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Welcome to Another Cat’s Tale Podcast.

Below are some of the highlights to this podcast!backyardmay16

I have been on a certain website. I don’t often log in, but every once in a while I do post some of my photos. A few times I get a message from another a member.

I don’t mind getting messages, it’s when men are unable to spell or when they ask or say things that I think are stupid. There are a few things that I don’t understand so I go to my source of information…my Liege.

I can be down there for hrs I just love it when im doing oral with open the pussy lips for me to go around the do the clint really same time I likevto touch the nipples both at same time for maximum hot effect.I love the pussy dripping wet.

Ah Yeah, I guess because this is written it does nothing for me. Another issue I have with this person is he continuously calls me “hon, sweetie and babe.” <- PET PEEVE ALERT!

You can listen to our conversation while we sit on our patio swing in our back yard.

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Laterness People!

Audiomo Kickoff

Greetings & Salutations! Its me, your favorite little kitty … Cat

Below are some highlights of the podcast:

  • This is the first day of Audiomo, that 30 day audio challenge.
  • Cat discusses different audio platforms for recording audio for this challenge. If youre interested in more check out this page.
  • Talking about finding your blogging niche, getting burnt out, self doubt.
  • Thanks to Molly’s Daily Kiss for including me in 2015 100 Top Sex Bloggers.
  • Becoming super popular right away when starting blogging.
  • When blogging becomes work instead of fun.
  • My former hobbies.
  • 8 second attention span.
  • Meeting people online.
  • This year is dedicated to Lee Storm, who touched many lives while she was here online and in the audio community along with being on twitter. You can listen to her on audioboom.

Mr & Mrs Storm

When I first met Lee it was febooary of 2015. She was super friendly, following me immediately on twitter. She sent me her amazing audiobook she had written using software to change voices, add music etc. I didn’t know she was blind until later on, it just never came up. We facetimed a few times, had wonderful & funny conversations. She was amazing in caring for her elderly spouse “Art” who suffered from dementia. She was always willing to give your kind words or her ear for a good listen and cry. She will be missed. I truly enjoyed her friendship, so thoughtful. Here’s to you, Lee. As you look down upon us from the heavens, put in a good word for us with the bossman.

Thanks for listening. Laterness People!