The Blowjob

Continuing with Kinky Mia’s “The Fellatio Project.” This is my second post about the subject of Fellatio. I’m sharing a personal experience regarding of one of my favorite sexual acts.

I had gotten several texts from him since the meeting night wanting to get together. We talked about the things we liked to do, turn on’s etc. He kept texting me. I was feeling the pressure, more like I was curious to find out what another cock felt like in my mouth and in other places. I really wasn’t sure about having sex with him, not just yet. Giving a blowjob, should & might satisfy both of our curiousness about each other. Besides that, I could bail quickly & easily. Not having to worry about getting undressed & dressed in front of him, etc.

After a dragged out discussion on when and where, he picked a place. I drove from work to meet him. He gave me the directions, it didn’t take me long to find him. I got in his car,  he drove to another location. He found a spot he liked, he looked at me, “come here and suck my cock.” He unzipped his pants,  I moved over to be able to give him one of my best blowjobs. I remember my hair was down. Sure that’s sexy, but to perform this task, my hair needs to be away from my face. Why? Because my hair is so thick that it creates a area that air doesn’t pass through, making it difficult to breathe & then I start to sweat. I hate to sweat.

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I have always prided myself on my blowjobs. I noticed that his cock is long & slender, not what I’m used to at all. He was longer, that was the first thing I felt. I could tell because he would hit the back of my back rather hard. He wasn’t thick, much more like what I call a “pencil dick.” He was very thin, like a pencil. I prefer a bit more thickness, because there is more of a challenge of breathing, swallowing, etc. I  still loved being able to deep throat him and swallowing while I did it. Breathe! You have to relax & breathe. He pushed my head down on his cock a few times which made my eyes water, but I didn’t miss a beat. Sometimes, I don’t mind eyes watering, if that’s what we are both in the mood for. You know, the mascara running down a chick’s face look. He finally came in my mouth, down my throat along with any evidence of this performance. My reward was the sound of his orgasm, the uncontrollable twitching of the first blowjob. The control I felt, that was my high. My drug. He was very impressed with my skill. He made a comment about my blowjob being one of the best blowjobs he’s ever had. I don’t wanna sound arrogant. However, he wasn’t the first one to say that nor the last. I often wonder if guys say that because they think that it’s something she wants to hear. I just know I’m good at what I do. I practiced. A lot. He was impressed with me not having a gag reflex. I do have a slight reflex however it’s no where near as intense as it was before my tonsillectomy.

Afterwards, on the way back to my car, I asked him questions about his lifestyle choice of being a swinger. He explained a lot to me only thing is he wanted to keep me a secret from his wife. I’m thinking this is different from swinging. I’m thinking that he is mostly a wayward spouse & a swinger when his wife is around. What he & I had was not romantic at all. It’s just when ever one of us needs a fix. He added a sense of excitement to my life. He would be able to answer that question of how would another man feel. Can I do this without guilt? “There are no emotions involved with this,” he told me, “I love my wife, it’s fun & exciting fucking others to.” At times I’m confused about all of this, but will continue to experiment and explore as much as I can. And experiment I did.

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You’re My Lollipop, Sugar Sugar Top

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Here I am late with my installment of Kink of the Week. It’s one of my favorite sexual activities


I do not think blow jobs are kinky, a basic form of sex. On the same level of foreplay or perhaps one level up. I would consider the act kinky if the man needed something extra in addition to the act itself. Maybe some leather gloves, bright red nail polish, bright red lips. Maybe watching from a rear view mirror or the bedroom mirror. Taking photos during the performance, that’s kinky to me.

I view my past performances of sucking cocks as dominant. I would suck a cock and leave. The man is the one with his pants around his ankles, I’m fully dressed. It’s a major turn is hearing the man moan and making other types of aroused sounds. That’s when I feel in total control. Because I could stop suddenly and he would be left hanging or I could continue allowing him to release all that is bottled inside him.

 Also, I viewed blow jobs are not as emotionally connecting as penetration sex. Sure I can suck a cock and no need to get a phone call the next day. I just wanted to be “that girl” who haunted their sex dreams. The girl who they wondered about, the one they know is sucking her husband’s cock every night while they’re married to a frigid woman who thinks performing such an act is disgusting. Twisted, I know. But it’s who I am. I still think that way.

I have my tongue pierced for a reason. It’s what I like to do. I have a few tricks that work every time. In my podcast I do go into a little more detail about sucking cocks. I will add that I have no gag reflex due to a medical procedure. So, this gives me the ability to deep throat. Trick is to stay calm & breathe through your nose. Relax, a person must enjoy what they are doing, otherwise your body will start to tell you “bitch you better stop or I’ll lock up your jaw”

I don’t understand why some women don’t like doing it. It’s something that blows my mind.

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