I Thought it Would be Fun

For shits & giggles I applied for a temporary job for the Halloween season. I actually got the job. I was thrilled. My first day I worked 7 hours. I noticed immediately that the regulars were not very friendly, at times not helpful. Always had the “you’re bothering me” look on their face.

I wasn’t used to working on my feet for that long without some sort of break. There were no 10 minute breaks, no break room, no smoking breaks. You get 30 minutes for eating but there is no break down just a table in the costume storage room and a “fun-size” microwave & refrigerator. I would walk out to my car & sit.

Last night was the last straw, after a young kid was assigned to clean 7 out of the 10 isles failed to do a fucking thing all night. I was responsible for the remaining 3 isles along with the back wall of the store. The assistant manager told me that I needed to inspect the 7 isles and if they were bad I would have to fix them.

Did she say what I think she said? Fuck that. I wanna go home. I’ve worked ALL day. That little fuck has been sashaying through the store all fucking night. I started at 4:30 scheduled to be off at 10. I was told I could take my break at 8:30-9pm. What’s the point?

The more I thought about driving across town the 8 miles and sometimes 23 from my other job…I figured it’s just. It worth it. The amount of bullshit, and unfriendly workers, ugh. Thinking that this weekend I’m scheduled to work 11-7 standing in the front of the store helping customers with their costumes. I would only be getting ONE 30 minute break and the rest of the time I would be standing.

No. No, the newness has worn off. It was fun dressing up, but it’s time to get back to my online life.


A Blowjob in the Cemetery [SS238]

It’s Halloween here in Northern Illinois. This is my holiday. Before I get dressed up in my creepy little girl costume. Before I get ready to hand out candy & before I creep out into the night. I spent the daytime with him. I had mentioned I wanted to get a few photos in the cemetery today, since it was raining. The leaves were wet on the ground, lots of puddles of rain. It was a beautiful cold rainy day for Halloween. 

I finished taking the photos, I mentioned to him that I needed to take some photos for Sinful Sunday. He said “ok.” I set up the tripod inside the car. I really wanted to use the sunroof, but due to the rain I had to keep the camera inside. (dammit). Sadly, we didn’t get to finish this blowjob, because we were interrupted by couple walking their dog.  

Blowjob in the cemetery



Spikes & Skulls [SSW134]

I love Halloween more than any other Holiday! These photos were taken right before I left to go trick or treating with my grandson.


My Beloved & I went to the cemetery to snap some shots. They say that the costume that you pick out for this day is your inner self trying to get out. I wonder how true that really is?!


I’ve always been rebellious.

Sinful Sunday

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Am I Disturbed? [WW]




This week is about “Disturbing Films.” Lord, knows I truly enjoy watching some really demented stuff.

There are a few movies that I enjoy watching,because the dark side of my being can live through viewing the scenes. Rob Zombie’s Halloween & Halloween II are examples of disturbing films for me. Because Rob gives Michael Meyers a face, personality & family history. The child who evolved into Michael Meyers, the monster…is that kid we see in the news, who shot his classmates or murdered his parents, etc. I find that disturbing, yet comforting & normal. I can now understand why & how Micheal Meyers became to be. There was a scene in the second movie, when Micheal Meyers stomps a man to death with his foot to the head. And you get to see it briefly, I can say that I got off on this, not sexually, but a feeling of power & domination. Very strange, yet intriguing for me.

There are a few other films that I remember since as “The Last House on the Left.” Thinking about the rape scene and at the end how the parents fulfilled their revenge on those individuals that inflicted harm on their daughter. I can relate as a parent, could you see yourself in the parent’s role? Could you carry out a killing of your child’s tormentor? Another not so disturbing movie that made me think after I viewed it was “The Tortured.” It’s similar plot about parents taking the law into their own hands. I was left asking, could I do it? Not so sure, anymore.

The most disturbing film I have recently viewed was “Antichrist” This was more bizarre to me, than disturbing. I couldn’t get the meaning behind any of it. It’s almost as if I fell into their madness and was just there, watching them. The sex scenes were intense, graphic & there was a statement in which he made to his wife was something to the effect of “you must stop using me for sex, to avoid your feelings” and I could so relate to that statement. Yes, I have used people in the past for sex, as a drug to forget, to numb or make me high. Crazy, but I could relate. The movie is more about her process of dealing with the death of her son. Just a movie that haunts me to this day.

I continue on wards mentioning other films such as Hostel and Crash. One movie I failed to mention was “Vanilla Sky.” I will never watch that movie again. It stuck in my head for years after viewing it. I couldn’t process the movie & Tom Cruise haunted my dreams. I no longer watch Tom Cruise films for that reason. It may sound funny to you, but Vanilla Sky really fucked with my head. Don’t ask me what the movie was about in detail, I blocked it out.  So, there you have just some of my thoughts on some “disturbing films.”

I can be a dark person at times, mostly around this time of the year.

I have a podcast that I discuss in more detail about some disturbing films & why they are disturbing to me. The podcast has different material from this written post. (Podcast is approximately  21 minutes in length)

Background Music –  Night Storm by Dreamerion and Creepy Haunted Atmosphere by Akashic 

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What did You Do Today?

Click out some cute Halloween decorations here

Old Man had the evening off, something that rarely happens.Here, are a few photos from my evening.

In My Beginning

I have been online since late 2006. I had found a website that was dedication to horror and everything Halloween. I met a lot of wonderful and friendly people there. We had the common interest of the darker side of life, Halloween and horror. We share all sorts of experiences there, I met a member there named “SL”. She was very open with her sexuality, I noticed some of her friends were leaning towards the “gothic, emo” look and that it ventured off into their sexuality. The vampire scene was not as back then as it as now, these were adults that were involved in all this. I finally found a place that I felt I belonged. Where I was accepted for being dark and love horror and Halloween. I remained there for about a year and enjoyed my place in cyberspace.

“SL” approached me one day and asked if I would be interested in joining her new site and becoming an administrator to that site. I jumped at the chance. It was on the once free NING platform, where a person could build their own social website. She did and it was a fun place to start out in the internet world. She posted all adult content. She invited a lot of others to join and there started to build a family of friends. I met and made friends with just about everyone on the site that I could. I met a young kid there who had just turned 18 and befriended me, to this day we still talk to each other. He was so young at the time.

“Martin” was 18, so young and a virgin. He would ask so many questions and to this day has difficulty finding a girlfriend. He would share lots of nude photos of himself on the site and beg for some of me. I never posted any nudes of myself, I was to self conscious about my body. Martin always called me a “milf”, never knew what that was and he had to explain it to me. I was so embarrassed. He’s a great kid, can’t believe he was in high school and has since graduated and working now.
I don’t remember how it happened, I met a man who invited me to another NING site that was themed around music, mp3’s and videos.

There I met “Bernie” and a few others. Bernie and I were online very early one morning and he briefly chatted with me in the chatroom. Nothing big or threatening – just small talk. I then looked up his profile and had so many videos uploaded. Music that I enjoyed and the videos were great quality. I commented on a few of his videos. While I was doing that he too was scoping out my profile and later told me that he was really surprised to see how “hot” I was and for a woman my age how mature I was and mostly he was shocked that I enjoyed listening and had knowledge of the music he posted.


So, Halloween is pretty much upon us. My Halloween’s have changed in the past through years. No longer do I assemble the huge spread in the front yard. It got to be too much, and besides the truck loads of kids without custumes really got on my nerves! All those people that wanted our photos, which was kind of cool, but damn! I just got tired of it all, families coming into our ‘hood, because someone shared with their friends that we had a cool “trick or treat” scene. I think maybe NEXT year I might set up all the spread again or maybe wait til my grandson is 5yrs old, when he can better understand the scary stuff. This year I will be dressing up as a 60’s chick (again) for work. Its because I can’t really dress in anything slutty or too scary at my work. It’s christian based, soooooo. One good thing is that my boss is really cool about it. 🙂

I will pass out some candy and then head for work, for the pizza party with the residents…we are serving BEER!! Ohhhh boy! Keep an eye out for the photos.

FearFest, The 13 Nights of Halloween…Horror Films

The 13 Nights of Halloween or FearFest on AMC are starting to get us in the scary mood.  If your friend has never seen a horror movie which would you recommend to them?
Which horror movies would you tell your friend NOT to watch?
What are YOUR top FIVE horror movies that you watch during the Halloween season?
What are some of the horror movies that really scared you?!

Mmmm my top 5….there are so many to pick from.

  1. The Excorist – probably because being raised Catholic, one is force fed all that stuff about good vs evil. Be good or you will go to hell and that the devil is real. I saw it when I was little with my mom & step-dad. He told my mom..”Don’t let her watch that.” BUT BUT I begged…I wish I did’nt watch it..I didn’t sleep that night and my mom slept in the room with me!
  2. Poltergeist – was the last movie I saw at the threater with my dad. I slept on the floor in his room. He thought it was funny at the threater, I remember a moment in the movie when the whole place was quiet and my father yells “BOOOOO.” Everyone screamed! The whole thing with the TV and Indain burial ground freaked me out.
  3. Dawn of the Dead (1978) – This just scared me when I was little … thoughts of a virus that turns ppl into zombies and that “when hell is full, the dead will walk the earth.” That scared me only because of the religious background and not having a full understanding of it all.
  4. Signs – I normally don’t get scared with alien movies, but this one was done really good and that thought of an alien invasion…scared me. Besides I thought the aliens in this movie were creepy looking.
  5. The Omen – another movie about Satan and all that bible stuff. I guess the idea of not being able to control it or fight against a bad guy…is the most of upsetting. Like with Freddie, Jason..they can be harmed, injuried but Satan?! *biting fingernails*

Runners Up are The Sixth Sense – this didn’t really scare me..a very good movie, kept me on my seat til the end, then I figured it out about 20 minutes til it ended. I ruined it for my hubby when I blurted out what I thought might happen. lol
Hellraiser & Saw were also very good movies to me. I liked that both movies were different from slasher, demonic story lines. Good stuff for sure!
So, what are you gonna watch scare yourself?

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