Back when my kids were little and I was a single mom, there wasn’t a lot of money to spend for clothes. Don’t even mention buying new clothes. I would get Thursday newspaper and mark the garage sales that were close my job so I could go during lunchtime. I would mark my calendar down for the big church sales.

I was driving past a new store. A very small shop, inside were kid’s clothes for garage sale prices. Adult clothes, new brand clothes. Shoes, some jewelry and miscellaneous items. All at very inexpensive prices. I ended up buying some jeans and a few other items. When I was checking out, the owner told me that they are always taking gently used clothes to re-sell. Oh Cool! Consignment thrift store.

That was over 13 years ago. The store has tripled in size and continues to make me some extra spending cash. I take in my old holiday decorations, books, shoes, clothes, a few small pieces of furniture. I end up just buying more clothes for myself. I used to use the money for vacation, kid’s clothes and anything else I needed the money for.

I still enjoy a good charity shop, Goodwill or Salvation Army shopping day. I recently went to my first $1.23 Goodwill sale. OMG. The parking lot was overflowing and cars were parked two blacks down the street. It was an experience that was insane. All the clothes are $1.23. I got a few items that the price tag was still on them. I know most of the brands of clothing, if it’s unfamiliar then I google it – quickly. I like some Old Nay, Apt 9, Somona (Kohl’s). Everything that was an article of clothing was only $1.23.  I wanted to take some photos of the shopping carts of some customers but I forgot in the midst of my own shopping. It was insane, the shopping carts were overflowing with clothes, to the point where the woman had to hold the top so it wouldn’t tip over when she turned the corner.

I view it this way, even it I only wear it one time. It didn’t cost me much at all. Verses spending $43 for it and slipping something on it and it’s ruined. Anyone can easily express their individuality and still be frugal, thrifty with their money.

Rummage Sales

Some people call them garage sales other call them rummage sales. Either way, my neighborhood is having one tomorrow. We have not participated in one since maybe 2000 or so. It always was cold & rainy when they had them in the past of late April. Now it’s mid-May and brisk out, sometimes in the 70’s. Tomorrow once again its suppose to be cloudy and 68 degrees outside.

I dread these things. I never know how much to price stuff and I want stuff gone, yet, feeling like a hoarder I have issues getting rid of my stuff! How crazy is that!? We have some items left by out former tenants from our rental property. Man, what a mess! I have a storage unit, a shed, my spouses shed along with a temporary shed, you know the ones with the tarp cover!

Gawd! Maybe we are Hoarders in disguise. I just feel since my Manchild is moving out, we can stand to down size in a major way. There are no more young kids in the house, I see no little children coming to visit us i.e. my grandson, unless I beg for him. I think “I am finally getting my freedom back from the younger years when I had NO choice, I had to be someones mother.” Now I am FREE! Back to being the highly self-absorbed woman again. That’s for another post!

Just wish me well in my madness….this is so crazy. Deep freezer, baker’s rake, towel rack, futon frames, clothes…JUNK….yea yea one mans junk is another mans treasure!