Will Work for Heels [KOTW]

High heels. Ever since I can remember my mother as always told me “You have beautiful feet and gorgeous legs, you should try to always wear heels.” I think because my mother was short and had Barney Rubble feet she wanted to live vicariously through me. I did listen to her advice (most of the time).

Then I met my Beloved, who also told me the same thing. In 2008, I hit a low point in my life. My beloved had mentioned me taking some photos of my legs in nylons wearing heels for him to wank to when he was in the mood. I complied. My self-esteem was still low even after all his attention and compliments, he suggested I use one of the photos as my avatar on an old social media site I was on at the time.

So I did.

The attention I received was addicting. I was first approached by a gentleman who I refer to as “Papi” who asked me if I would consider modeling for him in a pair of shoes who would send me. Wait. What? I recieved a pair of Guess Black peep toe sling backs and a pair of two-tone brown Charles David pumps. I took the photos and a video for him. I emailed him the photos that my Beloved had taken. Not quality photos images, of course but its all I had to work with. There was one little thing, the shoes had been masturbated with and had cum inside them.

sassycat3000 shoes

Thanks to my 818Shoe Papi for giving me these shoes!

I know, some of you are thinking…GROSS! Not me. Oh, its not my fetish, but I do get off on the attention. I get off on knowing that these men (that I have never met in person) buy shoes with me in mind and masturbate with the shoe and then send them to me.

Oh I did forget to mention “MarkX” who invited me to check out a website he had found. MarkX masturbated while wearing his own pair of high heels and dressed in panties. MarkX is the only one (so far) that I have sent my shoes, panties and leather clothes to. He masturbated with my items, heels included and returned everything back to me. I got off on know he was jerking off to my things. When I joined the site he suggested it snowballed from there. It was a shoe fetish site that had several different categories of shoes, even men in heels, Trannies in heels, trashed heels, you get the idea. There were a few women on the site, but after a while of getting bombarded with emails it was overwhelming and I pretty much let it go.

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I have met several interesting men through that website, most have disappeared. However the high heels they sent to me, most of those still remain. I was thinking about donating some of them. They’re old and worn out and I just don’t have the room in my closet for them anymore. I don’t wear them as much as I did either. That’s due to my broken foot and soon I’ll have to have a surgery to fused the bones in my foot. No more heels after that.

I can’t stop myself when walking into any store that sells shoes to go and look at them. I love looking at them. I don’t need them, not fetish here like that. But I do enjoy watching men looking at my legs and shoes and feet when I’m in public. When I go to the “dive bar” I’ve worn heels during the summer and watching the guys look at me is so very addicting. I think of some of them who may have a heel fetish and will be wanking off later to a snapshot memory of me in heels.

I do have certain styles of shoes that I love more than others. I love wedges, always have. They are the easiest to walk on and most comfortable for me. I did buy a pair of wedges at the end of the season, only $5

black wedges, sassycat3000, sexblogger, shoe fetish, high heels

I love shoes with ankle straps. I’m not into peep toe shoes too much, I’ll wear them but if I can get something else I will. I don’t wear very strappy heels, like those that are normally advertised during wedding season or prom. I love platform shoes, mary janes and the traditional pump when needed.

I have taken so many photos with heels that I’ve lost count and sadly my blog is so unorganized that the photos are all over the place. I’ve tried to get a few together to share on this post.

This is Christmas 2016.

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Christmas isn’t all that Festive [KOTW]

Christmas brings a series of mixed emotions for me. As the years pass, I think Christmas has lost its luster for me.

Gagged Christmas, sassy's 12 days of sexmas, sassycat3000, latina, sexblogger, amateur erotic photography

I do have so wonderful memories of Christmas Past.

Back when I was 13 yrs old I received my first kiss from a 16 yr old. I gave him my heart that night while watching “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It was Christmas eve night. I remember it was something out of a movie, he was gentle and it was romantic. Kissing by the light of the television. He held my chin with his hand, guiding me towards his face. Because we lost contact, Christmas would depress me. I would always flashback to that moment when I fell in love with him. I needed closure. A few years back, I decided to enter his name in Facebook and voila! I found him. We did talk, I got the closure I needed and Christmas wasn’t so emotionally painful for me anymore. day 1 of sassys sexmas

Christmas doesn’t do anything for me when it comes to sex. Although I am on winter break until the second week in January. I tend to drink a lot more, go out to the bar a lot more and yes get into trouble a lot more. My impulsive and risky behavior is in maximum drive. Currently I am involved in a situation that has me afraid and excited. His name is Mr. Sam and I’m not sure what to do with him. I know that because of the Christmas holiday my involvement has escalated to a level that makes me very nervous.

I try to keep my mind occupied with things that won’t trigger any depression or outbursts. I avoid the work Christmas party, I avoid my family Christmas gatherings. My two oldest children do not call or visit to wish me Merry Christmas.

Latina, sassycat3000, sexblogger, BNW, colorsplash, Sassy's 12 Days of sexmas

I guess that’s why I started doing my 12 Days of Sexmas photo challenge. It keeps me busy.

I think Christmas is when people are at their worse, rude and selfish. I believe that Christmas is for the young. Is my bitterness showing? In my household there are no exchange of presents with my hubby. He buys his own and I get money to buy mine. We used to do the gift exchange but it seemed like to much work. I didn’t want to do it anymore. Somewhere I lost my Christmas spirit. Not sure I even want it back.

Waiting on a friend, sassycat3000, latina, sexblogger, moody, bpd

I’m almost embarrassed to share this, like I should have some hot & steamy sex story but I got nothing.


Come Here. I want to Taste You [KOTW]

I have always preferred vampires over any other folklore and movie monster. Halloween is a great time of the year for this topic. I remember watching a TV show about “real-life vampyres.” They belong to a vampyric community. They believe that they have a physical deficiency and need to “feed” on the “life force” of others. They stated that most vampyres do have partners, donors and feed with consent. They live like the rest of us, with the above being the exception. It was an interesting show.

Now, as for the fictional character of Dracula. He seems to be the daddy of all vampires. I’m attracted to the idea of the sensuality, immortality and the ability to control their victim.

If I could choose, I would want to be a sexual vampire, a vampire that feeds on my donor’s life force during sex. Just imagine. Being on top of my male donor, riding him hard & fast all the while I’m feeding, draining his life force to satisfy my hunger. He may or may not reach orgasm…pity if he misses out.i want to taste you

I’m not a fan of blood, if I had to live off of it I’m sure I would learn to like it. I do not like the smell of it nor do I like the taste. The sensation of blood on my skin is tolerable. I could see myself playing in it and writing with it. Just not too keen on the idea of drinking it, but the thought of piercing the skin with my teeth is exciting.

I could also be happy with just being a donor for a vamp, the fictional vampire not the psi vamps that feed off living energy. Kind of being a kept woman. I would want some benefits of course. Something that would make it worth my time of giving a vamp my blood. Sex, paid bills, paid apartment or house, something.

I am attracted to the seduction, the lust. I wanna feel the fangs pierce my skin, gasp my last breath before I wake up for my eternity. I want to then seduce others of my choosing. If you think about it, vampires are vain creatures. Sexy, seductive and forever young, no aging. I may keep some as meals, some to play with, some to torture when the mood strikes. I want to be a child of the night. I would enjoy having my human devotees around to aid me with errands that I can not take care of during the day. I want to walk among those who are neither dead or alive, living the best of both worlds.

May your Vibrators Always be Strong [KOTW]

I used the questions that were provided for Kink of the Week’s topic of vibrators.


  • Do you love the buzz of a good vibrator? Oh Yes I do.

  • Do you have a favorite or different vibes for different moods, occasions, needs? Sort of. When I get a vibrator to review I use it a lot, so much so that I tend to over use then pack it away and forget about it. Sometimes I have a need for strong vibration, which some have more than others.
  • Is a vibrator something you use on your own or does it really come into its own when it is part of partnered sex? I use my Lelo GiGi 2 (that I won from a contest that I entered). It’s my favorite g-spot vibe.
  • Have you ever used a vibrator on another woman? Yes, briefly when I was “dating” my couple. They always had toys to play with. That was when I first experienced her vibe called “wallie.” She & her hubby named a few of them, it was weird for me to name a vibrator.
  • Do you have a hot sexy fantasy that includes the use of a vibrator? Yes, I would love to use a vibrator on a man or woman for orgasm denial. Watch them twist & squirm begging me to let them orgasm but me telling them NO.
  • Do you remember your first vibrator? Yes, I bought it at one of those house parties that everyone was having back in the 90’s. When you walked out of your friend’s house carrying a brown shopping bag. It was a pink hard case battery operated vibrator.

Holding the Clit Exciter

Since there were a few questions provided for the men folk, I decided to ask my Liege to for his answers.

  • Have you ever used one on yourself, maybe for anal play, or do you just like the way it feels against your cock and/or balls? Yes I like the way it feels against my cock & balls. I enjoy it more when you use it against your clit and I can push in to it.
  • What of using a vibrator on a partner, can you remember the first time you did that? Yes, it wasn’t enjoyable for you, because I was just learning how to use vibrators.
  • Did she just get it out or did she ask you beforehand if you were up for it? You asked me to it out, so that we could try something new.
  • Do you like watching a woman using a vibrator on herself? Yes, because it’s visually stimulating.
  • Have you ever bought a vibrator as a gift for a lover? No.
  • Do you have a hot sexy fantasy that includes the use of a vibrator?  No.

When I’m home alone, I usually use one of my vibrators daily because I normally have some “me time” during my normal routine. Since my Liege has been home due to surgery I haven’t has time to use any vibrators. Until yesterday, when he left to go to lunch with a friend. I enjoyed the use of my Lelo GiGi for a quick orgasm.

If you would like to read about my vibrator horror story…you can do that here. Basically in a nutshell my rabbit vibrator melted. YUP! IT MELTED!

I recently started reviewing more sex toys, however not always vibrators or dildos. I don’t have many vibrators or dildos. My favorite ones are seen in the photos. Since I started working with a few new affiliates I’m hoping to start reviewing more vibrators. I do prefer the non-battery operated vibrators. It’s so much easily just to plug something into the wall or into a USB port to recharge. I need to start adding more vibes to my treasure pleasure box.


Holding the Lelo Gigi 2 that I won from a contest I entered. Also in the photo is the Clit Exciter and the Revel Body the I won from Lubezilla.com



Taken [KOTW]

Everyone is different.

Everyone has unique & different kinks, fetishes and taboos that get them off.

kidnapped/captiveThe Kink of the Week is Kidnapped/Captive.

This kink that does nothing for me. When I think about being kidnapped, I think of all the action movies I’ve seen. I don’t think about sex. I think about survival and being murdered. When I was very young, I had an active imagination. I would pretend that someone was following me and would kidnap me. I would play it out in my mind and in my backyard. I didn’t have an ending to my pretend story.

On the evening news we hear those horrific stories of women being taken, held captive and being used as sex slaves, etc.  Those stories or movies is what comes into my mind. I also think it has to do with my inability to give up control, my fear of the unknown, sudden change and lack of trust that this kink really leaves me cold.


I might enjoy planning out a scene to kidnap someone. Planning it all out in my head, trying to cover all the possibilities of getting caught. What would I do with that person? That’s just it, I would plan it all out, but have no idea of what I would want to keep that person for. Sex or sissy-training maybe; only if it was someone I was comfortable with, but even then the fantasy runs dry for me. I guess this kink is just not for me.

kidnapped/captive woman looking in mirror with duct tapeWanna read more about the Kink of the Week? CLICK the banner below




Brutalism/Concrete [KOTW]

Tell us: is concrete one of your kinks, or does it leave you cold?

I have not heard of this kink until I heard it on Kink of the Week. Brutalism is not one of my kinks, however it does conjure up thoughts of what I consider to be a deep fantasy.

I imagine a concrete parking garage. The ones you see in the movies when the woman is walking in a dark parking garage towards her car, when you know that someone is watching her, wanting her from himself. It leads into a consensual fantasy type rape scene, pushed up against the cold hard concrete or onto the cold hard concrete floor. A part of me wants to be that woman, another part wants to watch from around one of those thick concrete pillars. My face pressed up against the cold, rough concrete watching intently the scene. 

My senses are heightened. The coldness of the concrete against my skin. The smell of the air that comes of the concrete whether its hot or cold. The hardness of it, knowing that the concrete could break bones or scrape my skin causing pain. Looking at the lines that surround me when looking around, the colorless of the concrete is almost hypnotic if I stare too long. 

That’s all I can relate to when thinking about concrete & sex. It still would not have much of a turn on for me. Brutalism is not something that would interest me anymore than what I stated. Just not something I’m into it. However, I did learn more about this kink. 


Strap-on Fun [KOTW]

“This week’s Kink of the Week is about strap-on play. We’re looking for your experiences, fantasies and philosophies. Are strap-ons part of your everyday sex, or something you wish that was? Do strap-ons make the wearer masculine? The receiver feminine? Are you a strap-on ‘switch’ or do you stick to the giving or receiving side? Pick up your favorite bottle of lube and let’s slide into this week’s Kink of the Week – strap-on sex.”


OH YEAH?!! So you’re saying this if I let you fuk me with a strap-on that would be one off your bucket list?

UhHUH, talking dirty to you as the dildo slides in & out of you. mmm that’s a huge turn for me.

And for YOU, babe, we can scratch that off your list when you feel like you’re ready!

Woohoo! Pegging you…oh fuck yes!

U know i’m all about making your fantasies come tru!!! U got me so fucking turned on i might hafta go beat off in the bathroom OR i could sneak you in there!

haha, i was rubbing my clit a while ago.

WHA???? when did you start? U should be here. i’m just down the street.

I don’t want to leave my warm house. lol

well, i’m down for us to get together. so i can make your wish come true and you can fuck me for a change.

ohhhh yeah baby! soon very soon.

I’m gonna hold you to that!

please do.”

free-decorative-line-divider-clip-art-1045078 (1)

We had this conversation a few weeks ago. We have yet to “get together.” His moods swings are as unpredictable as mine. I have always wanted to fuck a man. Just once. I have always viewed using a strap-on with a man as turning him into my sissy bitch. Strap-ons make me feel dominant. Maybe that’s why man always rub their cocks in public and strut around like their cock is 10 inches long.

I married a very vanilla man. Any discussion of using a strap-on or rimming or anal sex is a big turn off to him. So, using a strap-on with him is out of the question. I have my fantasies about using one, not on him but someone else. Someone who fights his inner demons. I know he is bisexual, at times he has difficulty accepting it. I’m just thrilled that I am one of two women who know his truth.

My fantasy would be catching him in that mood. When he will submit to me, trust me. I would build up the emotional warm and fuzzy part of it. My goal would be for me to get him to cum while my dildo is thrusting in & out of his sissy hole. When he would release & submit every part of himself to me. I wanna hear him call out my name in pleasure & ecstasy.

I want him to suck it first. I wanna make his eyes water, gag him a bit. I wanna suck his cock & balls. I wanna run my fingers across his skin. I wanna rim him first. Stroke his cock every so often. I want to bend him over. I wanna watch his face as I stroke up my dildo with lube. I wanna rub that dildo against his ass cheeks, spreading his cheeks. My hands on his back, feeling the warmth of his skin. Is he trembling? Is he excited? Is his cock hard and leaking cum? Placing my hands on his waist I wanna push the dildo into his hole and hear him gasp for air. Hear him sighing, moaning and wanting it deeper. Fucking him slowly at first until he wants it deep & hard & fast. Finishing with him cumming while I’m pumping tight asshole.

Funny when I hear “strap-on” I don’t ever think of an experience with myself and another woman. Not saying that I have ruled that out or crossed it off my sex bucket list. It’s something that just never comes in to my mind. Do I own a strap-on? I recently reviewed a dildo that is harness compatible. I just need to get a harness now. I think I need to have one for when I ever get the opportunity to peg a man. 

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Sit on My Face [KOTW] [Masturbation Monday]

My friend and I were out-of-town at a dance club. She had her eye on some random guy, nothing new. I wasn’t looking for anything special. I was just going with the flow of the night. The guy she was talking to was with his roommate. A young guy of average height and shoulder length blonde hair. We talked basic general stuff, nothing serious. 

Bar is closing. Now what? My friend wants to get laid and I’m tired, slightly buzzed from the alcohol. She tells me that we are going back to their place. I’m stuck, because I’m with her. We follow them back to their house. My friend & her guy immediately head for the bedroom. I’m attracted to this guy, but unsure of what’s going on. He asks me if I want anything to drink. 

“Some water will be fine.”

“I think our friends are gonna be a while, if you’re tired you can use my room and I’ll sleep on the sofa.”

I really want him to kiss me, fuck me to sleep. My friend was getting laid, I waited to get some too, but I’m not gonna move any moves on him. He showed me to his bedroom. The bed is pushed into the corner, covering up part of a window. The window doesn’t have any curtains. The light of the moon or street light is peering through. I’m exhausted. He stood in the doorway. How could I allow him to sleep on the sofa when this is his room?

“You don’t have to leave, you can sleep here.” He smiled at me. He reminded me of a Southern Californian guy. His long, wavy blonde hair, blue eyes and white pearly teeth and slightly tan skin. We laid on the bed, like two kids planning on having sex for the first time. Oh wait…we are! We are both in our early to mid 20’s. Experiencing each other for the first time, his hand is on my waist. We both still have our clothes on, laying on top of his blanket. I feel his pelvis push against my ass and I push back. We rock back & forth a few more times, his hand slides in between my thighs, his fingers feeling me through my jeans. Through body language I let him know that I wanted to have sex. He, however had other plans for me.

He slid off my jeans, pulled off my top & bra. I laid back down watching him take off his clothes. The light coming through the window lit up the room just enough that I could see his hand stroking his manhood. He turned, walked towards the foot of the bed, slowly started kissing my legs. I tried not to giggle, but I did. He held my ankle, as he continued to lick & kiss my leg. All the while my insides are going wild. I want to feel his hard cock inside me. I wanna cum. My pussy is aching to be filled with his hardness.

He pushes my legs apart crawling up towards my now dripping pussy. My body was wanting to scream out, but little moans just escaped my lips instead. I feel his breath against my lips, his hair brushing against my inner thighs. Immediately the tip of his tongue finds my clit, gasp. I’m wanting to cum so much, his tongue dances with my clit. At times, stopping to gently suck it, holding it in between his lips and flicking with his tongue. It’s a feeling that makes my body jerk, I’m not sure I like it. But, I don’t stop him. My mind drifts in some other dimension, pleasure. His hands under my ass cheeks, lifting me up slightly. One of his hands slides from under my butt and he stops. He looks up at me, puts two of his fingers into his mouth. He continues to look at me as he lowers his hand down to my clit, rubbing it a few times, sliding his two fingers along both sides and straight in to my very wet pussy. A deep breath. His tongue again begins to play with my clit as his fingers tickle my g-spot.

I feel pleasure. I feel high. There is no sense of time or place. I’m totally at his mercy. I can hear myself moaning loudly as I reached orgasm. He continues to drink up my juices as I slowly come down from my high. Deep heavy breathing, I’m relaxed and doze off for a bit. He also must have fallen asleep, because I woke up to the weight of his face on my thigh. As I moved my legs, he woke up. He came up to lay by my face. We kissed, I could feel desire & passion building once again. His fingers caressed my skin, cupping my breasts, but his fingers had other plans. He sucked two fingers and went straight in. The suddenness, the dryness of my pussy, quickly brought me out of that groggy state. His fingers tickled my pretty pink walls, searching for my spot. He slowed his pace. He sat up, kissing my breasts, moving down towards his awaiting pie once again. He gently spread my legs. His fingers were replaced with his tongue. His tongue teased, nibbled and sucked my clit until I begged for him to fill my hungry pussy. At that moment I didn’t really care with what, I just wanted to reach my orgasm. I wanted to have that feeling of fullness in my pussy. He pushed his fingers back into me, in & out in a slow thrusting pace. I felt warm, quick swallow breaths escape from my lips. He must have known this time that my climax was close because he picked up speed. When he did, it didn’t take long for me to reach my climax. He only stopped when I was still & quiet. He sat up, leaned against the wall. I could see his dark shadow from the light coming through the bedroom window. I rolled over, dosing off. He stayed in that place until I woke up again.

I grabbed my clothes, left to go to the bathroom for a quick cleanup. I didn’t want to go back in the room. I wanted to get home to the warmth of my bed & security of my room. Unfortunately my friend wasn’t planning on leaving anytime soon. So, I quietly returned to his room.  When I laid back down he woke up, he placed his hand on my leg. He started softly caressing my calf up to my thigh and back down again. I just lay there, trying to relax. He lays his head on my stomach. I run my fingers through his hair. God, I loved his thick wavy blonde hair. We lay there in silence as his hand rubs my tummy. We laid dozing in and out of consciousness. I felt his hand slip inside my panties. I asked myself “when is this guy ever gonna want to stop?” He tugged at my panties, hinting to me that he wanted them off – again. I took them off – again. And again he laid there between my legs …licking …nibbling …sucking my clit. He did this thing when he would suck my outer lips and run his tongue all over them. Holding each one in between his lips while his tongue explored every inch of it, then he would move onto the other one. He would end up in the middle, his tongue would plunge into me, tongue fucking my hole while his hands rested under each one of my ass cheeks. I wasn’t sure if that was him lifting me up or my body’s response to his mad tongue skills. I got so excited that I would push into his face. My fingers would tangle in his long hair as I held him there. He stopped, laying down next to me. “Sit on my face.”


“Sit on my face. Please.”

I hadn’t experienced anyone like him before. Most of the guys I had fucked were mostly concerned with themselves. Busting a nut quickly, not too concerned with me getting mine. I wasn’t quite sure about what was going on. I hesitated. 

“Please. Just sit on my face. I wanna taste you so more.”

I didn’t say anything. I sat on his face. I could see out the bedroom window. I held on to the window pane as I felt his tongue plunge into my wetness yet again. I felt one of his hands caressing my sides. I am ticklish, wanted to laugh but couldn’t because of the orgasm I was about to have. Rocking back & forth on his face, I was lost in my orgasm. I’m holding on to the wooden window pane. I opened my eyes for a moment staring out the window, wishing for someone to watch me as I reached my climax. As my orgasm ended I noticed that his body had tightened up. I was still saddling on his face, when I turned around to see his other hand stroking his erect hard cock. I unsaddled him in time to see cum squirt out of the tip of his cock and onto his stomach. My smile must have been a mile long when I seen that and then to look down at his face covered in my juices. He looked so used. 

I finally made it home later that morning. I slept most of Sunday away.

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Masturbation Monday

Like I had mention in the story, I have not come across many men that are like him. He really enjoyed being in between my legs. Otherwise I don’t think he would have given me oral pleasure, right? We never had vaginal sex. I never gave him a blowjob. We lasted a week. If you asked me what is name is, I couldn’t tell you. What does he look like? Don’t remember. Where was his apartment? No clue. He’s just that guy with the most amazing tongue and the love of licking pussy. He will always have a special place in my memoir. I didn’t allow just anyone between my legs. I had to consider them someone special. For whatever reason, I just believe that not everyone is worthy of my sweet nectar. And I will stop a man if I’m not feeling that high or if he doesn’t know what he’s doing. 

Maybe one day I’ll share my experience when I was “involved” with my couple and they took turns licking my pussy and teaching me about squirting and other things.

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