I was going to write about kissing. And I started to research the topic of kissing, not knowing exactly in what direction I was going. I googled “kissing” and scrolled through the first page of links. I seen one that caught my eye. Kissing Cousins. What?! Really. I clicked that link “Shaking Off the Shame.

There are 25 states that consider marrying your first cousin is illegal. I’m not sure at what point in history that this became disgusting & repulsive. I do know that there was something about it in the bible and throughout history in royal families. What happened to change all that?

In the article there was a statement “marriage between first cousins may be slowly emerging from the shadows.” Really? Then I thought there are so many people in this world. So many people having different baby mama’s & baby daddies, what’s the likelihood that you would fall in love with a half first cousin? How different is that from a full blood first cousin? I’m sure that the degree of “mutant” babies would be significantly lowered. I don’t see this becoming a big of an issue as same-sex marriage or polygamy.

I continued to scroll & read about this subject of “kissing cousins.” There is even a website. I didn’t click on it, but then my mind started to wander off. I thought “WOW. If it wasn’t for the internet, I would have never even read any of this. I would have never even thought of the topic about cousins marrying cousins, under the searched topic of kissing. Thank you world wide web!”

There is probably more in the podcast that isn’t shared in the written post. Thanks for listening (if you do) and let me know what your think.

There is something about kissing that is most intense, very passionate and so personal. When I was single, it was always the kissing that was the most exciting. It was an exchange of communication. We would communicate with each other through the dance of tongues & intensity of the kissing. Also when I was single there were some men that I would not kiss. Why? Because, to me the kiss is an exchange of emotion. An attachment of one soul to another soul. If I was involved with a one night stand I would not kiss that person. Kissing is way too personal for a one night stand. This is just my opinion, my viewpoint about kissing.

My different types of kisses are as follows.

  1. The Simple Kiss. It’s the basic kiss on the cheek. Kissing your lover goodbye, hello. The affectionate kiss in public. Very basic.
  2. The French Kiss. The one with tongues involved. When tongue dance with each other & you communicate with each other through the act.
  3. The Lip Kiss. This is the kiss that involves the lip sucking, lip biting. Any playful, sexual add-ons. Example would be one lover licking the other’s lip with their tongue. Sucking, pulling on one lip and licking it while the lip is inside the mouth.
  4. During Sex Kiss. This is that intense devouring kiss during love-making or fucking. The kiss that expresses an intense hunger for the sex act and the lover. It can also include #2 & #3.

Blowing through Monday

I arrived at “our spot” in the park. I seen his car backing into a parking spot. There was another blue car with its lights on parked there too. Thinking “oh crap, someone has beat us to our spot.” I drove down to the dead-end. The other car started to drive off. He got out of his car, stretching his arms while the other car moved slowly away. I parked. He walked towards the car. I got out of my car.

“You scared that guy away”
“Did I? Was he alone?”
“Yeah, I think so, he looked at me and I looked at him.”
I so wanted grab him. We both stood with our bodies facing each other watching the car drove getting smaller in the distance. He leaned in and kissed me.

“What’s up babe? missed you.”
“Oh yeah, really? how much?”

He turned me around, swatted my ass while pushing me in the direction of the other side of his car as he started to get into the driver’s side.

I dropped my keys on the floor of the car. He’s unzipping his shorts. I see his limp dick and he is need of a shave.

“You gonna suck my cock baby?” 
I eagerly got to it. Feeling his limp cock in my mouth. Pushing it up against the roof of my mouth.  Swirling around it with my tongue. It’s so supple. So soft in my mouth. I swallow. Sucking up his balls into my mouth while his cock is still soft, but that didn’t last long at all. He reached into my jeans, squeezing my ass in his hand. His other hand was grabbing a handful of my hair. But there was still a lot of my hair wrapped up around his hardening cock. I stopped to readjust into a better position.

I love it when you watch me.” 

“I love watching you suck my cock.”

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He started grabbing hair from around my face and mouth. He wrapped his hand around it and pulled. Then he pushed my head down onto his cock.  Pulling & pushing, faster & faster.

“You gonna swallow all my load, baby? You wanna taste every drop, don’t ya?”

 Agreeing with him with my mouth full, making that uhuh sound. I wonder if it vibrated on his cock at all. He started to lift up a little from his seat. Strangely he got loud. All that tension that was released through his vocal chords and his cock. What a turn on!!! He had put his hand at the base of his cock. Normally I go down to the base, allowing the cum to slide directly down my throat. This time I couldn’t do that. He had his hand in the way so his hot jizz was squirting onto my tongue.  I was having difficulty keeping up with the swallowing. I love sucking after he comes because he reacts so intensely. I started sucking harder and at the base of the head.

“Stopppppp!!! Whaaaaa are you doing?! ahhhh you’re driving my crazy! That TICKLES!!!” 

He managed to wiggle free from my mouth.

“Ah! that really tickles!! Why do you do that to me?!” 
“Because I enjoy that power of watching you squirm.”

He put his cock away. Zipped up his pants. Patting his pants.


I just giggled.
I noticed that we had a different connection this time.  We were getting comfortable with each other. Both of us knowing what the other one wants.  He smiled that wicked smile at me. He mentioned meeting with someone over the weekend. I was totally ready to jump out of the truck. but he was relaxed. After I had finished sucking his cock.  I kissed him. Just a brief tender kiss, am I slipping? Geez, I hope not.
“This was a great Monday! Don’t forget Wednesday! For sure and then Friday we can get together again. OK, sweetie?”
“Yup, Wednesday for suck & fuck and Friday for business!”

He winked at me as I climbed out of his car.



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Bite Me [KOTW]

Bite Biting. Yes. Please do.

There are times when I want to be bitten, hard. There are a few places on my body that push me over the edge. Biting me on my neck, at the curve. Down towards the shoulder, should turn into lighter bites. I’m not all that into nips. Only because like when a dog nips at you, the skin is more likely to be torn. That’s just my opinion and my experience a few times.

Another place I enjoy to be bitten is on my wrist. Start kissing the palm of my hand, work your way towards my wrist and bite. Suck a bit while you bite, push your teeth into my wrist and listen for my screams of pleasure. Oh my, I’m getting warm just imagining the sensation. Keep moving towards the crease of my elbow. Kiss gently, slowly, lick me…barely touching the skin and then bite. Suck and pull just a little on the skin. I have had orgasms this way. If a man is creative, I’m sure I could have the orgasm of a life time. Wait. I did once, ok twice.

Those are really the only two places on my body that can be bitten hard. Hard enough to leave marks. Sure why not. I enjoy souvenirs. I have been bitten other places, like the face. OUCH! That hurt.

oralNow, that you got to bite me. It’s my turn. For those that know me kind of well, know that I have an oral fixation. Here’s where I think my “illness” comes into play, along with answering those questions I had. I have always had to have something in my mouth. I have my tongue pierced because I thought it would help quiet that need. It did not. I love to bite. If I could experiment just once, being allowed to bite someone as hard as I wanted to, just to feel their flesh in my mouth. Biting hard enough – just to the point of completion of that bite. Sometimes, I can imagine their screams in my head, more the feeling in my mouth, minus the taste of blood. YUK.

I enjoy biting the soft meaty parts of the body. I will really bite a person anywhere. The sensation of having skin in my mouth, my teeth, running my tongue against the skin that is in my mouth. Hearing the person beg me to stop or to yell out. I’ll bite you where ever, when ever. It’s just when the urge hits. I do try to control myself. And for the most part this is discussed or I’m scolded. There were a few men who enabled this feral type behavior. I like biting when the sex is super intense, when it’s rough, hard & fast. 


Short story. I was dating L. We went to a party. I was feeling buzzed. We were dancing, having a great time. When the urge to bite him on the chest was so strong and under the influence I had no control. I bit him, right there. He looked at me, strangely. Grab me hand and we ran out to his car and fucked in the parking lot. The next morning, he showed me the bite mark. WOW. I was impressed.

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