Will Work for Heels [KOTW]

High heels. Ever since I can remember my mother as always told me “You have beautiful feet and gorgeous legs, you should try to always wear heels.” I think because my mother was short and had Barney Rubble feet she wanted to live vicariously through me. I did listen to her advice (most of the time).

Then I met my Beloved, who also told me the same thing. In 2008, I hit a low point in my life. My beloved had mentioned me taking some photos of my legs in nylons wearing heels for him to wank to when he was in the mood. I complied. My self-esteem was still low even after all his attention and compliments, he suggested I use one of the photos as my avatar on an old social media site I was on at the time.

So I did.

The attention I received was addicting. I was first approached by a gentleman who I refer to as “Papi” who asked me if I would consider modeling for him in a pair of shoes who would send me. Wait. What? I recieved a pair of Guess Black peep toe sling backs and a pair of two-tone brown Charles David pumps. I took the photos and a video for him. I emailed him the photos that my Beloved had taken. Not quality photos images, of course but its all I had to work with. There was one little thing, the shoes had been masturbated with and had cum inside them.

sassycat3000 shoes

Thanks to my 818Shoe Papi for giving me these shoes!

I know, some of you are thinking…GROSS! Not me. Oh, its not my fetish, but I do get off on the attention. I get off on knowing that these men (that I have never met in person) buy shoes with me in mind and masturbate with the shoe and then send them to me.

Oh I did forget to mention “MarkX” who invited me to check out a website he had found. MarkX masturbated while wearing his own pair of high heels and dressed in panties. MarkX is the only one (so far) that I have sent my shoes, panties and leather clothes to. He masturbated with my items, heels included and returned everything back to me. I got off on know he was jerking off to my things. When I joined the site he suggested it snowballed from there. It was a shoe fetish site that had several different categories of shoes, even men in heels, Trannies in heels, trashed heels, you get the idea. There were a few women on the site, but after a while of getting bombarded with emails it was overwhelming and I pretty much let it go.

Read more about Cat’s Adventures with Shoes

I have met several interesting men through that website, most have disappeared. However the high heels they sent to me, most of those still remain. I was thinking about donating some of them. They’re old and worn out and I just don’t have the room in my closet for them anymore. I don’t wear them as much as I did either. That’s due to my broken foot and soon I’ll have to have a surgery to fused the bones in my foot. No more heels after that.

I can’t stop myself when walking into any store that sells shoes to go and look at them. I love looking at them. I don’t need them, not fetish here like that. But I do enjoy watching men looking at my legs and shoes and feet when I’m in public. When I go to the “dive bar” I’ve worn heels during the summer and watching the guys look at me is so very addicting. I think of some of them who may have a heel fetish and will be wanking off later to a snapshot memory of me in heels.

I do have certain styles of shoes that I love more than others. I love wedges, always have. They are the easiest to walk on and most comfortable for me. I did buy a pair of wedges at the end of the season, only $5

black wedges, sassycat3000, sexblogger, shoe fetish, high heels

I love shoes with ankle straps. I’m not into peep toe shoes too much, I’ll wear them but if I can get something else I will. I don’t wear very strappy heels, like those that are normally advertised during wedding season or prom. I love platform shoes, mary janes and the traditional pump when needed.

I have taken so many photos with heels that I’ve lost count and sadly my blog is so unorganized that the photos are all over the place. I’ve tried to get a few together to share on this post.

This is Christmas 2016.

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Day 4 of 365 Yukon’s Silver

I was going to toss this photo away, decided against it. Instead I decided to work with it.

I thought I had posted it already, but I must have forgotten to do that with all the other bullshit that I have allowed to cloud my mind.

day 4 of 365, sassycat3000, latina, sexblogger, high heels, legsfordays,

I wanted to give it a cartoon or fantasy kind of feel to it.

Friday Night Sipping [SS275]

I haven’t been going out much since April. Maybe once month or so,  going out to have a drink or 5 with a friend. 

The gossip in the bars that I drink at is as bad as an old ladies sewing circle. A few had to tell me about Charlie, but wouldn’t go into detail out of some sort of fear. Charlie is currently on the “banned” list of our bar. One too many fights, cops and crazy bullshit. I haven’t spoken with Charlie since mid-June when I ran into unexpectedly at our bar. We did not end on good terms.

Drinking there is different without Charlie. I feel naked & alone without him there.

I “dressed” up a little when I went out the past few nights. I wore my heels, shorts & tank top. I know that it gives some of Charlie’s friend something to talk about. 

I used my iPhone to take the photo. Edited with a retro filter, bokeh filter, grunge filter and finally a grain filter. 

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Sinful Sunday

Rough Day [SS261]

Why tell you about the rough day at work when I can just show you how rough it was!



These photos were inspired by the song “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails. I used the other two photos for my A to Z Challenge. You can view those >here< OR >here<

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