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After going out with a drinking buddy, I share some thoughts I have about alcohol, alcoholics and drinking behavior.

We started out around 2 in the afternoon. I finally dragged her out of the bar sometime around 8:30pm. She was plastered. I never counted her drinks, I only had 3 – 4 drinks. She had a few more drinks than I did. How she got so drunk and unable to remember anything the next day makes me wonder about the human body & mind.

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Laterness People!

Sitting on a Swing having a Conversation

Greetings & salutations…

Welcome to Another Cat’s Tale Podcast.

Below are some of the highlights to this podcast!backyardmay16

I have been on a certain website. I don’t often log in, but every once in a while I do post some of my photos. A few times I get a message from another a member.

I don’t mind getting messages, it’s when men are unable to spell or when they ask or say things that I think are stupid. There are a few things that I don’t understand so I go to my source of information…my Liege.

I can be down there for hrs I just love it when im doing oral with open the pussy lips for me to go around the do the clint really good.at same time I likevto touch the nipples both at same time for maximum hot effect.I love the pussy dripping wet.

Ah Yeah, I guess because this is written it does nothing for me. Another issue I have with this person is he continuously calls me “hon, sweetie and babe.” <- PET PEEVE ALERT!

You can listen to our conversation while we sit on our patio swing in our back yard.

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Laterness People!

Feeling too Much [BFMH2015]

SInce that incident on Saturday night, my phone hasn’t stopped ringing. People from the streets texting and calling telling me their side of the story.

I am trying to get my emotions regulated. I’m trying to keep myself occupied so that I will not obsess over all the information that I know.

I feel like an outsider, but I’m really not. I’m glad I can’t drive because I would have driven over to her house and tossed a molotov cocktail through her bedroom window. I have not felt so much hate for another human being, not even my ex husband. Sure I wanted him dead too, but thought my children would have a difficult time accepting another man over a ghost. Who can compete with a ghost?

I think about what type of person, a woman, what type of personality does something like this? She is a psychopath? Maybe I can use this in some sort of story. My mind actually thinks of ways to kill another human being. How could I dispose of her body? What’s my alibi? I would want that first. Solid, but how does one get that. I think about all those people who disappear without a trace and no one ever finds out what happens to them. Could she disappear as easily?

What in our human makeup prevents us from actually killing other humans? Why in some humans are the desire so strong to kill someone that they can’t resist the urge? What happened to this crazy cunt that she would so far in having her ex boyfriend murdered? Just because he cheated on her? Because he no longer wanted her around? What wrong did he commit in her eyes that would push her to conspire to have him murdered by a neighborhood gang?

See, I need to keep myself busy, because thoughts like this go through my head. I feel a mix of emotions.

I’m glad that he’s kind of out of my life, hanging on the fringes.

Wait. I had it all planned out for the summer. Surgery first, bike second and then my phone got shut off. I wanted to be the one to disappear. The last time I seen him I didn’t even hug him. Instead I yelled at him about the disgusting skanky friends he was hanging out with. Now, maybe this will finally end the roller coaster ride we’ve been riding together. Maybe just maybe this is the last chapter in the chaos & drama. I’ll have to find another place to hang out. Someone else to cling to for that added drama fix. Haha, right.

I need to refocus myself. Emotionally broken people have such a difficult time with this type of shit. I feel abandoned, like a kitten left out in the rain. I feel my uncontrollable emotions boiling underneath the surface. Why should I? Why should I have any emotion about this at all? Maybe I need a good night’s sleep. Keeping one’s mind occupied is a major role in good mental health. Positive activities. Can’t wait to start walking around and driving. First thing I will be doing is taking a road trip to clear my clouded mind.

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Wednesday Thoughts [AMD11]

This is my daily audiomo for the 11th day. Another minipodcast about the following sujects, topics. Guns, weapons, America, government, gun laws, gun violence

Ten Minute Timer

Ok. so here I sit typing a post for the daily prompt that has me setting a timer for 10 and just typing whatever comes into my head. I just keep typing although I wonder if the typing hinders the thought process because I keep thinking about the spelling of words and not the thoughts. I remember taking typing class in high school for two years and then an office class for a year. Do I use any of that information now. Not really just knowing what home row is. My typing words per minute sucks in a major way.  God even my forearms hurt from the pressure of typing something – anything. I think back to when I was in high school.  Thinking I could and would work as a clerical person somewhere in an office. Never would have thought that i would have my CDL now, driving for a living. I can make the bucks verses sitting office somewhere typing for 8 hours. I’m outside. I’m inside. I’m able to see things, not looking at four walls and a keyboard.


photo credit: Ѕolo via photopin cc

I think I would rather be outside doing what I do now than sitting in an office somewhere. The down side is not being able to dress up. I wear leg warmers, jeans, sweaters. A different kind sexy that’s for sure. Today it’s snowing outside, blowing 30 mph winds and I’m actually looking forward to driving in this type of weather. It’s challenge and sometimes feels scary, but it’s still one of the best feelings for me. I love it. Is the timer up yet? Wonder how many corrections I will have after I look at this. I just keep typing not actually looking at the screen. I wouldn’t mind it as something temporary, but my hands are starting to hurt. damn i feel old. nothing like feeling old ing simple tasks. great. i see where the mind is 100% however the body has been neglected.  No wonder why old people are grumpy. They think like a young person with the body of an old person. That’s gotta bite weenies. Speaking of weenies, I think there are two left in the frig from last night. Never been a hot dog person. Always a hamburger person. Can’t wait to read this crazy blog post. Aren’t you glad you take those few extras minutes you could have been doing something else and here you are reading this. The end.