She works hard for the Money

I always wanted to be a bartender, but the work that goes with that just didn’t appeal to me. I will admit to doing some of it when I was younger for a day or too … strictly for the cash.

My dive bar has a reputation for having a difficult time keeping regular bartenders. Some go and never come back while others go and return months later. I have seen a few come back and work only to be fired again or to quit after a few days.

There is one cute little bartender that has returned, she’s cute, perky and full of that sparkle of life. I like her, she’s a good bartender verses the older guy who stands there like a bump on a log. When you’re working for tips, you need to be “on it.” I don’t see this new guy lasting long, too many patrons will start to complain more and more that they wait to long for their poison.

If you are served by a good attentive bartender, please remember to give them a good tip. They’re working hard for their money.


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Considering [WW103]

ConsideringLately I have been considering a few different things.

  • Purchasing a new laptop. Mine died during Christmas break of last year while I was visiting the Manchild. Only thing is I don’t know what I should buy. I really just want it to be able to write my blog while I am mobile. To be able to cruise the net while I am out & about. Instead of being stuck inside in my office. If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. I don’t even know which brand to start to look at or what size. I am also considering just buying another tower to replace the main one in my office, but again it’s summer. I want to be mobile more.
  • I am considering babysitting my grandson for the summer. WHAT?! Yeah. I really want to build a relationship with him. He’s adorable & thinks his poop jokes are funny, which is hilarious to me. I would consider blogging about my time spent with him over the summer. Lots of photos and blogs posts. BUT then where & when would I find time for my sexcapades?! I will turn into a grumpy g-ma if I can’t have my sexcapades. Also need to take into consideration my “Me Time,” followed by a nap! Oh my. That is a lot to consider giving up for a few months. Then I need to consider the repercussions (if any) my blog would have if I wrote about my G-Ma adventures.
  • I am also considering something I thought over before and decided against. However, at this time or period in my life. I am struggling with curiosity. I’m pretty sure I would be disappointed, however there is only one way to find out. I am gonna leave it to fate to decide if I go through with it.
  • I am considering buying goldfish for my pond outside. I was gonna dig the pond up and get rid of it. When my friend told me that she just tosses a regular goldfish (not a Koi) in hers and takes it out during the winter.
  • I am always considering looking for another job. That never ends, however the money I make now can’t be matched.
  • Right now this very moment while typing this I am considering riding the Fatboy to work because it’s warm outside, but I am not the same young person I was before. I get overheated too quickly now. Fucking wimp ass bitch! lol I’m not BA anymore *tears*
The FayBoy Out in Corn Country

The FayBoy Out in Corn Country

  • I am considering buying a few more sex toys. I want a clit pump. I am curious to find out how it feels. I also am considering buying a strap-on kit. Because one of my sex bucket list items is to peg a man. I wanna do this before I turn 50 and yes there is a few men who volunteered. However, there are a few things that need to be discussed first. Like I need to get permission, which I don’t see happening. I respect my Beloved, I need his permission to peg another man. It’s a fantasy.
  • I am considering driving down to my favorite weekend getaway. “Leather in the Woods” weekend. It’s held at my very friend’s campground. It’s a gay campground, but this is the only weekend that women are allowed to join in the fun. It’s sponsored by Kansas City Leather University. I used to go every year. My best friend had the coolest dream ever. To open is his gay campground. He left Illinois & bought a huge chunk of land. It’s fucking amazing the work he has done. I think I first went down in the late 90’s up to around 2007. He knew I had a kink for leather, gay men, gay sex. I want to go with TimmySimms but I’m pretty sure that it will be a bust. Besides I need to consider the fact I am broke because my job ends in 12 days!!!! If you decide to go. Tell Chaz that Cat sent you! *wink*

So as you can see I have a lot to consider. Sometimes I feel totally overwhelmed.

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Back when my kids were little and I was a single mom, there wasn’t a lot of money to spend for clothes. Don’t even mention buying new clothes. I would get Thursday newspaper and mark the garage sales that were close my job so I could go during lunchtime. I would mark my calendar down for the big church sales.

I was driving past a new store. A very small shop, inside were kid’s clothes for garage sale prices. Adult clothes, new brand clothes. Shoes, some jewelry and miscellaneous items. All at very inexpensive prices. I ended up buying some jeans and a few other items. When I was checking out, the owner told me that they are always taking gently used clothes to re-sell. Oh Cool! Consignment thrift store.

That was over 13 years ago. The store has tripled in size and continues to make me some extra spending cash. I take in my old holiday decorations, books, shoes, clothes, a few small pieces of furniture. I end up just buying more clothes for myself. I used to use the money for vacation, kid’s clothes and anything else I needed the money for.

I still enjoy a good charity shop, Goodwill or Salvation Army shopping day. I recently went to my first $1.23 Goodwill sale. OMG. The parking lot was overflowing and cars were parked two blacks down the street. It was an experience that was insane. All the clothes are $1.23. I got a few items that the price tag was still on them. I know most of the brands of clothing, if it’s unfamiliar then I google it – quickly. I like some Old Nay, Apt 9, Somona (Kohl’s). Everything that was an article of clothing was only $1.23.  I wanted to take some photos of the shopping carts of some customers but I forgot in the midst of my own shopping. It was insane, the shopping carts were overflowing with clothes, to the point where the woman had to hold the top so it wouldn’t tip over when she turned the corner.

I view it this way, even it I only wear it one time. It didn’t cost me much at all. Verses spending $43 for it and slipping something on it and it’s ruined. Anyone can easily express their individuality and still be frugal, thrifty with their money.

How to Attrack Money Using Mind Power

Today I interviewed James Goi, Jr. He discussed his book “How to Attrack Money Using Mind Power

James was very patient while I tried to load up my switchboard, since my computer crashed on me and I had to wait for everything to load back up..felt so much like a goofball!

James answered questions like…

  • How did you come up with the subject for the book?
  • Can you break down your book into “layman’s” terms?
  • Do you believe anyone can get more money by thinking about it?
  • What message do you want your readers to grasp?
  • Do you know anyone who has read your book and come back to tell you or increased the amount of financial income?


Be sure and check James out at the following sites..

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Thanks to my listeners, supporters, family & friends! Until next week…laterness, Cat

Back to the Past

Today my Activities Director asked me about getting some bus tickets. The entertainment for next month’s birthday party is asking for payment in some bus tickets, which is less than $50. She wanted me to walk over to the bus terminal with her to purchase the tickets.

Now, this would be no problem except I used to work at the bus terminal. I HATE that company, its evil in the purest form. I felt my heart start to pound inside my chest and the anxiety building. The thought of walking into that building after the fucking hassle they gave me and the under handed bullshit politics and the union that ain’t worth the name of “union.” I was getting sick to my stomach. I was sitting waiting for my co-worker to come back from the office, because she had forgotten the cash.

I looked up and took a photo of the building. She walks out and says “why don’t you do photography, since you are always taking photos?” I laughed and said “come on let’s get this over with.” We walked the 3 blocks and I saw a few of the guys that I used to know, they did double takes as if to make sure it was really me they were looking at. We got in the building and went up to the office and at the desk I saw my old friend at the receptionist desk. I didn’t speak loudly, just motioned “call me.” Then a supervisor came around through the hallway and stared at me, but was distracted by the maintenance guy with some boxes. We quickly turned and walked out the door and as I left I looked in the reflection of the door and could see the supervisor looking as if to make sure that it was me.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, I just don’t want to do that again!