not for an apology, that I would do face to face and that is what i tried to do then

Yeah I remember I just wanted to get away from you as quickly as possible

That was intended to be more of a type of joke – I DO NOT see you that way. Especially after all the discussions we have had.

I hadn’t been “body slammed” like that in a while, However I think you do have that view of that type of woman. A woman that dresses like me. Now I second guess everything you ever said to me. Like the first thing that attracted you to me was the way I dressed. “Like a hooker….loose” I told you too much. I won’t make that mistake again. ever.

Your dress is perfect! A hooker probably don’t have that kind of clothing, if we can’t talk to each other like we used to than I don’t think we are the same people we were and that makes me very sad. I have enjoyed the time have gotten together to chat. Wish we had more together. I am very proud to be with you anytime!

We are not gonna be the same people. Because this is out there. I told you I had issues and to run the other way. I enjoy your company too and of course you’re proud to be with me because I give you that feeling you so hungrily crave.

You really have the wrong perspective of me. you think you really know me and I don’t think you do. I don’t go after any women that comes along, hell I could have had that many times but I chose you to be someone I could care about as a FRIEND not as a sex partner.

Now how do I take that? I now question your motives. I guess maybe we don’t know each other. Maybe we should just walk away and drop the whole thing now before it gets too insane for us.

What motives? friendship?

Underlying desire of sex

that would be a bonus and yes I would not turn it down with you

That I know, you made that clear. That’s what you want.

So just where do we stand? I know I fucked up bad, I don’t want to lose what we have had and if there is anyway I can make it right, I will.

I’m still giving you the opportunity to walk away. Otherwise we just go one being. We can talk & joke around, have lunch together and just wing it.

I lied. Again. Saying stuff that he wants to hear, only in respond to his comments. His comments have under-laying tones of motive because he doesn’t want to cut off the possibility of me giving in to the idea of having sex with him. He will never get sex from me.

I will not walk away – I am not that kind just because things get rough

OK when you fall into my madness don’t come at me that I didn’t warn you. and we can get together for lunch when you have the desire of my company.

All the time

No secret there

No secret? huh?

It’s not secret that you enjoy my company all the time. Because I am amazing to be with, even when at a bar verbally attacking a man. I’m amazing.

WOW. that was quite a text

And? am I lying? about being amazing?

No and I can live with that.

Good. See you Monday. I guess.

I’m sure now there will be no more gifts of soda, candy left for me to see. I’m thinking that at some point he will stop doing my dirty work. Not so bad during the warm weather, it’s the winter that I hate. I must admit, I used to enjoy the drama of a fun play toy. However, he has burnt out with me fairly quickly. There was really nothing he offered but the dirty work. How sad. Maybe I need to take a break from having a play toy for a while.



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