This photo is the creation of @RustyFive on Instagram. He calls it “SUBMIT.”

He asked me if I could take some photos with my gloves & hat for him. I happily agreed. He loves gas masks, hats and creates wonderful dark photos.

I will post one or two photos from this set. I really do enjoy taking photos more & more.

I do get excited when a man begs for some photos from me. However, those men must be in my inner circle. They must have a friendship established first, remember it’s always about me. I know that some will wank off to my photos, I don’t care. Bust that nut baby! But gimme something first. Bring something to my table otherwise I won’t sit down.

Do you have suggests for photos? Maybe you want some photos that are just for you? Contact me and let’s talk about it.

Leather Trigger [365Project]

Here is my 365Project daily photo. Old Man & I went out to take some photos for my “other” blog. I took this one for the leather lovers & guns lovers that follow me.  YES! It’s ME.  

 [Please DO NOT COPY without permission]

Leather Trigger