My Mouth Couldn’t Handle the Overflow [MM125]

Continuing from “Having Drinks with Mr. Sam” ….

Mr. Sam & I got comfortable in his room. He turned on his TV. I laid on the bed. We watched tv for a bit. Talking about the cool tv shows that each of us has watched. He lies on the bed opposite direction of me. I’m touching his leg and he is laying there looking at me. There are no words, just the background noise of the TV. I’m just touching him, caressing him and we are enjoying each other’s company. I crawled up to his lips and kissed him. We kissed for a while, but not for long. I pulled up his shirt so I could feel his skin.

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I stared deep into his eyes, smiled at him. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans. He watched me, helping me push down his jeans, he pulls off his thermal shirt. I run my fingers over his chest. Kissing his tummy, moving down to his semihard cock. I took his cock in my hand, stroking it gently but nothing too serious, nothing that would get him super excited. I held his cock in one hand and rubbed the head with my other hand, circular motions. I heard a few sounds of enjoyment from his lips. He laid his head back and shut his eyes. Then he would glance up at me and watch me again. Stroking more. What I  enjoyed was massaging his balls. I deliberately move my fingers over his pubic hair, his response was a turn on. He sighed and took a deep gasp, his head back with his eyes shut. When I paused he glanced at me.

I gave him that look. I took his cock into my mouth. He has a nice-looking cock. He’s cock is standard size, I like the way it looks and how it feels in my mouth. His cock isn’t too thick but thank goodness it isn’t too thin either. He’s very natural with his wild, long dark pubic hair. He watches me take all his cock into my mouth. I feel the bottom of his cock and I breathe in his scent. My hands are caressing his body, fingers moving through his pubic hair and the other hand caressing his balls. My mouth moves up & down his rod, my tongue swirls around the tip with a light force and I listen to him moan once again. Deep. Deeper. His cock hits the back of my throat. I didn’t struggle to accommodate him in nor did his cock make my eyes (this time). I was taking him in slowly, Playing with him, teasing him, watching his response with every move. There was a sexblogger, latina, sex stories, oral sex, blowjobmoment when I was sucking on him, licking his cock with my tongue. I glanced at him and he watched at me. It’s not something I regularly do when giving a lover a blowjob. It’s something that makes me feel like I am connecting with the man and that’s not always a good idea. But Mr. Sam is tender, sensitive and has demons that torment him more than mine ever do.

I saw him settle back into his pillow, his arm over his forehead. He’s breathing hard, his body is tight. My hands reach up his chest. I suck faster. I listen to him moan, this excites me on to hear him. I reposition myself to the middle of his legs. One hand on his now erect cock, kneeling I suck on him quicker. Harder. He’s moving his pelvis up & down to fuck my mouth. His movement is matching mine, I felt his hands on the sides of my head as I’m sucking him. He wanted to hold on to my head as he fucked my mouth with his hard cock. But his hands don’t stay on my head. He quickly let’s go of my head. I felt his body tighten even more as he stretches out. The deep breathing and moaning is increasing. I take his cock down to the bottom and swallow expecting that he is about to come. I watch his back arch slightly and I feel the surge of his hot creamy milk hit the back of my throat. I’m drinking and consuming his hot milk, suddenly I can no longer keep up with the volume of cream that is filling up my mouth. He tastes sharp, bitter and salty. I felt his cock softened, his body was relaxed. I let his cock slip gently from my mouth. It was still dripping a little of cum and that’s when I took the picture.

Afterwards I joked with Mr. Sam “I couldn’t keep up with the overflow. That’s never happened before.”

With a chuckle in his voice he jokes “Overflow. That’s another new nickname for you.”

Good to the last drop” is the next post about Mr. Sam

How to Eat Pussy like a Rockstar! [Book Review]

I was approached by Amy J Fillmore asking if I would be interested in reviewing her bookbook review How to Eat Pussy like a Rockstar!

“How to East Pussy like a Rockstar!”

I was curious about this book. What could be written about eating pussy that hasn’t already been written? Well it’s how it’s written. This book is wonderful. I really enjoyed reading it.

Amy J Fillmore has written over 180 pages that are broken down into ten chapters to give information and instruction about cunnilingus. The book includes a brief anatomy lesson with illustrations of the vulva and penis. I know there are several men and women who are not familiar with the female anatomy. This book breaks everything down that is easy to understand.


What I liked about the book

  • I like that this book covers so much information in a simple, easy to understand and down to earth kind of way.
  • The book is sometimes humorous. I think we need a bit of humor when it comes it eating pussy.
  • I really like how Amy has written in some little tidbits throughout the ten chapters of her book. The next three points are some examples of those tidbits.
  • There are “Warnings” like “never blow directly into a vagina…”
  • There are “Remember: Never film someone without their consent…”
  • There are “Tips: Leather & whips can really spice up the fantasy and are easily bought online.”
  • The book gives a variety of ideas & hints to pleasure a women.
  • The book can be read on mobile devices and is available in PDF format.
  • Includes so much more than writing about the act of cunnilingus.


What I didn’t like about the book

  • The book is written with a man in mind. Photos are mostly a heterosexual couple engaging in oral sex.  The book can still be used to inform, instruct and offer suggestions to anyone who is curious about eating pussy.
  • It was a bit long. When I mentioned how many pages it was to my Liege he looked at me with the look of “why is a book about eating pussy 182 pages long?”
  • There is no hardcopy available. Ebook Only.
  • I’m not one for ordering lots of book, so I’m not too familiar on the average cost of ebooks. However, $19 for this book seems a bit much, even though there is so much useful information in it.

I was impressed with this e-book. Amy started from the beginning, with the female orgasm, leading into anatomy. Which that alone is very helpful in understanding how to pleasure a women.

 Amy has written ten informative chapters covering such topics as orgasm, techniques, positions, fantasies and ends with warnings, some areas of concern such as health & STD’s. There are useful “tips & warnings” throughout the book, which I gave examples listed above. Always good little tidbits to know and if you know them already it’s serves as a brief refresher and some reminders.

This e-book is for adults only. Even if you already know how to eat pussy like a rockstar you can still learn something from this book. Maybe you’re a women wanting to receive better oral sex from your partner. This e-book is a great way to open up a conversation about the performing cunnilingus. Maybe while reading this in bed with your lover.    If you don’t eat pussy better than you did before you read this book or if you don’t have a better understanding of how to make a women achieve orgasm afterwards … go back and read it again!


Amy J Fillmore“Eating pussy like a real rockstar makes you nearly invincible. It doesn’t matter if you’re short, slightly overweight, hell, severely overweight, balding, or even old. It’s scientifically proven that having orgasms releases endorphins. Do you know what also releases endorphins? Heroin. Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs known to man. In other words, giving girls great orgasms is like getting them hooked on heroin—only you’re not getting them hooked on drugs. You’re getting them hooked on you.”

– Amy J. Fillmore

[Disclaimer: I received this e-book complimentary from Amy Fillmore for reviewing purposes. The blog post does not contain affiliate links]



A Blowjob in the Cemetery [SS238]

It’s Halloween here in Northern Illinois. This is my holiday. Before I get dressed up in my creepy little girl costume. Before I get ready to hand out candy & before I creep out into the night. I spent the daytime with him. I had mentioned I wanted to get a few photos in the cemetery today, since it was raining. The leaves were wet on the ground, lots of puddles of rain. It was a beautiful cold rainy day for Halloween. 

I finished taking the photos, I mentioned to him that I needed to take some photos for Sinful Sunday. He said “ok.” I set up the tripod inside the car. I really wanted to use the sunroof, but due to the rain I had to keep the camera inside. (dammit). Sadly, we didn’t get to finish this blowjob, because we were interrupted by couple walking their dog.  

Blowjob in the cemetery



Sit on My Face [KOTW] [Masturbation Monday]

My friend and I were out-of-town at a dance club. She had her eye on some random guy, nothing new. I wasn’t looking for anything special. I was just going with the flow of the night. The guy she was talking to was with his roommate. A young guy of average height and shoulder length blonde hair. We talked basic general stuff, nothing serious. 

Bar is closing. Now what? My friend wants to get laid and I’m tired, slightly buzzed from the alcohol. She tells me that we are going back to their place. I’m stuck, because I’m with her. We follow them back to their house. My friend & her guy immediately head for the bedroom. I’m attracted to this guy, but unsure of what’s going on. He asks me if I want anything to drink. 

“Some water will be fine.”

“I think our friends are gonna be a while, if you’re tired you can use my room and I’ll sleep on the sofa.”

I really want him to kiss me, fuck me to sleep. My friend was getting laid, I waited to get some too, but I’m not gonna move any moves on him. He showed me to his bedroom. The bed is pushed into the corner, covering up part of a window. The window doesn’t have any curtains. The light of the moon or street light is peering through. I’m exhausted. He stood in the doorway. How could I allow him to sleep on the sofa when this is his room?

“You don’t have to leave, you can sleep here.” He smiled at me. He reminded me of a Southern Californian guy. His long, wavy blonde hair, blue eyes and white pearly teeth and slightly tan skin. We laid on the bed, like two kids planning on having sex for the first time. Oh wait…we are! We are both in our early to mid 20’s. Experiencing each other for the first time, his hand is on my waist. We both still have our clothes on, laying on top of his blanket. I feel his pelvis push against my ass and I push back. We rock back & forth a few more times, his hand slides in between my thighs, his fingers feeling me through my jeans. Through body language I let him know that I wanted to have sex. He, however had other plans for me.

He slid off my jeans, pulled off my top & bra. I laid back down watching him take off his clothes. The light coming through the window lit up the room just enough that I could see his hand stroking his manhood. He turned, walked towards the foot of the bed, slowly started kissing my legs. I tried not to giggle, but I did. He held my ankle, as he continued to lick & kiss my leg. All the while my insides are going wild. I want to feel his hard cock inside me. I wanna cum. My pussy is aching to be filled with his hardness.

He pushes my legs apart crawling up towards my now dripping pussy. My body was wanting to scream out, but little moans just escaped my lips instead. I feel his breath against my lips, his hair brushing against my inner thighs. Immediately the tip of his tongue finds my clit, gasp. I’m wanting to cum so much, his tongue dances with my clit. At times, stopping to gently suck it, holding it in between his lips and flicking with his tongue. It’s a feeling that makes my body jerk, I’m not sure I like it. But, I don’t stop him. My mind drifts in some other dimension, pleasure. His hands under my ass cheeks, lifting me up slightly. One of his hands slides from under my butt and he stops. He looks up at me, puts two of his fingers into his mouth. He continues to look at me as he lowers his hand down to my clit, rubbing it a few times, sliding his two fingers along both sides and straight in to my very wet pussy. A deep breath. His tongue again begins to play with my clit as his fingers tickle my g-spot.

I feel pleasure. I feel high. There is no sense of time or place. I’m totally at his mercy. I can hear myself moaning loudly as I reached orgasm. He continues to drink up my juices as I slowly come down from my high. Deep heavy breathing, I’m relaxed and doze off for a bit. He also must have fallen asleep, because I woke up to the weight of his face on my thigh. As I moved my legs, he woke up. He came up to lay by my face. We kissed, I could feel desire & passion building once again. His fingers caressed my skin, cupping my breasts, but his fingers had other plans. He sucked two fingers and went straight in. The suddenness, the dryness of my pussy, quickly brought me out of that groggy state. His fingers tickled my pretty pink walls, searching for my spot. He slowed his pace. He sat up, kissing my breasts, moving down towards his awaiting pie once again. He gently spread my legs. His fingers were replaced with his tongue. His tongue teased, nibbled and sucked my clit until I begged for him to fill my hungry pussy. At that moment I didn’t really care with what, I just wanted to reach my orgasm. I wanted to have that feeling of fullness in my pussy. He pushed his fingers back into me, in & out in a slow thrusting pace. I felt warm, quick swallow breaths escape from my lips. He must have known this time that my climax was close because he picked up speed. When he did, it didn’t take long for me to reach my climax. He only stopped when I was still & quiet. He sat up, leaned against the wall. I could see his dark shadow from the light coming through the bedroom window. I rolled over, dosing off. He stayed in that place until I woke up again.

I grabbed my clothes, left to go to the bathroom for a quick cleanup. I didn’t want to go back in the room. I wanted to get home to the warmth of my bed & security of my room. Unfortunately my friend wasn’t planning on leaving anytime soon. So, I quietly returned to his room.  When I laid back down he woke up, he placed his hand on my leg. He started softly caressing my calf up to my thigh and back down again. I just lay there, trying to relax. He lays his head on my stomach. I run my fingers through his hair. God, I loved his thick wavy blonde hair. We lay there in silence as his hand rubs my tummy. We laid dozing in and out of consciousness. I felt his hand slip inside my panties. I asked myself “when is this guy ever gonna want to stop?” He tugged at my panties, hinting to me that he wanted them off – again. I took them off – again. And again he laid there between my legs …licking …nibbling …sucking my clit. He did this thing when he would suck my outer lips and run his tongue all over them. Holding each one in between his lips while his tongue explored every inch of it, then he would move onto the other one. He would end up in the middle, his tongue would plunge into me, tongue fucking my hole while his hands rested under each one of my ass cheeks. I wasn’t sure if that was him lifting me up or my body’s response to his mad tongue skills. I got so excited that I would push into his face. My fingers would tangle in his long hair as I held him there. He stopped, laying down next to me. “Sit on my face.”


“Sit on my face. Please.”

I hadn’t experienced anyone like him before. Most of the guys I had fucked were mostly concerned with themselves. Busting a nut quickly, not too concerned with me getting mine. I wasn’t quite sure about what was going on. I hesitated. 

“Please. Just sit on my face. I wanna taste you so more.”

I didn’t say anything. I sat on his face. I could see out the bedroom window. I held on to the window pane as I felt his tongue plunge into my wetness yet again. I felt one of his hands caressing my sides. I am ticklish, wanted to laugh but couldn’t because of the orgasm I was about to have. Rocking back & forth on his face, I was lost in my orgasm. I’m holding on to the wooden window pane. I opened my eyes for a moment staring out the window, wishing for someone to watch me as I reached my climax. As my orgasm ended I noticed that his body had tightened up. I was still saddling on his face, when I turned around to see his other hand stroking his erect hard cock. I unsaddled him in time to see cum squirt out of the tip of his cock and onto his stomach. My smile must have been a mile long when I seen that and then to look down at his face covered in my juices. He looked so used. 

I finally made it home later that morning. I slept most of Sunday away.

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Masturbation Monday

Like I had mention in the story, I have not come across many men that are like him. He really enjoyed being in between my legs. Otherwise I don’t think he would have given me oral pleasure, right? We never had vaginal sex. I never gave him a blowjob. We lasted a week. If you asked me what is name is, I couldn’t tell you. What does he look like? Don’t remember. Where was his apartment? No clue. He’s just that guy with the most amazing tongue and the love of licking pussy. He will always have a special place in my memoir. I didn’t allow just anyone between my legs. I had to consider them someone special. For whatever reason, I just believe that not everyone is worthy of my sweet nectar. And I will stop a man if I’m not feeling that high or if he doesn’t know what he’s doing. 

Maybe one day I’ll share my experience when I was “involved” with my couple and they took turns licking my pussy and teaching me about squirting and other things.

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Uncut [The Fellatio Project. MM51]

We finally had our moment alone.

We parked in the lot of the supermarket. We looked at each other, smiling and holding hands. You leaned into kiss me, our tongues danced together. You were eager to reach for your dream. You were like a teenage boy on his first car date. Your hands were all over me. I knew what I wanted. I knew that I didn’t want to have sex with you. There wasn’t enough time to fuck like you wanted to. You wanted time to explore every inch of my body. I just didn’t want too, but didn’t want you to feel like you were in this all alone. I couldn’t tell you this would be the one & only time together again. I didn’t feel that way about you. I didn’t share your what you felt. However, I do want you to remember me when I’m gone.

I decided that while we were kissing, when you whispered in my ear “I wanna taste you. I wanna feel deep inside you.”

I knew then that I was giving you a blowjob. We were kissing each other, deeply. I was aware that we were in a parking lot, people getting in & out of their cars to enter the store. I was afraid that someone might see us.

I fiddled with your belt, when you reached down to unbuckle it for me. You unzipped your pants, I seen your semi-hard cock for the first time. My surprise. You’re not circumcised. I’ve never sucked off a man with an uncut cock. I placed you inside my mouth slowly at first. My tongue running along the sides of your member. I hear you moaning, a bit loudly I might add. I felt the vibration from your head hitting the head rest of the drivers buckle seat. My hand wraps around your shaft, up & down slowly in the same motion of my mouth. My tongue moves over you, stopping at the tip. My tongue puts pressure on the ridged band of your cock. I hear a loud gasp escape your lips. You enjoy my tongue piercing for that purpose. Your hands grab my head and hold me there as I swallow. The tightening of my throat around you, is driving you towards your peak.  

All the while my other hand cupped and gently squeezing your sack. Pulling them up, so that my tongue can lick then. My lips suck them into my mouth as my tongue swirls around them. Your breathing deep and quick now. Are you wanting to cum soon? Your deep breaths and heavy sighs indicate that you do. I’m enjoying having you in the palm of my hand. My hand is gently stroking your thick throbbing cock, all the while my mouth is wrapped around the tip of your member. My tongue slipping into the tight puckered hole that your foreskin creates. My tongue continues to slip in & out, swirling my tongue around in circles while your foreskin covers the tip of my tongue. Am I tasting you already? Why are you teasing me with just a taste? I feel your body tighten & tense up as you seem to be lifting off the seat. I really enjoy playing with your foreskin, you’re my first. You’re so excited. Why are you holding my head down on your cock?!

I hear the sound of a car door slam. Oh that was close, huh? My mouth tightens around your cock, feel me swallowing? My nose is buried in your pubic hair, breathing in your scent deep in to my sinuses. You release your grip on my head and I start sucking you fast, holding onto your sack tightly. I hear you breathing faster, deeper sighs. Sucking you faster, harder as my hand strokes the rest of your shaft. I feel the tightness of your body. Am I getting turned on? Yes, hearing you and watching your body react to the pleasure I’m giving you. Enough playing around, we’re running out of time. You need to cum. I want you to cum, in my mouth and deep my throat. 

Faster. I swallow you a few times so that you can experience the tightness of my throat around your cock. That’s it. I hear you call out my name. My face is now buried into your pubic hair again. Down to the base I take your cock, swallowing. I hear your moans, sighs. I notice your hand on the arm rest of the car door, holding on tightly. I play with your foreskin, my tongue searches for any lost droplets of your cum. My lips suck dry your foreskin pulling it forward until I release it, forming into a little pucker hole.

Lifting up my head to look into your eyes, you smile a huge big smile and lean into kiss me. I kiss you back. Opening the car door, I lean back into the car knowing that I was ending our friendship. I would not be seeing you or talking to you again. “Thanks for the ride to work. You’ve been a great friend. I’ll see you later.” You’re still smiling, adjusting your clothes. “You’re very welcome, anytime you need a ride. Sure. Sure thing, I’ll call you later.” 

I quickly walked into the supermarket before I was late to work. 

New Fellatio Project at Rebel Notes

Masturbation Monday

Morning Cream [MM68]

I let myself in the back door. He had text me that he was gonna try to sleep. We had been on a 3 day binge of non-stop partying. We were planning to go back out when he finally got some sleep.

I walked lightly through the house. Inside his bedroom he was curled on his side. Breathing heavy and steady I knew he was asleep. I took off my shoes, laid on top of the covers next to him. He was still out like a light.  Laying next to me he’s back to sleep after what I’m about to share with you.

I pulled the rest of the blankets over me because I was cold. He jerked a few times but didn’t fully wake up. He reached back and touched me. “Wtf?!”

“Shhh. Go back to sleep.”

“I am.” He only drifted in and out of sleep. He rolled over to me. I had been drifted in & out of sleep myself. I felt his hand run across my stomach, under my shirt I felt his hand rest on side. He started to knead, pull and scratch my skin. Each time getting rougher.

His hand glided across my bare skin. I grabbed his hand. “Go back sleep” I whispered. He said “I am.” He laid still for a second but then he starts it again. His hand rubs my thighs, finding their way to my hot spot. He’s rubbing me. I hold his hand, our fingers interlock.  “I’m trying to go to sleep.”  He mumbles. Rolling over he held me tight. Again he starts rubbing me over my pants. I can’t help but to react now. He had aroused me in just that short amount of time. He tried to stick his hand inside my pants but I stopped him. There’s a part of me that loves being with him. I miss our past but I also know that I can not recapture that. He continues to rub my pussy over my pants, I lost control of myself. I felt the orgasm, my body reacting to the orgasm I was having. He unbutton my pants, rubs my tummy again, pulling, scratching my skin. He forces his hand underneath my panties. In his sleepy voice I hear “ohhh you’re wet. I’m gonna make you wetter.” Since my clit is still swollen, his fingers find it quickly. Rubbing it, sliding his fingers into me. I really don’t want him to stop, I want to come again. I want to feel his member fill my pussy. My mind slips away as my body enjoys his attention. He was right, he made me wetter. He made me moan with pleasure. I was relaxed, slightly euphoric.

He rolls over onto his back, pulling his camo shorts and underwear off. My hand rub his stomach, I noticed he has lost so much weight. I felt the stubble of his body hair. He started shaving his body again. I don’t mind a man shaving his pubic area, stomach area but it’s when the hair starts growing back that’s not attractive to me. I continued rubbing him, trying to get him back to sleep.  His head turns towards my face, he leans in to kiss me. We kiss gently, no tongues. His lips kiss my face and cheek. I know what he’s hinting at. I feel his hand on my wrist, directing toward his semi-hard cock. I start stroking his cock, I hear his muffled moans escaping his lip. His lips press against mine our lips separate and tongues dance. I continue to stroke his cock. Feeling his body move with the pleasure he is feeling. He rolls onto his back, I wanna hear his heart beat. I wanna feel that part of him that I am taking. I move my face closer to his cock. My lips barely touching the tip of his leaking cock. My tongue flicks up the clear fluid off his cock. My hand squeezes his cock & balls for more of his jizz. He gasps as my mouth engulfs his pole. I let go of his cock, allowing to slap down onto his stomach. He begins to stroke it himself as I start to cup & squeeze his balls tighter.  I feel his stomach tighten under my head, I hear his breathing quicken. His free hand holds my head in place as I watch & feel his hot cum squirt out of his rock hard cock onto my face. I lick it off my lips. I hear that deep last breath of release.  I lay there still with his cum starting to melt down the side of my cheek.

He fells back asleep as I go wash my face.

I return, climbing back into bed with him. He snuggled up against me. I drift off after having my morning cream.

Masturbation Monday

Sexual Practices [TMI Tuesday]

1. How much sex is too much sex? Explain. Too much sex would be sex three times a day seven days a week. If the sex interferes with daily routine, like work, etc. Then it’s too much sex. If it’s too demanding. OMG. I sound so old and uptight. lol

2. According to the Kinsey Institute, 18-29 year olds have sex an average of 112 times per year, 30-39 year olds an average of 86 times per year, and 40-49 year olds an average of 69 times per year (how appropriate!) 

a. Which group of averages would you prefer to belong? 18-29 year olds have sex an average of 112 times per year

b. Based on your age (if listed), find your group above. Would you say you are well below, pretty close to or high above your group’s average for having sex per year? This is funny, because my Beloved actually kept a record of our yearly sexual activities. Why? Because I asked him to. It varied from 52 – 90 times. The calendars are as far back as 2004. The one thing I noticed was that when I had my accident, was the year we had the most sex. There was a year that we only has sex 52 times, we couldn’t figure out why it was so low.

3. Swinging (defined here)–have you tried it? Will you try it? Do you hope/wish to try it before you die? The closet I’ve come to swinging was being involved with a couple that were swingers. I was their third. My Beloved & I did discuss the idea of swinging. I said I would be more comfortable with an “open marriage” than swinging. I don’t think I could watch. 

4. What is “having sex”? According to YOU and prior to this TMI Tuesday did you consider:
– Masturbation as having sex? Yes or No
– Performing oral sex as having sex? Yes or No. When I was young, I would argue that oral sex was not sex. However, I have since changed my opinion. That oral sex is sex. 

5. When was the last time you received oral sex? Sunday

Bonus:  What is it? It looks like artifacts representing the male & female

How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link totmituesday blog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!


No More Hunger [WW98]

Sometimes I get a craving for something good. I read somewhere that inside is calcium, potassium, fructose and other stuff that is good for me. It’s a great in between meals snack. Thanks to my Beloved for taking my hunger away.

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