Micro Therapy Pro [Review]

Ever since my accident I have suffered with shoulder and neck pain. When I read about the opportunity to test the Micro Therapy Pro by Painsmaster I sent in my request. I received this product a few days ago, as I sit here typing this review out. The box itself is 6.4 x 0.7 x 4.4 inches, weighing  0.3 ounces.

Inside the package

  • One set of Micro Therapy Pro™ patches
  • One circuit (connecting cable with built-in battery for  up to 300 hours of use)
  • User instructions

I am currently wearing the patches on my right shoulder and neck area. The low-level electrical stimulation is very low, so low that I felt nothing. I was assuming that I would feel something like the currents that I felt at the chiropractor’s office. It was difficult to tell if the product was really working. There is a red light that blinks when the product is working properly. I do like that the patches can be worn underneath my clothing. There is no aroma of a medicated gel (like Ben-Gay or Icy Hot) and most importantly there is no medication in my system that could hinder my driving skills. That means I can wear these patches while I’m at work. Driving.

I wore the patches for about 12 hours. Took them off, that’s when I felt 80% better. The patches have a gel type adhesive that does not pull the skin when taking them off. Rinse the patches & allow them to dry before reapplying to the plastic holder.  The Micro-current therapy patches are not a cure, but will definitely ease major pain, until if necessary a person needs to schedule for a doctor’s appointment. I tried using them on my lower back, however found it difficult to apply myself. The two patches have to be close together yet not too close and then to snap on the wire that connects the two patches. Very difficult for me to do by myself.

The price for this product is around $50. I have seen it as high as $80. That is just a little too much for me to spend on a product like this. However, feeling like I was I am glad I had the patches. Especially, with my profession, I can’t take a chance on taking medication that makes me drowsy. I would recommend this product to use when Tylenol or ibuprofen isn’t enough to ease the pain. Also, it provides pain relief until you can get to the doctor.

The instruction booklet provides all the information needed to use this product. I was a bit concerned when I read the first page. There are questions like

  • Do you have a cardiac pacemaker?
  • Do you have an implanted defibrillator?
  • Do you have any other implanted stimulator or metallic devices?

I have a metal plate in place of a clavicle. This concerned me. However, I did try the product and that is why I only kept the patches on for about 12 hours. I did not notice any change or problems afterwards. *Sigh* of relief. I would suggest calling your doctor before using this product if you are not sure. I think because the current is so low that it didn’t affect the metal plate I have.



I received a free Painmaster Micro Therapy Pro via Fuel My Blog for testing purposes only.

Not Safe Here [WW99]

What are some safe sex practices that you include in your writing? I don’t include any safe sex practices in my writings. My writings are based on past experiences when the practice of safe sex was not practiced like it should have been. Read more about my “writing process.” The talk about safe sex was just starting to become important (back in the 80’s). There was the scare of HIV, safe sex was a must for most sexually active people. However, back when I was out of control, when I was impulsive, reckless and self-destructive which included risky behavior. I was not one for safe sex. That’s part of my “illness,”  a self-loathing, YOLO attitude.

It’s been said that writers write what they know. I write about what I know, not practicing safe sex. Not always proud of it. Regret? Sometimes. It’s not a “positive” message to people. My viewpoint is now that most everyone should know about safe sex. Children of the 80’s should have already learned this, passing it onto their next generation. Leads into another viewpoint; it’s a parents responsibility first to teach their children about safe sex and sex in general. Next the school’s responsibility to teach the correct information to kids about the dangers of unsafe sex, etc. And then back to the parents to complete the missing pieces from the educational system.

Do you think this bit of realistic sex should be captured in erotica? My opinion is that it is for the writer to decide whatever to put safe sex in their writings or to leave it out. However, I would lean more towards “leaving it out.” How often does the mainstream media such a blockbuster movies show the beauty of putting on condoms and the afterwards of taking off the condom? Even when I watch a 20 minute porn video, most of the time the scene of a man putting on his condom is cut out. Why? Because it takes away from the fantasy. Because it’s not sexy. Ok, hubby just told me that it can be sexy if a woman does it for him. I just prefer to leave it out.

While many stories are fantastical, normalizing condoms, dental dams, for oral and penetrative sex can be educational to some readers.Try your hand at writing a piece about safe sex, perhaps one that meets the characters where they are at, for the forms of safe(r) sex run the gamut.


Remember to ALWAYS practice safe sex!! Your life depends on it

Remember to ALWAYS practice safe sex!! Your life depends on it



Spermophagia is the ingestion of semen. Swallow. Spitting is rude! Well, that’s what I was always told. I always thought of myself as weird in this thinking about swallowing a man’s semen. I believed at one time, that if I swallowed his cum, that I was taking a part of him with me. He became a part of me. Those times, I wouldn’t have vaginal sex with him. I only wanted to consume him. I wasn’t giving him any of part of me.  There were some men, that I would not swallow, those men were the face or chest guys.

I don’t actually remembered when I  started to swallow. I learned that if I let the man cum on my tongue, it wasn’t always the best tasting. I didn’t want to gag or dry-heave at the taste of his cum, that would be embarrassing for both of us.

I would try different techniques for swallowing. I learned that if I relaxed my throat, breathed through my nose. I could push a cock passed my tonsils and his cum would slide easily down my throat. I didn’t have to taste him if I didn’t want to, once a man begins to cum & I took him to the base, it’s just a matter of relaxation and swallowing. Breathing through the nose and don’t panic.

There was never any mess, no evidence and I could quickly walk away from the scene, taking him with me. One important thing I learned is to always have water or some liquid to lubricant my throat. Swallowing always caused my throat to dry, an uncomfortable feeling afterwards. Having something to drink always eased that.

It’s been said that swallowing a man’s cum is good for the body. It’s said to be a natural antidepressant, cancer preventive, along with containing nutrients that is good for the body. There you have it, great reasons to swallow.

My Writing Process: A Blog Tour

I’m sitting at my local watering hole on a Friday night and Jack of “Frisky in the 916”  messages me to find out if I’m interested in doing this little “Blog Tour.” Sure, I’m buzzed. I’ll do just about anything with a few drinks in me.

1.  What am I working on? 

  • Currently I’m attempting to complete the A to Z Challenge that I signed up for. There are only 12 days left. I still need topics for the letters “S, V, X, Y Z.” Hopefully I can come up with something for those letters. If you have any suggestions drop me a line. This is my first year doing this meme, not sure if I’ll do it again next year. This meme is really been a challenge, in a very good way of course.
  • I also just received my VivaVoxBox from Influenster.com. Which contains complimentary products that I will have to give my reviews on via my different social media including a written blog post.

  • I have an non-fictional erotic story that I need to finish soon. I probably will forget how the story line went. Dammit.  You can read my last non-fictional erotic story called “20 Minutes.”
  • I haven’t written anything recently for the Blog for Mental Health Project. I had been writing posts about my issues and experiences. That I recently discovered in the last year. Hoping that I could connect to others like me and find out more about it.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? Funny, I don’t think I fit into any specific genre. I’ve tried. I write about my personal sexual adventures in regards to my “issues.” Which I guess is not a positive for either genre. Sexual or Mental Health. I share my sexual experiences because I never knew that that’s why I was acting the way I was. Also I think it makes for a hot read – sometimes.  Hoping that perhaps someone can relate or I can prevent someone from doing what I did. I don’t know. I also post a lot of photos of myself, along with lots of shoe shots. I mostly just write about what’s going on in my head. I also mix up some audio (podcast) with some of my written posts. I’ve always enjoyed doing audio more than typing. Not everyone is into listening & not everyone is into reading.

3.  Why do I write what I do? I write the things I do, because it’s what I know to write about. Also hoping to connect with other like-minded people. Those that can relate to what I write about or just having regular readers who enjoy reading what I write about. Another reason I write what I do, maybe some one out there reading it who may feel like they are the only one.  Most people wanna feel like their not totally alone in their situation and experiences. Bottom line, it’s self motivated. I need to share some things to get it off my chest & out of my head. If I write it all down and reread it back to myself, it just might make sense.

4.  How does your writing process work? It doesn’t. I haven’t found my pattern just yet. At times there are so many ideas in my head. I write them down in scribbled notes. Looking at them later I think I can’t write about that! Or OMG how depressing. That sounds crazy. I did use audio for a while just to get the thoughts out of my head. I’m still working on this part of it. I’m not a natural writer. You can tell those hardcore writers, I just wanna get the damn thought out, share it and be done. If I sound like I’m writing like a 17-year-old, well, you can understand it. Simple & straight to the point. I have looked into other ideas of how to write better,  to find a way that works for a mind that suffers with ADHD.

There you have it. Answers to questions that you always wanted to know about your favorite little kitty. Thanks again to Jack of jackandjillcpl for asking me to participate in this writing blog tour. I’m passing this tour onto the following follow bloggers. I do have a variety of bloggers I follow. Please note that they all may write about different topics, some sites may contain adult subject matter.

Normal Deviations

LordRaven69 – Malfic.com

Marci – Marci, Mental Health & More


When I take photos for some of the weekly blogging memes. I do not ever show my nipples. Why? I was always told to leave them wanting more. A person’s imagination can go in any direction. Trying to imagine what my nipples look like (or maybe not). The poses, I hope will arouse & titillate the viewer. I have days when my self image really gets me down, other days I could post a snapshot of my nipples. However, I like being somewhat of a dick tease in this area.

Looking at other women’s nipples, I have a preference. Don’t know how that happened. Some nipples just are not attractive to me. My heart goes out to those women who have suffered through breast cancer. Or any women who has had some form of surgery on their nipples or breast. Having dark skin, I scar after most surgeries.  I know I would have severe scarring on my nipples if I ever needed surgery. I would love to have my nipples pierced but I know too many horror stories in my inner circle about nipple piercings. 

My nipples are super sensitive. I remember a former fuck buddy had decided to put nipple clamps on me. I thought I was gonna faint. Similar to the ones in the photo (right). When he pushed the bar up & I felt the tightness on my nipple, that’s when I felt faint. Panic set in. He was telling me to “Breath…Relax…Breath.” I did calm down a bit afterwards. I am still curious about actually wearing them under my shirts. Funny, I can handle rough play during sex. The thought that my nipple falling off doesn’t enter my mind. Crazy, huh?!

No More Hunger [WW98]

Sometimes I get a craving for something good. I read somewhere that inside is calcium, potassium, fructose and other stuff that is good for me. It’s a great in between meals snack. Thanks to my Beloved for taking my hunger away.

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Stigma [BFMH2014]

 Do you think the stigma against mental health is beginning to fade compared to 10 years ago?

It’s been my recent experience that there is some stigma with mental health. However, when it comes to some friends & family, it seems to be easier for them to make reasons or excuses, allowances for me to “be” the way I am. It wasn’t my fault, it’s the way my parents treated me and so on.

I still will not tell the outer circle of friends. I think if I said “oh by the way, I’m bipolar or have schizophrenia.” There might be more of a stigma with those than with BPD. My opinion is that since I’m higher functioning, seemingly well and can be the fun chick. Most seem to overlook it, like it’s no big deal.  Not to sound mean, but because I tend not to be emotionally unstable in public, people don’t seem to be bothered with me being “different.”

When I first stumbled upon this whole “mental illness” blogging category. I realized there are millions of people with a mental illness. Some suffer from mild depression to some stuff I’ve never heard of. And most people I talk to have some form of “dysfunction” to me that’s an illness. It’s like its the new cool thing to have a mental illness of some kind. Whether it’s addiction, depression, BPD, PSTD. I do think that  society might view some illness as “cooler” than others. Like having Anti-social Personality Disorder, I think that would make people feel uneasy when they fully understood it. Another is schizophrenia, I think that one fills people’s minds with the homeless person pushing the cart with foil paper on their head and talking to themselves about government plots.

I think in another 10 years, it won’t be as it is today. More education, more people talking about their stories will help to ease the current stigma of mental illness. Mental illness is just now of one those diseases, illness, sickness that pretty much everyone has. There might even be those out there who don’t even know they are sick with a mental illness.

Keep in mind the above are merely my personal opinions on the subject of mental health stigma.

I Love My Woobie [Daily Prompt]

SassyCat3000 sleeps with her woobie.

SassyCat3000 sleeps with her woobie.

What kind of sleeper are you? Do you drop off like a stone and awaken refreshed, or do you need pitch black and silence to drift off to dream?  I am a bit of a light sleeper. However, there are times when I wouldn’t wake up if the house was on fire. When the kids were little I felt like I was sleeping with one eye open. I got remarried, I would cross one leg of my beloved to wake me up if he got up. Why? Because I had always heard horror stories about step-fathers. I would have never forgiven myself if something ever happened to one of my kids under my very roof. Once I learned my beloved sleep pattern or middle-of-the-night pattern I could sleep a bit better. We laugh about it now, he doesn’t blame me or hold my behavior against me.  

There was a time when I needed to take Ambien to help me fall asleep. That was after my motorcycle accident. The nightmares caused from the flashbacks were awful.  I would take the pills to get me over the edge. I stopped because I hated the way I woke up in a fog, besides I kind of freaked out while under the influence of the drug. I was done with those pills. I now take my BP medication about an hour before I’m ready for sleep. This medicine makes my drowsy and works well with getting me to fell asleep and stay sleeping. 

I really tend to be a person who can’t get relaxed enough to get to sleep. My thoughts just keep my going and going. I can’t get them to shut off or shut up. There are times when I will wake up from a dream, got to the bathroom and then I am not wide awake, but wake enough to not be able to sleep. I will admit the it is a very bad idea to have your cell phone next to your bed. This makes it too easy to grab it and start surfing, emailing, etc. I should really invest in a simple alarm clock and put my cell phone in another room.

When I was young, I needed the radio (with a timer) to go to sleep. Just to keep my thoughts drowned out, so I could drift off. I remember my mother said “one day you’ll embrace the silence.” NEVER! I thought quietly. I also needed a hallway light on or some form of light without causing to much shadow, door open. Closet door closed, my bed shouldn’t face a mirror. If I wake up in the middle of the night I will not look into any of the mirrors in the house. Also, I needed my woobie. I’ve had it since the late 80’s when my grandpa bought it in Mexico while we were on vacation. I still sleep with it, just not wrapped up with it. If I am sick or feeling blue, I need my woobie. It’s worn, has a few holes in it, but its soft against my skin. It’s too thin to really keep me warm if my freezing, just a throw over. Now that I’m older, the closet door still needs to be closed. I need dark & silence. No noise. Mom was right, silence is needed for sleep. 

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