Night Time is the Right Time [TMI Nov. 18, 2014]

1. When I can’t sleep I grab my iphone, play on Twitter, read some blog posts and try to get tired. I know that I will go blind instead. 

2. My dream bedroom would be full of lots of purple & black colors, kind of Gothic looking furniture (nothing over the top). I want a dancer’s pole in the corner. Huge walk-in closets (two) the room is big enough for a sitting room, master bathroom, big screen TV mounted on the wall. Basically I want a bit of everything in my master bedroom, including a small refrigerator. So when I wanna escape the world, or even my family or guests I have all the comforts in MY room!!! 

3. If I could wake up anywhere tomorrow it would be ENGLAND and second would be SoCal 805.

4. I need to have a routine  at night.

5. Sleeping alone would truly be a nightmare.

6. Night time is the right time to go out partying, find hook-ups, do all those things one can not do during the daytime. Also to cuddle, relax and just decompress.

Bonus:  Briefly tell us about your last dream–erotic or not. I had dreamed about two kittens. One got killed when my car flipped over in a mud puddle and the other kitten was too afraid to come out from under the car and turned into a frog. I was at my apartment when the someone knocked on the door. I opened the door and there stood the kitten who turned into the frog, who had two legs standing upright with one arm stretched up towards the sky. He came into the apartment and ran behind my sofa turning into a little adorable boy who couldn’t talk. I woke up shortly after asking the little boy who he was and his name.

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You’re Such a Character [TMI Tuesday 5/20/2014]

1. What is your astrological symbol? Taurus  Does it fit you? Yes.

2. List 3 of the good traits of your astrological symbol to which you can relate. Loyal, creative, hardworking. I am hard-headed. Good kisser. 

3. List 3 of the worst traits of your astrological symbol that you believe do not pertain to you. They aren’t bad traits, it’s just that the following don’t fit me. Very caring, patient, and being stubborn. BUT I am stubborn!

4. What is your Chinese zodiac animal symbol? Horse

5. In Chinese philosophy, The Theory of the Five Elements describes the interaction and relation of natural phenomena. The five elements of wood, fire, Earth, metal and water affect your zodiac sign. Which element are you? Find out here

I am Male Metal-Type person, basically, shows Earth-type personality and Metal-type personality in the daily life.

36% Earth-Type Personality People with Earth-type personality are trustful, steady, loyal and responsible. They are honest, religious, reliable, and keep their promises. The characteristics of Earth are standing still, being slow and steady, and stationary. Therefore the Earth people don’t like to move their body and change their mind too often. They are honest, trustworthy, and responsible. They also have good faith. They can sit in one position for a long time. They accept religion since they like rumination and meditation. They are slow to react. They like to collect things, and enjoy their collectibles at home, but not outdoors. People with excess Earth are stubborn, inflexible, cheap, lonely, plain and simple. They cannot keep their word either.

33% Metal-Type Personality People with Metal-type personality are righteous, faithful, gallant and chivalrous. They like to know and help people. Metal is the substance in which internal particles squeeze and condense together. There is a force from the outside to the inside that keeps Metal hard. Metal reflects light, so it is shiny. It may have a clear sound when it’s hit. Therefore, a Metal-type person has great strength, discipline and enough courage to aid needy people, which may make them famous. People with excess Metal are often unkind and destructive. They are brave but may have no resourcefulness and no intelligence. They have little grace and no mercy. They do not keep secrets.

21% Fire-Type Personality People with Firer-type personality are courteous, eloquent, polite and expressive. They are good at compliments in speech. Fire people are energetic, artistic, passionate, easily excitable, and have a tendency to rapidly change emotional states as well as become aggressive. They love sensation, drama and sentiment. They seek joy, gratification and the attention of others. They like to be invited to a party and dislike being alone.

5% Water-Type Personality People with Water-type personality are smart, wise, frank, and resourceful. They have good memories and think before they leap. There are two types of Water: Floating Water and Still Water. Floating Water makes people active and restless and feel like traveling. Still Water makes people clam and peaceful. People lacking Water are unstable, cowardly, narrow-minded, and have no stamina. They lack intellect, good sense, understanding, and foresight. They also tend to keep changing their mind.

3% Wood-Type Personality People with Wood-type personality are kind, steady, sympathy-sharing, understanding and gentle. They like to help people and make donations. The essence of Wood is a tree. The force inside the tree is like growing upward to the sky. Trees often compete with each other aggressively when growing up. Because of the characteristics of trees, Wood-type people are steadfast, organized, logical, practical, innovative, unique, assertive, fortitudinous, independent, challenging and direct. They like to plan things, take action, and go on adventures and challenges. They are perfectionists who tend to push themselves to the limit and seek out the best, and take first place in competition. People lacking Wood essentially are weak in their opinions. They lack the determination to change their options when situations change. They are likely to be jealous when they don’t have a strong viewpoint of their own.

General Information for Male Metal-type people born in Dragon Month

The general description about this person is opinionated, adventurous, subjective, revolutionary, persistent and forceful.

One word for people born in this month is intuitive.

These people deal with life through their intuitions. They move confidently along their feelings or instincts. They are proud and dignified. They set high expectations or goals on themselves in order to achieve perfection. Their concentration and efforts are very persistent. They are serious and active about their work. They enjoy leadership and have lots of energy to take on more responsibilities at work and at home. It is difficult for them to compromise or accept other peoples’ ideas as they handle things solely with their intuition. They are very independent, but they need a lot of attention from other people in their social life. They have the ability to associate with different people by creating an intellectual atmosphere. They need to be accepted and be at the center of attention. They are very impractical about life, as they are not easily satisfied. Their expectations keep growing, which create a lot of worries for themselves.

Bonus: Briefly tell us something you found interesting about your Chinese zodiac as it pertains to the Five Elements.

That I can relate much more to the Chinese Zodiac and the Five Elements than I can being a Taurus. In the answer to the the above question, the last paragraph is so me! It’s freaky. Especially about being independent but needing attention. Associating with different people by creating an intellectual atmosphere. WOW!

Everything was very interesting.

Bonus, Bonus: What cartoon/comic character best describes you? Take the short personality test and share your results. Test:

I Got Garfield!

Personality Test Results

You enjoy complaining. You’re also a little vain and may be a tad lazy or overweight – but you`re comfortable with that. You`re also quite smart. At least, you like to think so, but people tend to simply agree with you to avoid confrontation. All in all, life is good for you and things are on the up and up. Keep smiling!

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Marriage & Monogamy

I sat down with my Beloved for this one on one interview in which we discuss the subjects our marriage & monogamy. I started out with asking my Beloved a few questions. I asked him to fill in the blank. 

“My favorite memory of our wedding day is _______.” My Beloved’s response was looking into my deep dark brown eyes without being concerned with hitting the bottom. And me memory was pretty much that I was buzzed from drinking all the alcohol before the ceremony.

“I laugh every time I think of you doing ______.” My Beloved couldn’t really come up with an answer rather than I tell some funny jokes. I added nothing to this statement.

How have you changed since we’ve been married? Beloved credits me for his worldly view, opening up his narrow mind. Looking at cultures & people differently. Getting rid of things that haven’t been used in over a year.

The conversation turns into a candid discussion about our marriage. My beloved “deals” with my “illness” in a positive manner that works for us. We go on to talk about my flirting with men online and his knowledge of it. We discuss everything. Touch on how our relationship works, jealousy, the other men. He doesn’t confront me, he gives me guidelines so that I don’t hurt myself. We talk about looking at other people with a sort of lust or wanting. Talking about affairs, boundaries and possible scenarios.

Do you truly love the person you’re married to, because if you do, you’ll find it a lot easier to forgive that person because you actually love them….”

Accepting of each person in the marriage. “It’s like welding two pieces of medal.”

Certain rules in our marriage.

  1. We are honest with each other, fuss up and come clean.
  2. Never saying “Fuck you” or swearing at each other in anger.

I share my thoughts about infidelity. That I don’t wanna know. I understand that things (one night stands) happen. As long as it doesn’t affect me directly. I don’t wanna know.

What do you like about our marriage? Sometimes I can be ungrateful, bratty. My Beloved doesn’t like that part of our marriage.

In what ways do you think we love differently? I’m not mushy. Whereas, my beloved is very touchy. Did you love me? Well then show me. Take out the garbage!

Where do you see us in 5 years? “In Texas…ok, maybe 7 years.” Riding Motorcycles 

“The song that always makes you think of me is __________.” His response was “She’s Always a Woman” by Billy Joel. And mine for him would be “I’ll never find another you” by The Seekers.

The above is a brief summary of the audio.  Thanks for listening.


If you have read my “About Cat” page, you will have read that I am left-handed. I didn’t know I was different into I began to learn how to write. I attended private school in the early 70’s. Taught by the Franciscan Order – Nuns! Penguins! Old lady’s in habits with those witch type black shoes and giant rosary beads hanging from their belt.

I was sitting down at the table practicing my letters, when my father noticed something.

“Why is your left hand behind your back?”

I told him that’s how the Sister had told me to practice. He looked at my homework. Some of the letters I had written backwards. He started yelling. He went into the living room, yelling to his mother (my grandma) about how he was taking to me school in the morning because he was going to talk to the principal. He came back into the kitchen. “Stop writing & put your arm down. Now pick up the pencil.” I picked it up with my left hand. He smiled. “Feel better?” I smiled.

That was my first memory of being “different” or left-handed. My dad did go to my school and had a talk with the Sisters there. I never had to put my left arm behind my back again.

I remember writing was and still can at times difficult for me. Especially when writing in spiral or composition notebooks. And don’t even get me started on those erasable pens. Those were never meant for lefties to use. I ended up wearing most of the ink on the side of my hand.

I do not write like most lefties. I hold my pen the “correct” way as right handers do. My handwriting can slight in all three directions. I can’t hold my pen and turn my wrist inwards. That hurts. I hated those left handed scissors. UGH. I would turn them upside down and try to cut with them that way. I remember there were even notebooks with the spiral on the opposite side, just for lefties.

I only use my left hand to write, drive and eat with. However there are times I can use my right hand to eat with. And I will say something to my family like “Something doesn’t feel right.” And my kids would be the first to notice that I was using the “wrong” hand. I can if needed use my right hand to eat with, write with and drive with. When I was younger and was forced to participate in sports I could use either hand. I actually performed better with my left hand, it was just never strong enough. I never trained with my left hand. I used to bowl (stop laughing) and I was taught to use my left hand. My score increased by 10-20 points. When going out to dinner I need to pay attention to where I sit. Sometimes I forget and I don’t enjoy my dining experience.

My maternal grandmother was left-handed. I have a few close cousins who are lefties. And out of my three children I have only one lefty. That’s the Manchild. Who is very creative and very intellectual. I am not as creative as I was when I was younger. Maybe I never was, just thought I was. I did do a lot of art projects, however at times it was difficult.

I never have given it much thought to being left handed in everyday life. I probably struggle a bit more, but I don’t attribute it to being left-handed which that might be the cause of my difficulty.

I know it was difficult to learn to dance. Doing the steps, for some reason I always got turned around. I tend to carry things in my left hand, such as my phone, car keys. Then I find it difficult because when I get into the car I have to put everything down before I can closed the car door behind me. I use my right shoulder to carry my purse, I used to wear my wristwatch on my left wrist. Then my father explained that it should go on my right wrist because I would continuously bump it on things. I would have a pen in my left hand, watch on my left wrist. That was weird.

Playing guitar when my dad attempted to teach me, I played right handed. It felt so uncomfortable playing left. I don’t think I am a true lefty. Because they do everything left-handed. I don’t. Sadly, my right hand, arm has taken a beating because I use it so much. Not to long ago I tried using my left hand for other things, just felt uncomfortable. I don’t take a lot of stock in those articles that a lot of statistics about lefty’s. That they are more satifified sexually, they are more likely to die younger, recover from a stroke faster & better and so on. I just don’t give it much thought. I’m just a left-handed woman in a right-handed world.

Are you left-handed? Not sure? Ask yourself these questions. Find out more at

  1. Imagine the center of your back is itching. Which hand do you scratch it with?

  2. Interlock your fingers. Which thumb is uppermost?

  3. Imagine you are applauding. Start clapping your hands. Which hand is uppermost?

International Left-Handed Day


My Beloved & I discussed the topic of Jealousy in a 30 minute podcast. I asked him a few questions that I grabbed from the internet. Most of the answers to the questions are involving jealousy in relationships.

How would you define jealousy?  The inability to share human emotions about people and objects. We went to discuss briefly our thoughts on the difference between envy & jealousy. In my opinion I think envy is worse than jealousy. Envy leads to

Name some creative ways to cope with jealousy. Recognize your own problem. I suggested writing the situation in a journal, now I’m thinking communication is key when it involves being jealous over a partner.

What emotions do you feel when you are jealous? Anger, insecurity, fear.

Do you think jealously occurs in most if not all relationships? Yes, due to lack of trust. Because one partner may be more insecure than the other.

Do you think jealously occurs more in a relationship between people with less truth? Yes.

What kind of things would make you feel jealous? Inappropriate physical contact to a spouse. Making arrangements to meet-up with a lover.

There is a lot more details, in-depth conversation about the topic of jealousy on the podcast.

Thanks for listening.

The Art of Sex – TMI Tuesday: April 8, 2014

1. Would you take or have you taken a sexually themed vacation getaway (i.e., Hedonism, Club Fantasy Island, Cap d’Agde)? Why or why not? Not sure if this counts. I’ll let you decide for yourself. My good friend owned a gay camp ground. It was a camp ground only most every one camping there was gay, bisexual. Every year in August the Leather/Denim/Bear community would host “leather in the woods” weekend. I was invited down, because my friend knew about my leather kink. I’m a total “fruitfly” also known as a “faghag.” I prefer Fruit Fly. The were mini-seminars, evening drag shows. Clothing optional. Sex in the woods. We “dressed” for dinner. Full leather attire. Even though I am not a member of any group, I enjoyed in their activities when I could. I remember wearing my little black latex shorts, black combat boots, white socks & tank top. Sex in leather slings, suspension (didn’t try that). I learned a lot, had the best times there with my friend and my beloved.  

2. You have won an erotic fantasy weekend getaway package custom fit to your needs. Describe the fantasy you desire. Leather. High Heels. Pegging. Metal. Anything to awaken the senses. Down time. Poolside. Just a few things. 

3. An artist has decided that you are his/her inspiration. They want to capture the essence of your sexiness in a sculpture. What would that sculpture look like? Describe it for us or post a photo of an existing sculpture that you believe closely captures the essence of your sexiness. Blue too

4. You are being paid 500,000 USD to pose as a live nude model mimicking one of sculptures in the photo below. Which sculpture will you recreate live? Why? #1….Because sometimes, it just feels good. No need to have an orgasm, just to feel a hard cock inside can be a wonderful feeling. And if he’s gonna get his, I wanna make sure I get mine. #selfish

3 sculpture jeju loveland

5. Which book title fits your current thoughts of love, sex or romance?
a. No More Silly Love Songs
b. The Joy of the Quickie
c. Dr. Seth’s Love Prescription
d. Why Do Fools Fall In Love

Bonus: Which one is you? See the sculpture below. Tell us which position you would like to occupy and write a caption. On my knees, because I’m not dependent on him. “Don’t drop her on me!”



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Girl with a Gun


 I have grown up around guns, weapons, crime reports and photographs. Thanks to my father’s job. I shot my first gun at 15 years old while spending one summer with my inner city cousins. I married a man whose grandfather shot dinner. Rabbits, Squirrels and other edible critters. My Beloved was taught how to use guns to protect his kinfolk and if necessary provide food. My father used guns in his job for over 35 years. I’m no stranger to them. I just never felt a need for one. Now I own two of my very own. One was a gift for my birthday, a little too big (view photo gallery) and the other was for Valentine’s Day. I love my Ruger.

I decided to do a podcast, that ended up being around 30 minutes long. Discussing a few different topics regarding guns.

A summary of the podcast is as follows. My Beloved has grown up with guns, works on guns as a hobby.

  • Discussing having guns in the home with small children. Educating children about gun safety. Keeping the gun locked up, so that little children can not access them so easily.
  • NEVER trust a gun. Always assume it’s loaded.  Revolver’s are easier to see due to the cylinder verses an automatic, because the bullets are hidden in the clip.
  • We discussed the topic of “concealed carry.” You are liable for any damages. Recommendation is look into liability insurance of some kind. Or something that covers you in case of an accidental shooting, injury of an innocent person.
  • Mental Illness & gun control. Briefly touching upon the Fort Hood incident. Sandy Hook School shooting. Why would that mother have those types of guns in her home? Two guns that the government what’s to get rid of?
  • My Beloved shares his favorite guns. Model 28 Smith & Wesson.
  • We talked about going out shooting with our kids. Each one of them either own guns or truly love shooting them.
  • My Beloved talks about “paper patching.” Also, how bullets are tracked once the bullets are picked up by law enforcement at the scene of a crime.
  • Ending with a recap of guns in society.


Disclaimer: We are sharing our opinions on this subject of guns. We do not support any agency nor are we affiliated with any organization or agency.

TMI Tuesday: April 1, 2014

Computer Love

1. What’s the wallpaper (photo, design, etc) on your phone, laptop or PC? Is it the same or different on these devices? There is a photo of me taking  a photo of the London Eye, from my holiday in September 2013. On my iPhone there is a photo of my cereal – Fruit Loops with marshmallows.

2. What’s on the desktop of your phone or notebook/tablet (i.e., icons, files, windows etc.)? There is the recycle bin and some icons from Xfinity cable company. On my iPhone there are two pages with my apps on it.

3. What type of computer device do you use most often? I joke that my iPhone is forever attached to my right hand. Second would be my PC, desperately in need of a laptop. Sadly I’m not able to get one right now due to the manchild’s finance situation. Maybe you wanna buy me one for my birthday.

4. How many computer type devices do you own including smartphones? Three

5. Do you make sexy videos with your smartphone? No

Bath Time for SassyCat3000.

Bath Time for SassyCat3000.

6. Do you video-chat naked or have virtual sex using your computer? No. I used to use Yahoo messenger all the time, but not for cyber sex kind of thing. Sure I talked about sex and watched some of my guy friends on am *wink*

7. How many naked photos of your whole body or your body parts have you taken with your smartphone camera? Never the whole body, but a few erotic, teasing photos, yes. Cleavage shots,  shower shots, legs and face.

8. What is the most photographed part of your body? My legs & face.

Bonus:  Post a photo of the most photographed part of your body.

Bonus, Bonus: Do you use a screensaver? If yes, post a pic of it. My screen saver on my PC is a slideshow of my England holiday and on my iPhone it’s the Fruit Loop photo.

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