Day 11 – Talk about your siblings

Brothers & Sisters

This post is easy, because I don’t have any.

I am an only child.

Woohoo!!! I didn’t have to share my toys and still don’t share. BUT I couldn’t blame broken stuff on anyone but me. It’s a good balance.


Favorite Food

Day 9 – What is your favorite food? When did you first eat it? Why is it so delicious?

Some of my favorite foods.

I am a picky eater. A meal I will always order when I can’t decide on anything else is a hamburger and fries. I prefer the crinkle or steak fries. No cheese on that burger, sometimes I’ll have sweet onions, pickles, ketchup and mustard on my burger. Lots of ketchup with my fries.

I love Italian beef, fries or sometimes fried mushrooms from one of my favorite greasy spoon dives.

I love pot roast with carrot, cabbage and potatoes.

I’ll eat pizza. Fried chicken.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE candy. Recently I’ll been on on a sour gummie worm kick. I’ve been eating wayyyyyyy too many of them. Also Brach’s malted milk balls. I love Dove chocolate, Brach chocolate, but not too many of the other candy bars like I used to. The chocolate doesn’t taste the way it used to.

I love strawberries, watermelon and pineapple. Those are my favorite fruits and flavors.

Love ice cream. Mint chocolate chip, butter pecan, hot fudge. I can eat hot fudge straight out of the jar on a spoon. Sometimes I keep it around when I’m having a chocolate craving.

Above are a few photos of some of my favorite foods. Answering the question for day 9 in the 30 day writing challenge.