Navel [KOTW]

Belly Buttons?!

A kink? Really? I learned something new. I never gave it a thought before. There is really nothing about another person’s belly button that turns me on. I know that I prefer innies over outies. Outies really gross me out and make me wanna gag just a little when I see them.

I do admire some belly buttons, how it looks, etc. I enjoy looking at a man’s abdomen including his belly button especially his happy trail if he has one. Am I interested in putting my finger or tongue inside? Certainly not. Unless I’m trying to be irritating or annoying. I couldn’t imagine the taste on the tip of my tongue if I stuck my tongue in someone’s navel. Then my mind would wonder “when was the last time he cleaned this?

I seldom show my navel to anyone. Because the mental scars in addition to the physical one I had to endure with my first brush with death are very much alive and well. I don’t like my belly buttons area at all. I surely do not want anyone poking it or tongue fucking it.

My belly button, IMO is very deep.  I will admit to telling my Beloved about a “fantasy” I’ve had for a while. What’s the fantasy you ask?! I can’t remember if I had seen it somewhere before….but I wanted to put chocolate in my belly button and push my belly together and make it look like …well…you know. WHY??? Because I like grossing out my Beloved. However the thought of having something inside my belly button grosses me out. LOL I’m pretty sure that I will never do it.

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Come Here. I want to Taste You [KOTW]

I have always preferred vampires over any other folklore and movie monster. Halloween is a great time of the year for this topic. I remember watching a TV show about “real-life vampyres.” They belong to a vampyric community. They believe that they have a physical deficiency and need to “feed” on the “life force” of others. They stated that most vampyres do have partners, donors and feed with consent. They live like the rest of us, with the above being the exception. It was an interesting show.

Now, as for the fictional character of Dracula. He seems to be the daddy of all vampires. I’m attracted to the idea of the sensuality, immortality and the ability to control their victim.

If I could choose, I would want to be a sexual vampire, a vampire that feeds on my donor’s life force during sex. Just imagine. Being on top of my male donor, riding him hard & fast all the while I’m feeding, draining his life force to satisfy my hunger. He may or may not reach orgasm…pity if he misses out.i want to taste you

I’m not a fan of blood, if I had to live off of it I’m sure I would learn to like it. I do not like the smell of it nor do I like the taste. The sensation of blood on my skin is tolerable. I could see myself playing in it and writing with it. Just not too keen on the idea of drinking it, but the thought of piercing the skin with my teeth is exciting.

I could also be happy with just being a donor for a vamp, the fictional vampire not the psi vamps that feed off living energy. Kind of being a kept woman. I would want some benefits of course. Something that would make it worth my time of giving a vamp my blood. Sex, paid bills, paid apartment or house, something.

I am attracted to the seduction, the lust. I wanna feel the fangs pierce my skin, gasp my last breath before I wake up for my eternity. I want to then seduce others of my choosing. If you think about it, vampires are vain creatures. Sexy, seductive and forever young, no aging. I may keep some as meals, some to play with, some to torture when the mood strikes. I want to be a child of the night. I would enjoy having my human devotees around to aid me with errands that I can not take care of during the day. I want to walk among those who are neither dead or alive, living the best of both worlds.

May your Vibrators Always be Strong [KOTW]

I used the questions that were provided for Kink of the Week’s topic of vibrators.


  • Do you love the buzz of a good vibrator? Oh Yes I do.

  • Do you have a favorite or different vibes for different moods, occasions, needs? Sort of. When I get a vibrator to review I use it a lot, so much so that I tend to over use then pack it away and forget about it. Sometimes I have a need for strong vibration, which some have more than others.
  • Is a vibrator something you use on your own or does it really come into its own when it is part of partnered sex? I use my Lelo GiGi 2 (that I won from a contest that I entered). It’s my favorite g-spot vibe.
  • Have you ever used a vibrator on another woman? Yes, briefly when I was “dating” my couple. They always had toys to play with. That was when I first experienced her vibe called “wallie.” She & her hubby named a few of them, it was weird for me to name a vibrator.
  • Do you have a hot sexy fantasy that includes the use of a vibrator? Yes, I would love to use a vibrator on a man or woman for orgasm denial. Watch them twist & squirm begging me to let them orgasm but me telling them NO.
  • Do you remember your first vibrator? Yes, I bought it at one of those house parties that everyone was having back in the 90’s. When you walked out of your friend’s house carrying a brown shopping bag. It was a pink hard case battery operated vibrator.

Holding the Clit Exciter

Since there were a few questions provided for the men folk, I decided to ask my Liege to for his answers.

  • Have you ever used one on yourself, maybe for anal play, or do you just like the way it feels against your cock and/or balls? Yes I like the way it feels against my cock & balls. I enjoy it more when you use it against your clit and I can push in to it.
  • What of using a vibrator on a partner, can you remember the first time you did that? Yes, it wasn’t enjoyable for you, because I was just learning how to use vibrators.
  • Did she just get it out or did she ask you beforehand if you were up for it? You asked me to it out, so that we could try something new.
  • Do you like watching a woman using a vibrator on herself? Yes, because it’s visually stimulating.
  • Have you ever bought a vibrator as a gift for a lover? No.
  • Do you have a hot sexy fantasy that includes the use of a vibrator?  No.

When I’m home alone, I usually use one of my vibrators daily because I normally have some “me time” during my normal routine. Since my Liege has been home due to surgery I haven’t has time to use any vibrators. Until yesterday, when he left to go to lunch with a friend. I enjoyed the use of my Lelo GiGi for a quick orgasm.

If you would like to read about my vibrator horror story…you can do that here. Basically in a nutshell my rabbit vibrator melted. YUP! IT MELTED!

I recently started reviewing more sex toys, however not always vibrators or dildos. I don’t have many vibrators or dildos. My favorite ones are seen in the photos. Since I started working with a few new affiliates I’m hoping to start reviewing more vibrators. I do prefer the non-battery operated vibrators. It’s so much easily just to plug something into the wall or into a USB port to recharge. I need to start adding more vibes to my treasure pleasure box.


Holding the Lelo Gigi 2 that I won from a contest I entered. Also in the photo is the Clit Exciter and the Revel Body the I won from



Gluteus Maximus [KOTW]

I do not like showing off my bum. I do not like the way I look from behind. I do however have a “butt cheek” thing.

I blame my mother for this “thing” I have for butt cheeks. She would pinch, squeeze, knead my cheeks when I was little. She would always say “there is something about your cute little cheeks.” She never spanked me, always lovingly patted me.

From the time I was little (thanks to her) I would be consciously aware of my ass. Walking upstairs in front of a strange man was a no-no in my book, for the notion that he is watching my ass or wanting to reach out and touch it. I am always aware of my ass in public. If I bend over in the store I have my hubby stand behind me. He loves that. I was bought up being told that bending over to show your ass is an invitation for sex. So, I tend not to do it, but only to my hubby.

Now onto my kink of ass cheeks. When I look at Sinful Sunday images and see a photo of a beautiful ass, I can almost feel the touch of skin upon skin. Hearing the crack of my fingers against the skin. My desire to see my finger prints left on their skin is always in the back of my mind. It’s sometimes so loud in my head. Sometimes, depending on the person’s ass cheeks I can see in my mind how hard I could spank it. In some of my darkest moments I can see myself biting, feeling the flesh in between my teeth, rubbing my tongue against the skin that’s between them. I used to bite my lovers when I was younger, working my way around to the front. Finishing up with a blowjob, because I believe that one should be rewarded with something good after feeling something bad.

I do not like flat ass cheeks, the ones that seem to disappear between the lower back and the top of the thighs. I love tight mounds of flesh. Ass cheeks that are a handful. Tight so that I can hear that crack of skin if I smack it. I do not like those strange-looking Kim Kardashian types of asses, nor those shelf-like butts. Eww. I like muscular asses, fit & defined but not too perfect. I need the imperfection. I will say that my hubby is build solid. His cheeks are very solid, tight and offer a wonderful release for my “kink.” BUT, he will yell at me when I “hurt” him. When I forget that he’s not that type of person. I love to caress, gently running my fingertips across the skin. Just pretty much everything about a person’s bum.

I have passed down my “thing” for butt cheeks to my children. I giggle when they put the hands over their butt when they wash dishes because they know that at any moment my “thing” will kick in as I pass by them and I will pop’em while they are standing there. Even my hubby will tighten his cheeks while standing at the sink for he knows at any moment he could and can feel the sting of my fingertips against his cheeks.

I must always be careful and aware of how hard I smack those cheeks, because sometimes I get too carried away.

I think that when someone allows me to play with their bum that it says they trust me. I’ve played with former lovers who allowed me to do things to them that I’ve never done with anyone else since that time. Great times. Let’s just say, it led into sex and that I used my tongue & teeth a lot.

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Shed a Tear for Me [KOTW]

Reading the kink of the week’s prompt – Dacryphilia (Crying). I thought back to my first marriage. Also I thought back to when I was in my 20’s-30’s. I’m not sure this would be considered a kink for me. I admit I have never heard of such a kink. I will share my experience with crying and tears, however I think it’s more of a part of my ASPD coming out.

I am not one to cry in front of others. I was raised that my emotions, especially tears were not valid. That all of it was a sign of weakness that can be exploited by someone else. I would not allow something like that to happen to me, unless I trusted that person would not take advantage of me or use my tears against me. There has been only ONE man who has been privy to my emotional pain, privy to my tears whether for happiness or sorrow.

There was a time in my life, sometimes even now…I still feel just a tad bit aroused by seeing the man I am involved with cry. However, there’s always a twist, the mean sadistic part of me comes out. Not so much anymore, like when I was young but every now & again I do feel it. I don’t even want to share it right here, now. Because to me, it’s my dirty secret, feeling a bit of  shame with this arousal of someone shedding tears due to my “abuse.”

When I would threaten to leave my first husband, having my bags packed and on the verge of walking out the door. He would cry, begging me not to leave, begging for my forgiveness or cry for any reason that showed his emotional vulnerability. That would give me such pleasure, mentally & emotionally. I felt a sort of arousal from his tears, sometimes leading into sex or a comfort for us both. If there was sex, it was powerful, mostly animal-like. I enjoyed tasting the salt in his tears at times. I would at times lick his tears off his lips, at those times the sex was passionate. The emotions were raw during those encounters. There were times I took pleasure in exploiting his tears against him. The emotional high I got from knowing that I caused his emotional pain was intoxicating at times.

Image courtesy of [kjnnt] at

Image courtesy of kjnnt at

I made the mistake of telling him how I became aroused by his tears. He was then cautious to cry in front of me or he wouldn’t cry at all.

There were a few other men, guys that have cried for me in my past, after my first marriage had ended. Sometimes I felt something and other times I felt nothing. It depended on the situation, the relationship and who the man was. I remember when the arousal would get so intense for me that I would feel a tingling in my hands, as if I were denying it. I always thought of that as my trying to control myself. I haven’t felt that sensation in my hands since 2009. That’s when I tried breaking it off with my muse, he cried and phoned me. The sound of despair, the sniffling of his nose, the crackle in his voice and finally hearing the tears, all of this begging me not to leave him. I could hardly hold the phone in my hand because the tingling and the arousal in my body was intense for me.

There was only one man who I actually made cry due to physical encounter. He would never hit me, however I have known him to physically hit other women in his relationships. I found that I would physically “assault” him without any fear of retaliation. He would go out, come to me afterwards and confess his wrongdoings. He would say things “I know you wanna hit me, go ahead. Hit me.” He would continue this until I finally gave in out of frustration. I would punch him, kick him, never slap him in the face…that was against the rules. He would cry, not because I had physically hurt him. He would tell me was sorry, beg for my forgiveness. It was all very odd for me. This didn’t give me as much pleasure as the emotional tears would. This behavior would not happen often, when it did he wanted to be held & comforted.  There wasn’t sex involved too often with him. I was all very strange for me at times. He floated in & out of my life for years, but that part of our life never resurfaced after the first few years.

I think, what a terrible person I am. Yet, a part of me knows, I’m not like that anymore. I’ve changed. It’s because of the man I have chosen to spend my life with. I think that I could still be aroused by it all, the situation & the man would have to be perfect for me to feel the way I used to.

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Bad to the Bow [KOTW]

I attended private school for 12 years. Knowing only about penguins, yard sticks, bibles and of course those sexy school girl uniforms. I have owned so many uniforms in my life time, even one job with uniforms for 17 years. I think that so much easier than picking out clothes to wear for the next day.

I have worn solid colors skirts, plaid colored skirts. In grade school it was mandatory to wear a white button down with white socks or a specific color sock. The girls also had a matching vest or bolero. A fashion word I learned at a young age. Bolero!? WTF?!

In high school, the Sophomores got to choose from 2 colors or plaid for their upcoming junior and senior year. Incoming freshman got the other color. I remember an ugly taupe (a grayish-purple) color for my junior & senior year. Freshman & sophomore year is a total blur. I partied A LOT! We could wear any color top or sweater with any color socks and any style shoes. Within reason of course, no heels and no wild hairstyles.

There were rules for the length of the skirt. When standing up, your arms by your side.  It couldn’t be shorter than your fingertips. Of course senior year I was so rebellious that I cut mine two inches. Not too noticeable when standing alone however very noticeable when standing among my classmates. I was called into the office and told to kneel on the floor, if my skirt did not touch the floor I would be required to order a new uniform for the last few months of school. I don’t remember what happened but I didn’t order a new one. I also remember writing on my skirt with pen, drawing on it. I had a pin that said “School Sucks.” The Dean of Students asked me “Would your father appreciate that? Your attitude? What would he say? Your father is out there in the community risking his life, working to send you to this school and this how you behave and show your appreciation?!

I suppose that could have been a kinky little scene … leading into a discipline of some kind. Kind of a clique, right?

I didn’t understand the fascination with the school girl scene. When I first discovered it, I was a bit creeped out. I thought a of dirty old man wanting to have sex with woman who was dressing like a young school girl. In order to act out his dark fantasy of fucking a young underage girl. A closeted pedophile, right? I learned that wasn’t the case. I realized that the fetish branched out in all sorts of directions.

I once dated a guy, that got off when I sat on his lap and talked in my baby talk voice. I thought it was fun at first, then he only wanted to fool around when I was in that “persona.” I dumped him for his best friend (SLUT!)

I will never call another man “Daddy” in an audible voice,  texting doesn’t count in my book. I called my father by “daddy” until I was around 27 years old, then it turned to “dad.” It makes me very uncomfortable to say “daddy” to someone who is not my father. I will use “Papi.” I have two. One’s in California, he’s my 818Papi and the other one is “43.” I call him Papi to his face, in front of my co-workers too. Why? Because he is 70 years old. Just a few years younger than my father. Besides this man does things for me at work, so that I don’t have to. He spoils me, the other women don’t like it. I figured I can make him feel special.

After those 12 years of dressing in a school girl uniform, I never escaped from it. I still catch myself looking at pleaded skirts, still drawn to Mary Jane shoes. I like to dress up like this, for the rebellion. I grew into the rebellious girl who was on the edge of trouble, pushing every boundary I could find. I enjoy the tease, the temptation because I think most men fantasize about tasting the forbidden fresh ripe fruit. It feels so delightful in such a dirty wicked way. I like dressing up, but the school girl scene – sexually – isn’t for me.

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Sassy’s Sneakers [KOTW]

Sassy's SneakersI can say that I do not have any sort of kink related to sneakers, gym shoes, trainers or any shoe like that. Doesn’t matter if a man or woman are wearing the shoes. I seldom take notice. I know of one guy that must have the newest, coolest, hottest looking gym shoes when they hit the shelves. He’s kind of hot. I would fuck him if ever I had the opportunity (ok, my fantasy, lemme have my fantasy).

Both photos are of my sneakers, trainers, gym shoes. One thing, I can’t stand. Smelling the shoes. UGH. Totally grosses me out.

I know there are (mostly) men out there who are very into shoes. Some of them get aroused by sneakers. They masturbate with them, cum in them. What ever you could imagine men (and I assume some women-maybe) could do with the sneakers to get off.

I have men ask me if they could borrow my shoes for their play time. I think I would be open to that if I was paid. It’s a service. Because there is nothing in it for me. Show me the money! And you, sir, can borrow my sneakers.

More of Sassy's Sneakers

Sometimes, I wear socks with my trainers. Sometimes I don’t. I hate the sock tan line in the summer, so I tend not to wear socks all that much.

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Mine are On, Yours are Off [KOTW 1/20-26]

I am

The topic is CFNM. Clothed Female Naked Male.

I realize there are really no right or wrong answers. It’s what ever works best for the two people that are involved together in this particular lifestyle or kink. I don’t see how it could work on a permanent basis. Unless, that’s their life 24/7. I do not live this lifestyle. I am just sharing my opinions, thoughts and ideas of how I would act if I was in a marriage or involved in a relationship of this kink. I enjoyed reading the post written by I. G. Fredrick. She said a lot of things that I do agree with and share the same opinion.

Does a naked male body turn you on? Yes, more so if there is muscle definition. I admire how dedicated a man is to get his body like that. Not an extreme body builder, that’s unattractive to me. I enjoy running my hands over the curves of his body. I do have a “kink” for ass cheeks. When I see bare ass cheeks, it’s like the palm of my hand, tips of my fingers just wanna smack it, knead it, caress it, pinch it. My Beloved knows to tighten up as I walk by him if he’s washing dishes in his “house clothes.” Sometimes I hit rather hard, to hear that sound he says “OUCH” I reply with “I didn’t feel a thing.” He will let me know when enough is enough and that it does hurt. I think I could really get lost in those moments.

I often enjoy “looking” this is because I’m a voyeur. I get turned on mentally by seeing a man’s body move, flex as he works. The appeal of a healthy slightly tan body. Not too thin or not too overweight. Even watching a man work on a construction site is kind of a turn on for me. I really do enjoy watching those guys during the spring, doing the road construction.  I would be aroused watching him strip off his dirty work clothes, heading for the shower, watching his hands glide across his soapy body, just watching him do his normal cleaning routine.

Some men are just gross. Everything must say “I take pride in myself.” Even if the man is slightly overweight, if he’s clean, well-groomed, nice clothes. That’s great. Perfect. However, if he’s in a dirty baseball cap, hairy & not groomed or unshaven face, dirty greasy hair. NEXT! Clothes that don’t fit properly, anything that says “I don’t care how I look.” YUK! That man is never given a second thought only of that disgust.

Do you want to humiliate and/or control a man? YES. I would totally get off on humiliating a man, in the privacy of my home. I wasn’t raised to act like that outside the home, so it might be a tad difficult to do. However, fear does enter my mind. I often wonder how sadistic I really am. Because I like I mentioned above that I could really get lost in a moment. I could smack an ass until someone is in severe pain. The more he would beg me to stop, I might not be able to. No, want to. Getting aroused, not sexually, but mentally, by the idea I am inflicting some sort of emotional & physical pain on another person. There would have be to an agreement, places or levels of what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable behavior. I could & would truly enjoy humiliating a man. Every thing from the size of his penis to how he needs to clean the ceiling fans.  I would tease him while he was attempting to clean, sucking on him, kissing him, stroking him. Watching him get aroused and then slapping his cock – hard. Walking away to do something else while he finishes his chores. I would only have physical contact if we were in an intimate relationship.

I don’t think I could do this in front of other women. I fear their judgement too much in close circles, perhaps that’s why I don’t have many close female friends. Mostly all male friends. I would not go out publicly and expect him to serve me or would I control him. That’s when everything would shift to “his turn” to be in control, not to humiliate me. Just control the situation, not necessarily my behavior either.

Do you enjoy making decisions for your man, including whether or not (and when) he wears clothes? I was raised that a man is a reflection of his wife. There are certain times I will control what he wears, where he wears, when he wears it. This is specifically for my beloved. For someone else, if in a relationship of this nature I would still control him, about clothes.  Now that there are no longer children in the house, my beloved wears his “house clothes” unless it’s really cold then it’s pj bottom’s. We are just comfortable here in the house, when it’s just us. He can wear want his wants. BUT, there have been times when he wears things that make my eyes hurt. Will he change? No. I control him by telling him “don’t wear that out in public please.”

Do you just enjoy a naked ass peeking out from the bathroom as he scrubs the floor on his hands and knees? Yes. I mentioned this earlier. My mind totally wonders when I get this image in my mind. Funny thing is, it’s not my beloved. It’s always someone else. Sure, I’ve seen my beloved on his hands & knees scrubbing the kitchen floor once or twice. I felt awful. Like I failed my duties, because he wanted the floor (brand new) clean. It would have to be another male performing these tasks.  That’s where all those rules, guidelines & agreements come into place.  I could see me enjoying watching a man, just admiring the curves of his naked body with each movement. A man who desires to be naked & humiliated in the presence of a female, would work for me. I just couldn’t see it of my beloved, because that’s not who he is. I don’t think that’s him, he could surprise me. *smiling*

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