Rough Day [SS261]

Why tell you about the rough day at work when I can just show you how rough it was!



These photos were inspired by the song “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails. I used the other two photos for my A to Z Challenge. You can view those >here< OR >here<

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This photo is the creation of @RustyFive on Instagram. He calls it “SUBMIT.”

He asked me if I could take some photos with my gloves & hat for him. I happily agreed. He loves gas masks, hats and creates wonderful dark photos.

I will post one or two photos from this set. I really do enjoy taking photos more & more.

I do get excited when a man begs for some photos from me. However, those men must be in my inner circle. They must have a friendship established first, remember it’s always about me. I know that some will wank off to my photos, I don’t care. Bust that nut baby! But gimme something first. Bring something to my table otherwise I won’t sit down.

Do you have suggests for photos? Maybe you want some photos that are just for you? Contact me and let’s talk about it.

Makes Sense to Me [WW123]

There is one thing that comes to mind that covers four out of five of my senses. Leather. Leather has always been something that heightens my senses. I blame my father. No. Nothing like that! His career choice required him to wear leather. Leather jacket, leather belt, leather accessories for his equipment, leather shoes. I remember hugging him, smelling the leather. Feeling the leather jacket skin my face, it fetl cool against my skin. Hearing the leather belt crackle & pop with his movements. I remember him polishing his leather boots. He taught me how to do it, I remember the smell of the polish, how the boots looked afterwards. I view leather as powerful, authoritative, intimidating, dominating, imposing.

I love the look of leather on mostly anyone. Men. Women. Doesn’t matter. Gay men wear leather especially well. The sight of those men are always a turn on. I love the gay leather scene. The voyeur in me is allowed out. I was first turned on to some much leather during my visits to “leather in the woods” weekend. First time I ever used a leather sling that was constructed by the men who owned it. When I climbed onto it, hearing the metal shackles clank, the leather cuffs around my wrists and the leather stirrups for my feet. I felt like the leather had melted into my skin, that we had become one in the same. Had to be peeled off when I was finished, it was so worth it!

Touching leather is the first thing I do. Especially when its soft leather, slowly running my fingertips across the material. I do feel a bit self-conscious when I wanna smell the leather. I try to do it in a way that’s not so obvious. Walking into a leather store makes me light-headed for a split second.

When I started riding motorcycles, I joined up with a group that required a black leather vest as part of their uniform. Oh! I can wear leather more now because I’m a biker! Ha! I started my collection. I have a pair of leather pants, leather chaps, my riding jacket, a leather dress blazer, a few pair of Italian leather high heel shoes. I have a leather skirt, black leather opera gloves, two pair of leather driving gloves. I have a pair of leather riding boots. I have a pair of high heel leather boots. One black leather belt. When I wear the pants or skirt I can’t help but to touch myself. The leather chaps are a bit rougher to the touch, besides those are the ones that I was wearing in my accident.

The only sense that  is missing from this is taste. Tasting leather? I think I will pass on that one. I will share a little weird thing that I used to like. There was a time when I would get such a turn on when I was making out with a guy and I could taste the beer (which I don’t drink) and a hint of cigarette on his tongue. I can’t stand cigarette smoking now. I would get off on sucking on a guy’s tongue after he took a sip of beer and a puff of a cigarette. Now I gag a little thinking about that.


Leather & Steel



For my leather lovers & gun lovers. Using my very own Ruger 22 long rifle with Rosewood grips.  Wanna suggest a photo theme? Want photos for your very own? Contact Cat direct for more information.



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Leather Trigger [365Project]

Here is my 365Project daily photo. Old Man & I went out to take some photos for my “other” blog. I took this one for the leather lovers & guns lovers that follow me.  YES! It’s ME.  

 [Please DO NOT COPY without permission]

Leather Trigger