Wednesday Morning

My morning started out like this…

6:51     When ya outta work?

7:40     In 20 minutes.

I drove home. I tried not to keep looking at my phone. Had some Fruit Loops for breakfast. Started watching “Natural Born Killers” on TV.

8:43     LOL I fell alseep.

It’s ok.

When you gonna come visit me? Soon?

When ya want me to visit?

When do you have some time?


Well come see me then!

On my way

Door is unlocked, lock it when ya come in.


I arrived at his place. I didn’t look around as I looked through the kitchen, into the living room. I called out to him. “Anyone home?!” He answered “in here, sleeping.”

The TV was on, the living room was picked up a bit. I walked into the bedroom. He’s under the blankets, laying on his side. He smiles at me. I walked back into the living room. I slipped off my boots, off went my pants and I quickly pulled my sweater off, bra too. I walked back into the bedroom.

“I’m leaving my socks on, cause it’s freezing in here.”

“Come on, get in here. We’ll keep warm together.”

I climbed into his bed, he pulled the covers over me, he smiled brightly. “I missed you.” He kisses me. For some reason, this felt different from previous times. We are facing each other, he looks at me. I started to feel a bit uncomfortable, it was so unlike us to look each other in the eyes. That’s too much emotion. He leaned in to me to kiss me. His lips were silky & smooth feeling against mine. His tongue found mine. Our tongues swept & circled together. I suckled his lower lip, rubbing my tongue back & forth on it. He pulled his lip free from me, he moved toward my neck. There his tongue glided down the side of my neck, stopping to nibble on me. I couldn’t control myself, my pelvis started to rock and the desire to feel him deep inside is all the filled my thoughts.

As we kissed our hands moved along each other’s naked skin, feeling the warmth of our bodies. His fingers running through my hair down my shoulder until I felt his hand gently kneading my swollen mound. Fingertips rolling my nipple, my breath is quick. I’m growing impatient. I want him. His hands continue to explode my body, down his hand travels. He pushes one thigh outward, spreads me open. Roughly running his hand across the entrance to my pleasure spot, one finger pushes in. I let out a gasp of air, I feel the second finger enter. My back arches upward and I feel the sheet in my grip. I feel his lips pressing against mine, his tongue forces my mouth open in search of my tongue. My hips rocking  as his fingers danced inside me.  I felt a sudden burst of ecstasy overcome me.

He falls onto his back, as if it was him that had the release. I eagerly take his swollen member into my mouth. I attempted to devour him by taking him all into my mouth. I slowed my pace, briefly licking his shaft from one side to another. Stopping at the tip to gently apply pressure with my tongue stud. I listened for the sound he makes, the sound that there are no words for. Its a sound that tells me that he is mine all mine for the moment in time. I look up at him for a second, he’s got his eyes closed, laying back enjoying everything I do to him. Slowly taking him all inside my mouth once again with my tongue out so that I can swept across his balls. His body tightens up and I hear it. The sound I was waiting for. I stop. He gets up and I lay on my back.

“Where do you want me?”

“Does it really matter?”

“No. ‘Cause I can’t wait.”

He mounts me, spreads my legs apart. He buries himself deep inside me. My hips rock to meet his penetration, I feel him sliding in & out. Our body heat under the blankets was creating a sauna type feeling. He kept pounding me. Faster, faster and harder our pelvis’ slammed into each other.

“Com’on baby, com’on.”

We rocked together, trying to catch our breath. I was starting to lose control, those waves of pleasure were building. I looked into his eyes as my hands grabbed his ass pushing him into me. My legs wrapped around him. I clench his cock while he thrusts in, release when he pulls. I can feel his body tighten, he looks down at me.

“Yessss, baby. That’s it.” I hadn’t heard him this vocal in a long time, if ever. He was moaning, panting, just making vocal sounds. I felt his explosion of pleasure, seconds later I climaxed with quick spasms. He was stayed still and quietly whimpered when he felt each spasm around his softening shaft. He leaned down and kiss me slowly on the lips.

Falling over onto his side, he briefly forgot with he was with. He put his arm around me, kissed me again on the cheek. He realized when I squirmed under his arm. He moved over to his back.

“Gimme a second to catch my breath and I’m out of here.”

He laughed. “don’t be silly, take your time. I’m just gonna go back to sleep.”

“OK. Clean up time now. You don’t mind?!”

“Nope. It’s a single guys bathroom, not the cleanest.”

“I’m not here to judge your bathroom, I just need to clean off the evidence.”

“Geez! Evidence?! Really?!” I had to laugh. “You know what I mean!”

“Yeah I do.”

I walked out of the bathroom, quickly got dressed. He slipped on some running shorts. He made a few comments about my clothes, how well he liked my outfit. I grabbed my coat and walked towards the door. He opened the door, before he moved out of the way he gave me a tight hug and kissed me. “I love when you come to visit me. I’ve missed you so much. Can we stay together? Think about it. Please?!”

I looked down at the floor, the outside step. “I’ll think about it. We can talk about it later.” I walked towards my car.

20 Minutes

triggerwarning Risky & Impulsive Behavior.  Sex.


I’d told him I would be there around noon. I really didn’t feeling like going. I knew exactly what I was getting into, if I went over there. I took a shower, washed every inch of my body. Shaved & trimmed every last hair. Thoughts inside my mind keep at me. What if someone sees you there? You can’t trust him. Why are you doing this to yourself? Thoughts of being fat & ugly kept popping into my mind. However, I  knew he didn’t have any issue with fat chicks nor with my body. I provided him a kink that no one else could ever give him.

I drove over there, walked to the back door. It was locked. Oh hurry up I thought. Open the damn door before someone walks down the hall and sees me standing out here. 

I heard the deadbolt unlock. He opens the door. My eyes first see his bare feet. I continue to look at him, moving towards his face. He’s wearing sweat pants, sweatshirt. He smiles brightly at me. “Open the door, lemme in.”

Sorry babe, I was relaxing on the couch. Watching a movie.”

I walk past all his packed boxes. He is sorting out some things that had been in basement. I really could care less. The less I know about what’s going on in his life, the better off I am. He had stuff scattered everywhere. There was really no place to sit. “You got my stuff?

Yeah here. Sorry, I’ve been working on cleaning out the basement. That’s why all this stuff is up here…everywhere. 

There was no place to sit, just a small spot on one of the sofa’s.  I sat there. He sits next to me, almost on top of me. Bumps his hip against mine. Move over, this is my spot.


I looked at the TV, he turned it off. He spread out on the sofa, so that I would have to get up or sit on top of him. He’s smiling the whole time. I decide to sit on top of him. I lean into him, he grabs my face. Pulling me to him, kissing me. I start to melt. He moves to the side of my neck, kissing me, biting me. His hands rubbing my back.  His hands move under my sweater, scratching my back. Dragging his nails against my skin. I stop kissing him. Taking off my sweater and then taking off my bra. His hands on my back, pulling me closer to him. His lips felt so good on my nipples, his tongue paid close attention to each one. Biting followed the kissing. He was starting to get a bit rough, but that’s how we always played it. Most of the time, we were rough. We continue to kiss in between him sucking on my nipples. Holding each one in his hands, he moves back & forth all the while squeezing them. I am grinding on him, just enough. I pulled up his sweat so I could feel his bare skin against mine. I rubbed my nipples against his. I press into him, we kiss so more. It’s harder & faster. The hunger had returned in our kissing. I could feel the heat building between us.  I stood up, to take off my jeans & panties.

He stood up. “Might as well move this to the bedroom.”

I took off my jeans & panties there in the living room. He stripped off & jumped in bed, covered up. I had seen that his cock was already hard. Really? Normally I have to work for that. Not this time.

Wha? Are you cold?!

Yeah sort of.”

I’ll warm you. You won’t be cold for long.

I immediately went for that long dick of his. I missed his long skinny cock. I sucked it, like it was the first time. One thing I noticed right away was that he had left his pubic grow back. He had ball hair! UGH. I don’t mind the pubic hair,but the ball hair?! I hate pulling hair out of mouth. I sucked his balls, I looked up to see his reaction. His eyes were closed, arms over his head holding onto the bed frame. I licked upward onto his cock. Down in one gulp, he hit the back of my mouth. I swallowed & took a deep breath, down to the base it was. He let out a long loud sigh. That’s what I wanted to hear. I sucked on him so more. I looked at him again, he was watching me this time. I could still hear him breathing hard. That is a turn on for me. Watching him holding onto the bed frame as he thrusting upward into my mouth, made me wish I had some rope to tie his hands to the bed frame. I would get off on teasing him, playing with him. Telling him he couldn’t cum. Stopping right before he’s gonna cum. Doing something like that to a man, gives me such a rush. Watching their facial expression when I stop, that partial frustrated look. However, this time I had no rope & was on a time schedule.

In my mind I was debating with myself about the use of a condom. I had it in my purse. We had discussed prior to this, but but but. Damn. There’s no excuse for my decision. Other than it boils down to self-loathing, self-sabotaging and plain risky behavior. We all know what could happen. He is my safest safe sex bet. Well, that’s what I’m telling myself.

I climb onto of him, rubbing my wet pussy on his wet cock. “How safe do you feel?

Babe, I’m clean. But if you wanna use the condom. Go get it.”

Yeah. That was the moment. I watched it go by. I kept rubbing on him. He reached underneath me, attempting to guide his cock into me. I decided to suck on him a little more. He took a few minutes to rub my clit & finger me. “You’re wet. I wanna be inside you, baby.”

OK.” I climbed onto him again, he’s holding his rock hard cock for me to sit on. It glides in, the first thrust is oh so good feeling. I let out a deep sigh. We are looking into each others eyes. “Did you miss fucking me?”

Oh god, Yes. Yes I did.  You feel amazing.” His voice cracking with each movement. I’m grinding on him, his cock seems longer than I remembered. It’s hitting me, hurts but feels so damn good. His hands around me, pushing & pulling me riding his cock. I reach around cupping his balls. He breaths deep. I let go & stop moving. I lean forward putting my tits in his face. He begins to suck them, tonguing each other. I watch everything he’s doing. “I miss the rough sex we used to have.”

When I used to pull your hair, fuck you until you got weak & couldn’t stand? Spanking your ass, leaving red marks.”

Uh huh.” I had been rocking on his cock while we talked. His hands let go of me. Reaching up & pulling my hair. “Ride me, faster.” He pulls & my head turns. He pushes my head down towards his lips. He kisses me hard, thrusting his tongue into mouth. I moan. He thrusts upward into me. He lets go of me, we start moving faster. Faster. The bed starts to shake & rock with every movement. I can feel a wave starting to build inside me. His cock feels so good. I couldn’t believe it didn’t take much for me to cum.  “Right there, baby. Right there. Don’t stop. Cause I’m gonna cum deep inside you.” His hands once again around me, tighten up and squeeze me. I watch his face, he head turns, eyes closed, mouth tight. And then I hear it. That loud moan as he cums inside me. I squeeze his cock, release, squeeze and release. He’s still moaning. I’m still rocking on him. He looks at me, my fingers glide across his nipples and he cracks up laughing. “Towel?

Over there” as he points to a pile. “It’s laundry day today.” I’m thinking I don’t care.

“You get it.”

You got to get off me first!” Counting 1,2,3. I’m off. We clean up. I get dressed. He’s dressed faster than I am. He attempts to make small talk. “I was up late last night, partying with the old crew.”

I’m thinking I don’t give a flying fuck. “Oh, old habits and all, huh? Getting back to how it used to be.” He laughed “you’ve been good, since I’ve been out of your life, huh? Now I’m back, you’ve been acting up again, huh?

No. Not really.”

Babe, I’m changing shifts next week. So, we can work all this out.  I can never get enough of you.”

Sure.” With that lying tone in my voice. He goes on with small talk. I am grabbing my purse, walking towards the door. He fumbles for words. I don’t say much of anything. He opens the door, kisses me goodbye. “Be careful, babe.”

In my car I look at the clock. I had only been there 20 minutes.

Disclaimer: This is just one of many past sexual adventures that I had with my fuck buddy – The Sociopath .

My Legs

Sex Question of the Day: What body part do you love the most on yourself?

I would have to say my legs, followed by my lips.

I have to giggle when I say I have my “father’s” legs. My mother always says “I haven’t seen legs like those since they fell out of the nest.” Meaning that I have bird legs, huh?! I know by looking at my mother I do not have her legs. I do need to work on my upper thighs. Once the weather gets nice (and stays warm) I will be out there walking.

My lips come in second. I used to be made fun of when I was younger for my lips. I remember being called by racial slurs because a few of my former classmates said they were too big for an Mexican to have, so I must have some black in me somewhere. If you haven’t figured it out, yes I was bullied (at a private school).



Bite Me [KOTW]

Bite Biting. Yes. Please do.

There are times when I want to be bitten, hard. There are a few places on my body that push me over the edge. Biting me on my neck, at the curve. Down towards the shoulder, should turn into lighter bites. I’m not all that into nips. Only because like when a dog nips at you, the skin is more likely to be torn. That’s just my opinion and my experience a few times.

Another place I enjoy to be bitten is on my wrist. Start kissing the palm of my hand, work your way towards my wrist and bite. Suck a bit while you bite, push your teeth into my wrist and listen for my screams of pleasure. Oh my, I’m getting warm just imagining the sensation. Keep moving towards the crease of my elbow. Kiss gently, slowly, lick me…barely touching the skin and then bite. Suck and pull just a little on the skin. I have had orgasms this way. If a man is creative, I’m sure I could have the orgasm of a life time. Wait. I did once, ok twice.

Those are really the only two places on my body that can be bitten hard. Hard enough to leave marks. Sure why not. I enjoy souvenirs. I have been bitten other places, like the face. OUCH! That hurt.

oralNow, that you got to bite me. It’s my turn. For those that know me kind of well, know that I have an oral fixation. Here’s where I think my “illness” comes into play, along with answering those questions I had. I have always had to have something in my mouth. I have my tongue pierced because I thought it would help quiet that need. It did not. I love to bite. If I could experiment just once, being allowed to bite someone as hard as I wanted to, just to feel their flesh in my mouth. Biting hard enough – just to the point of completion of that bite. Sometimes, I can imagine their screams in my head, more the feeling in my mouth, minus the taste of blood. YUK.

I enjoy biting the soft meaty parts of the body. I will really bite a person anywhere. The sensation of having skin in my mouth, my teeth, running my tongue against the skin that is in my mouth. Hearing the person beg me to stop or to yell out. I’ll bite you where ever, when ever. It’s just when the urge hits. I do try to control myself. And for the most part this is discussed or I’m scolded. There were a few men who enabled this feral type behavior. I like biting when the sex is super intense, when it’s rough, hard & fast. 


Short story. I was dating L. We went to a party. I was feeling buzzed. We were dancing, having a great time. When the urge to bite him on the chest was so strong and under the influence I had no control. I bit him, right there. He looked at me, strangely. Grab me hand and we ran out to his car and fucked in the parking lot. The next morning, he showed me the bite mark. WOW. I was impressed.

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Leather Trigger [365Project]

Here is my 365Project daily photo. Old Man & I went out to take some photos for my “other” blog. I took this one for the leather lovers & guns lovers that follow me.  YES! It’s ME.  

 [Please DO NOT COPY without permission]

Leather Trigger