Taking a Chance [WW101]

It was his son’s birthday party. His Friday night out with the guys had turned into Saturday morning with the guys.
He knew that his wife had invited me to the party.
When I arrived the party it was still a bit early. His wife greeted me and told me that he had spent the entire night out with his friends. She was a bit upset, because he had promised to help her with their son’s party. She knew he wasn’t with me. I’m not that girl.  He was in their bedroom, attempting to sleep off his hangover.

Still a bit peeved she says “come on let’s see if he’s feeling any better now.”

I followed her down the hallway to their bedroom door. She opened it slowly & quietly. There he laid on their bed. He was in his cargo shorts & a t-shirt. She spoke in a soft voice “babe, our friend is here.”

He lifted his head to look at me. He smiled. I turned to her & smiled.

She says  “I need to get back out there, have guests to attend to, maybe you can put him in a better mood. Get him to come out and help me. His parents should be here soon. I have to finish getting the food ready.” She was still talking as she was walking out of the door. I felt as if I was being sacrificed. Here is your offering as she’s running out of the room.

I walked over & straddled him. “So. You stayed out all night? Drinking with the crew again, huh? You know you’re not a spring chicken anymore.”

Sigh. Deep inhaling breath.  “I know I’m getting too old for this shit. I’m glad you’re here. Right now I need to get my ass moving. Damn.” He caresses my tits, one hand around my back, pulling me down towards him. His lips met mine. His tongue pushes my lips open. Feeling his cock starting to harden underneath me. He pushes up just a bit. A huge grin came over his face.  He said “bathroom.” As we enter the bathroom attached to their bedroom, we can hear the door bell ring. Loud voices carry, screaming kids running over head.

The bathroom has a huge mirror over the sink. It’s all enclosed with the vanity lights over head. He unzipped his shorts, those, along with his underwear dropped to the floor. “Suck my cock babe.” His cock was already hard, I knelt and starting sucking his cock. He’s looking down at me, I’m sucking fast & quick. Suddenly his hand is on the back of my head holding me onto his cock. I look up at him. For a second I was gonna panic. No one locked the bedroom  or  bathroom door! He has his finger over his mouth making the “shhh” gesture. I hear a voice “Daddy?! Nana & Nono are here!!! Then we hear her voice “Come on honey, daddy’s in the bathroom, come on. Back to you party, daddy will be out soon. She says loudly “RIGHT DADDY???!!!” He didn’t answer. I assume the bedroom door closed, because he looked down at me and winked. As if to say “the coast is clear.”

He started pumping  his cock in & out of  my mouth again, grabbing my hair and started fucking my mouth faster. His hand reaches down into my shirt. His fingers twist & pinch one of my nipples. He continues to fuck my mouth, I’m now drooling on the rug,  and my eyes are watering. He pulls out of my mouth, motions for me to stand up. I unzip my shorts, my panties & shorts fall to the floor. He turns me around to face the mirror. He reaches in front of me and turns the cold water on. He runs his very hard cock up & down my slit a few times. I wanna feel him inside me, now! I’m also thinking that there is a huge chance that we can get caught. How the hell will we explain that one?! She knows about me, but I’m pretty sure their family & friends don’t know about their lifestyle choices.

He thrusts into me, a twinge of pain & pleasure course through me. He’s got his hands around my waist, pulling me back on him.  I look up and all I see his reflection in the mirror watching us. He winks at me and smiles. He reaches around, rubbing my clit. My face drops into the running water, trying not to be loud when those waves of pleasure hit me. He’s pumping faster & faster. I can hear his breath quicken, he reaches for my hair, grabs a handful, pulling my head back towards him. We are watching the fuck scene in the mirror. He lets out an audible moan as he pumps his seed into my pussy. We stand there for a second or two, catching our breath. He pulls his limp cock  out of me, I feel our juices start to run down my leg. He turns to the closet, handing me a towel, “clean up and I’ll wait for you to leave first. Then I will come out to the party and apologize for being late.”

I quickly washed up. Leaving the bathroom, then scared to death to leave the bedroom. I opened the door. Whew. No one is around. They are probably all in the back yard. I walk down the hallway into the kitchen. She’s standing there preparing a food tray. “Is he gonna make an appearance to his son’s party?” I nodded. Shortly after that he walked into the kitchen. Patted his wife’s ass, kissing her cheek “sorry about staying out all night. It won’t happen again.” He opens the frig, getting the hamburger patties out. Walking outside on the deck he yells “who’s ready for some burgers?!

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Click here to found out who else is being Wicked


TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual Situations, Risky Behavior, Impulsive Behavior

“Quickie: A quickie refers to a brief or spontaneous episode of sexual activity, with the act finishing in a very short amount of time. Generally the term presupposes that foreplay is skipped and that at least one of the partners climaxes.” –  Wikipedia

The text conversation started like this….

So whats today look like?

i’m just finishing here.

yeah???? so ur done for the day??

pretty much. then off to run errands.

NICE!!! feel like a quickie? letting ur fuck buddy slip his cock in one of ur holes til he explodes?! 😉

sure thing

where u from here?


come this way turn right on the second street and pull into the empty lot look for the side door on the west side.

when am I doing all this?

NOW baby NOW baby!!!


He was there waiting,  opened the door. The old smell of this abandoned warehouse was kind of a turn on. Pieces of drywall on the ground, old equipment in some of the rooms. I followed him into a few rooms, looking for the “right spot.” Off in the distance we saw a huge piece of equipment. Across the hall was a small walk in closet with a counter top on its side. Perfect! He unzipped his pants, I dropped to my knees. We kept hearing noises and he wasn’t getting hard, due to the constant look-out. Why? Well, I found out later that this warehouse was attached to the company he works for and he just walked through the hallways to get there.

If anyone comes stay in here and I will go out and draw their attention and you sneak out the same way you came in.

I couldn’t response with my mouth full of cock, but I understood. I finally stood up and asked him to step inside more so we could close the door a bit more so that the line of view wasn’t so visible. He relaxed more, his cock got hard fast. I knew it was time to unzip my pants. I love it when I don’t wear panties. I bent over, leaning on the counter top. I felt his cock ram into me. I normally am very vocal, but I knew this time I couldn’t be. I got off more on listening to him moan & breath hard & fast. It didn’t take last for him to blast his cum deep inside me. DAMN! nothing to clean up with. We both just zipped up. I was out the door, hand unlocking it and I turned around and kissed him “bye babe..DON’T run..WALK.” Yeah, I tend to walk from the scene of the crime, don’t you?!

My Self-Damaging Impulsiveness

In my 20’s I attempted to ease the emptiness that I felt through sex. I used sex as a drug. When I didn’t get high from the act, I felt lower than before having sex. Then I would move onto the next sex adventure. In my 20’s I did things I was not proud of. I’m thankful that I made it out of my darkness.  Below is a short story from my past. To see what my madness looked like up close.


He’s been texting once a week. Normally on Mondays, this past week it was Thursday. Then again yesterday, begging, pleading he wants his fuck buddy back.

I was so angry at myself for even doing what I did. I tried to get rid of him. I didn’t try hard enough because he is still around. We have tried to talk about what all went down. Both of us seem to stop talking at some point.

“Let’s just get together and talk this out.” His text come into my phone.

 “NO.” I answered.

However, this time he caught me at a weak spot.  I was horny as fuck. He weakened me, I gave in. I knew better, afterwards my face broke out in hives. How bad is that guilt??!!!

I parked on the side street. I knew my car could be seen from the main road. So paranoid! He said the door is unlocked. I walk in a thought WHAT A DIVE. It has a potential. He has most of his stuff there. I am pretty sure that M is done with him. Although, he told me that they are “fuck friends” now. Which I find hard to believe. He lied about everything else. He’s lying about that.

He asked “you alright?

NO, I’m freaked out that someone will see my car out there!

No one knows your car! Ain’t no one gonna come in here and start shit.

I said Ok, but wasn’t relaxed at all.

He was only in his boxers, go figure right?! He offered me a seat, as I looked around asking “this is it? your place? it’s got potential.

We were standing in the empty dining room. He was walking back towards the back door mumbling about if “You ain’t comfortable you can go.” I was right behind him and he turned to see where I was and we ended up staring at each other. He leaned in kissing me.

I knew I was in trouble. I should have never came over in the first place. UGH!

We were kissing as if, well, like it’s been years. He walked back into the living room and sat on the sofa. I sat turned towards him. “Ya know I really don’t care who you fuck, but I have seen some of those chicks that you have been with and well….condoms!

He replies with “What chicks?” Damn, you really think that’s how I am?!

“YES, I do. Cause I have been there myself. I’m not judging you,. I’m just saying be careful and basically I am afraid to fuck you now.”

I have a couple condoms in the bedroom. I always wear one with strangers. Just not you or Mol. Besides, you have been having sex with me for over a year going on two years and suddenly you’re concerned?!” I was always concerned, but was oblivious to any shenanigans that might have been going on with him & women that were not M. Now that he is in the “limbo” of being married, but not divorced. I’m sure that he fucks around a lot. A man like him has too.

He was getting upset with the things I was saying, but I really didn’t care then. I was stroking his cock while talking to him.  I guess I was looking for that same reaction I get from my spouse, but I didn’t get that from him. He was tense and hurried. Normally his cock is already semi hard and I don’t have to work very hard, but this time I was starting to hurt. My heart wasn’t into a blow job. I was there sucking his cock for what felt like 20 minutes. He chuckled and said “this is your test, lets see what you got.” My heart wasn’t in it. I was thinking all kinds of distracting thoughts. Like …

Hurry up already….damn whats taking you so long…if he just took a shower why do I keep smelling mold? Why are those lights so bright….fuck i’m sweating…seriously, now i can smell something that i don’t like.

At one point I stopped sucking on him to look at his cock cause I felt a little bump. I looked at it. “What’s that?” He replied “my french tickler? its always been there.” I vaguely remember something like that. It looks like a very very tiny cyst. I continued sucking, sweating and had to change positions. He took off his shorts and leaned back on the sofa. He stuck his hand in my sweater, moaning and watching.

He asks “whats the difference if i fuck you now or tomorrow?” I said “Nothing.”

He says “then drop those pants and lets fuck…come on in the bedroom..

No sheets and a pile a laundry. He must have seen my face, “I told you I was at the laundry mat just finished one load.” He points to the bed. Lots of pillows.  I take my pants off and climb on the bed. I felt grossed out, confused and thinking this is not a good idea at all. I laid back still had my boots on, he was having problems getting in, I was dry, not turned on at all. Too paranoid! He pushed into me and I squeezed tight. He put both my legs onto his shoulders, he’s watching as we fuck. A few times he fell out, back in he goes. I felt like I do when I’m in a hurry..talking dirty so he will bust a nut quickly. He is pounding away, trying and trying. He finishes..”you didn’t cum did you?” I replied..”are we done?” as I smack his limp dick. I grab the towel, wipe off that best I could.

Wash your dick off.

Why? no big deal”. He walked over to get a bottle of water, that I had drank out of once. I reached up and took another swig of it. “There are bottles in the frig.” I just looked at him. At this point I really don’t care what he thinks or how he feels.

This is was a very bad idea, I knew this would happen. FUCK!”

 “What?! Us? is a bad idea?!

 “Yes!!! cause then we get addicted to this and then it spirals out of control.”

I am walking towards the back door, he leaned in for a kiss as I walked out, but I couldn’t do it. He had mentioned wanting to fuck once a week again like the old days. I don’t think I can do this. I say this now, but ask me again next week and I’ll tell you something different.

The feeling of “us” just isn’t the same. I didn’t get that feeling that I wanted, needed to make me feel better about myself. He’s used up. The energy is gone. Why come back from any thing more?

On My Knees Again [TheFellatioProject]

We had made plans to get together for the exchange. I text him to tell him I’d be there in 10 minutes. He was there waiting. I walked through the back door. He laughed as he watched me.

Why are you laughing? I ask.

Because you always run up to the door and you always look around with paranoia to make sure no one sees you.

I don’t remember what we said to each other as I followed him into the living room. It was dark and cool. I took off my coat, laying it across the sofa. He looked at what I was wearing. Oh love those fuzzy boots.

Do you really like them?

Babe, you know I have always liked boots.

This small talk was starting to get on my nerves. The falseness of it all. I knew I really didn’t want to be there any more than I had to. I was gonna sit down on the sofa, but I didn’t want to chit-chat with him like the so many times before. I just wanted to do what I had agreed on. I wasn’t giving him anything more.

He dropped himself on to the other sofa. I walked over to him, straddling him. Leaning in for a kiss. My mind goes into hyper drive. I can feel those urges build. I can feel my pussy begin to ache for him. NO!

Oh God. I missed his kisses. When he kisses me, my mind becomes empty. I am one in the moment.  Tipsy from the taste of his lips. I’m drunk with lust. I can’t control myself. We kiss so intensely as if we will devour each other’s soul. I regain my senses. Time for me to get to work. Still sitting on him, I look into his eyes.

Tell me, did you miss me? Did you miss my lips? Did you miss my touch?

He smiles at me, kissing my cheeks, kissing my neck. His fingers run through my hair. Pulling a few strands out of my face and mouth.

Yes I missed you. I missed you this much. (as he stretches his arms out)

Did you miss me sucking your cock? Did you think about me after you left? 

In between kisses, he answers me.

I thought about you all the time. I thought how good you feel. I missed the taste of you. I missed smelling you on my clothes. I missed spanking your ass and pulling your hair. I just want you back into my life. 

I smiled at him. Thinking to myself, this is all bullshit. I decided I’d better hurry, the clock is ticking. I slide slowly down his body. I kneel. Unbuckling his pants, unzipping them, sliding them down. He didn’t take them off all the way. I pulled his limp dick out of his pants. I enjoy the feel of a limp cock in my mouth as it slowly becomes harder. He was so relaxed. I think too relaxed. I sucked his flaccid cock. I was hoping that this wouldn’t take long. At first I was into the act. Somewhere, I lost my train of thought. Somewhere, I just forgot what I was doing.

My mind wandered away from me. What?! What’s happening? Stop thinking about how you don’t want to be here. Stop thinking about how thin his penis looks now.

I’m sucking. Licking. Stroking my hand on his shaft while my tongue runs over the head of his cock. I’m starting to wonder if he’s ever gonna cum. Why is it taking so long? Did it always take this long? God, I don’t remember. Why does the floor seem damp? My knees are starting to hurt. Why don’t they hurt at other times?

I hear him moaning, but nothing like I want to hear him sound. Does it feel good to him? I wanna hear that sound that only he makes. I look at him as I lick the sides of his now very hard cock. Taking his balls into my mouth as I run my tongue down the sides, pulling them into my mouth then running my tongue across them as they are in my mouth. And yet, I still don’t hear that sound I so desperately crave to hear.

The thoughts of self-doubt start filling my mind. Maybe I’ve lost my touch. I prided myself on this talent that I have perfected for myself. Now I’m shaking. Why? Why isn’t it working?

I stop. He says “I wanna feel your skin against mine.” His way for asking for sex. Nope. I can’t. Don’t know where he’s been. I tell him that. “rubber?

‘No, I only have sex with her.” I knew he was still with her. I didn’t care. I’m trying to figure out, what’s taking him so long. He pulls my hair out of my face into his hand & holds it into a ponytail. Pulling my hair, holding my head. I thought we were close, I swear he drifted off for a second. I looked up at him and stopped. I laughed “ I can’t have sex with you. we’ve been apart too long for that now.” In my mind sucking his dick wasn’t the same as having vaginal sex. I continued sucking his still hard cock. My mouth starting to get tired. I tasted a faint taste of him. We’re getting close.

I’m doing everything that I would do to make him cum fast, but nothing is working. I think he knew I was beginning to give up hope on this blow job. He started stroking his cock. I watched as I licked & sucked his balls. My mind had more questions like he strokes his cock with two fingers? Not his hand wrapped around it. Was his dick always this thin, that thought of thinness won’t leave my thoughts. Long. He is long. At times hitting the back of my throat before I could slide him down correctly. Sucking his cock down to the base, my nose buried into his pubic area. I take a deep breath, breathing his scent into my nasal passages.

His hand starts stroking again, my tongue running across the head. I start the dirty talk.

I want you to cum on my tongue. Watch your cock spurt that hot cum on my tongue. I’m gonna swallow it all. I’ve missed tasting you. Cum for me babe.

He continued to stroke his cock faster. I watched & waited. There was no sounds, no tight muscles. Until the second before. I was unprepared for the initial spurt, which landed on his stomach.  I seen his body tense up, hearing the release in his voice. I quickly sucked him into my mouth. I heard that grasp of air. I swallowed, tightening around his cock. I did this until I felt his limp cock in my mouth. I really couldn’t taste him when I was swallowing, which was ok. I moved my mouth to the spot where his cum had landed on his stomach. I licked up what I had missed. Looking up at him and him watching me. Smiling.

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I wanted him to miss that kinky little slut I used to be for him.

Upon finishing, I giggled “sorry it took so long, it seems I’ve lost my touch. I haven’t been practicing.”

Baby, you are the best. Will always be the best – to me.”

He brushes the hair away from my face, tucking some behind my ear. “No. Don’t ever doubt yourself.”

I smiled brightly, stood up. Picking up my coat, putting it on as I began walking. “Can’t stay.”

He walked me to the door. Kissed me on the lips, hugged me. “Be careful.” 

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The Fellatio Project

Blowing through Monday

I arrived at “our spot” in the park. I seen his car backing into a parking spot. There was another blue car with its lights on parked there too. Thinking “oh crap, someone has beat us to our spot.” I drove down to the dead-end. The other car started to drive off. He got out of his car, stretching his arms while the other car moved slowly away. I parked. He walked towards the car. I got out of my car.

“You scared that guy away”
“Did I? Was he alone?”
“Yeah, I think so, he looked at me and I looked at him.”
I so wanted grab him. We both stood with our bodies facing each other watching the car drove getting smaller in the distance. He leaned in and kissed me.

“What’s up babe? missed you.”
“Oh yeah, really? how much?”

He turned me around, swatted my ass while pushing me in the direction of the other side of his car as he started to get into the driver’s side.

I dropped my keys on the floor of the car. He’s unzipping his shorts. I see his limp dick and he is need of a shave.

“You gonna suck my cock baby?” 
I eagerly got to it. Feeling his limp cock in my mouth. Pushing it up against the roof of my mouth.  Swirling around it with my tongue. It’s so supple. So soft in my mouth. I swallow. Sucking up his balls into my mouth while his cock is still soft, but that didn’t last long at all. He reached into my jeans, squeezing my ass in his hand. His other hand was grabbing a handful of my hair. But there was still a lot of my hair wrapped up around his hardening cock. I stopped to readjust into a better position.

I love it when you watch me.” 

“I love watching you suck my cock.”

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He started grabbing hair from around my face and mouth. He wrapped his hand around it and pulled. Then he pushed my head down onto his cock.  Pulling & pushing, faster & faster.

“You gonna swallow all my load, baby? You wanna taste every drop, don’t ya?”

 Agreeing with him with my mouth full, making that uhuh sound. I wonder if it vibrated on his cock at all. He started to lift up a little from his seat. Strangely he got loud. All that tension that was released through his vocal chords and his cock. What a turn on!!! He had put his hand at the base of his cock. Normally I go down to the base, allowing the cum to slide directly down my throat. This time I couldn’t do that. He had his hand in the way so his hot jizz was squirting onto my tongue.  I was having difficulty keeping up with the swallowing. I love sucking after he comes because he reacts so intensely. I started sucking harder and at the base of the head.

“Stopppppp!!! Whaaaaa are you doing?! ahhhh you’re driving my crazy! That TICKLES!!!” 

He managed to wiggle free from my mouth.

“Ah! that really tickles!! Why do you do that to me?!” 
“Because I enjoy that power of watching you squirm.”

He put his cock away. Zipped up his pants. Patting his pants.


I just giggled.
I noticed that we had a different connection this time.  We were getting comfortable with each other. Both of us knowing what the other one wants.  He smiled that wicked smile at me. He mentioned meeting with someone over the weekend. I was totally ready to jump out of the truck. but he was relaxed. After I had finished sucking his cock.  I kissed him. Just a brief tender kiss, am I slipping? Geez, I hope not.
“This was a great Monday! Don’t forget Wednesday! For sure and then Friday we can get together again. OK, sweetie?”
“Yup, Wednesday for suck & fuck and Friday for business!”

He winked at me as I climbed out of his car.



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The Fellatio Project


Balance at the Boat Launch [WW91]

He text me to let me know he wanted to met me again.
I told him I had to work late at the office. He reminded me of the appointment he had so it worked out perfect. We met up at the boat launch.

He said “We can go over in the woods or over in the parking lot, pick!?

I like being his fantasy and his fun-time. I let him pick. We got out of my car, walked down the bike path a bit. Looking for a clearing in the brush. We both spotted a perfect little spot. It was a wooded area between the walking path and the river next to the boat launch. The land formed a wooded cliff. There were lots of trees, small bushes, rocks on the cliff. The land was so unstable and soft from earlier rain storms.

He unzipped his pants, pulling out his cock.  I had to work for this hard-on.  He had to keep watch. It was a nice day so many  people walking and riding bikes by us. I was sucking his cock for what seemed like forever. He grabbed a handful of my hair, pushing my head onto his cock. I looked past him, while I’m sucking hard on his cock. I see a jogger running past us on the path. We are hopefully hidden by some of the brush. He thrust his cock into my mouth, so hard, to keep me from moving. I did gag that time.

We were both standing up at this point, trying not to fall over on the slighted hill we were on. I was so afraid that if I lost my balance I would end up falling into the river. Holding my balance in heels isn’t easy. I still was wearing my heels from work. On one side of us was the walking path. On the other side of us was the river. He pulled me down a bit closer to the water. Because we were still a bit to close to the walking path. People could possibly see us.  We  passionately kissed for a while. I stroked his cock.  He said “sexy walking shoes by the way.” We kissed some more. He wasn’t getting as hard as I wanted him to. I figured I would pull out the last trick of the “dirty talk.” 

I want you to fuck me, baby. Fill my pussy with your hot cum.”

He started kissing me more intensely.

He asked “Do you want me? Fucking you hard?

Yes baby. Yes! I do. I need it. I need it from you.”

He pushed me over.  I am holding onto a tree branch again trying to keep my balance and not to fall into the river. I wasn’t wearing any panties, which made it easier. Not to mention sexy & slutty. He lifted my denim mini, slamming his hard cock into me. He grabbed onto of my blouse, pulling it, pulling my skirt, to pull me back onto his cock. It didn’t take long before he came. But not before he told me to be quiet. I was getting too loud. He finished cumming in me.  As I stood up, I saw some of his cum dripping out of me. I smiled. He smacked my ass and gave me that mischievous smile that I love so well.

We walked up the hill.  I tried not to lose my balance walking back up with the heels on. It had been much easier walking to the spot than it was leaving the spot.  We walked away with smiles on our faces.

He said “we need to catch up to our once a week thing.

I said “yes, I know.” I got into my car and drove, hearing him say “be careful.”

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First at Being a Third [WW90]

The couple approached me about being their “third.” The Mr had tried for weeks to get me in a right situation for a threesome with his wife. We had a few sex-free encounters at their home, out at the bar. The Mr had said “if it happens great, if not we shot for a next time.”

I remember being worried about what I was wearing, how I looked, mostly was everything nice & clean.  At this time in my life my self-esteem was low, weight and just not feeling all that sexy. The Mrs had talked to me several times before about how her hubby felt about me and other women. When they went to swinger clubs that she noticed a lot of the “plastic” women stuck together and that the men didn’t seem all that interested in them as much as the “real” housewives. She explained to me how they pick out the other couples or singles to play with. She did a lot of  sharing a lot of their past experiences.  She went on to talk me some experiences they had in the past, different men, how kinky her man really was. How some couples were just plain weird.  I remember telling her that I didn’t like to kiss on the mouth. I thought of it as more of an emotional exchange, something that is passionate and expressing feeling towards the other person. She wasn’t to thrilled with that answer, but she smiled at me and said she understood. I’m not sure if she was trying to put me at ease, this being my first time for a threesome.

We had decided to meet up at the bar. We talked, had a few drinks, played some darts. It was getting late. The Mr asked me “wanna come back to the house?” My ex had the kids for the weekend so I had no reason not to go to their home. I nodded my head. “Sure.”

I remember that uncomfortable feeling at first, when he said “let’s go to the bedroom.” I told them both early on that I just wanted to watch and get a “feel” for them. I get off on watching. In the beginning of our conversations They expressed that they were sort of looking for a third to be a main fixture in their sexual adventures. At the time, I was thinking “sure, why not?”

We all went to the bedroom, she lights some candles. The Mr immediately striped off his clothes and jumped in bed. She took off her clothes, jumped in bed. I stood there feeling uncomfortable. The bedroom was a cold temperature, being nervous didn’t help. They watched me undress. I just took off my top and bra. They both went straight for my tits. Each one on the side of me, all of us on their king size bed. I was overwhelmed at first, however soon began to relax. He would talk to me, asking me questions, making sure I was ok and not uncomfortable. He said “You can stop at anytime. Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with.” I told him I was fine. Things started to move along, the Mrs kissed me. She was so gentle with me, I just melted. Thought “yeah, I can get used to this.” I sucked his cock for a while. The Mrs watched in amazement how I deep-throated him without gagging. She enjoyed pushing my head down on his cock fast & hard. She moved up to kiss him while I continued sucking, I heard him whisper to her “if she doesn’t stop I’m gonna cum.” I stopped sucking him. She looked at me. “Do you want him to cum in your mouth?

I said “I wanna watch you two fuck.”

She smiled at me. She kissed me then she mounted his hard cock. I loved watching her rock back and forth on him. Her whimpers escaping her lips. I started sucking on her tits, caressing them, kissing her as she came. A few seconds after that he came too. I enjoyed watching them have sex. It was a good feeling knowing that they both cared about it being my first threesome, being unsure about it, but mostly about how I was feeling. He asked me “No guilt? You’re feeling ok.  We can take this as slow as you want.” The Mrs adds “Yes. Slow is good. Next time we will do a little more. And the bed is big enough that you can just sleep here. Mr will fix us breakfast in the morning.”

That was the start of me being the “third” of a couple. I was young back then. Afraid, insecure of who I was. Second guessing everything. They taught me a lot about their life style, along with accepting myself as who I am as a person. Sadly, I did lose touch with them when life happened to us. Different jobs, re-locations. Just didn’t stay connected to them. However, they will always be my first couple in my first threesome experience.


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Risky Behavior [NSFW]

When I started the Zero to Hero Challenge, one of the prompts was to check out the WordPress reader. To follow & connect to some other blogs, find a topic that sparks an interest.  I have stated that I will begin to  Blog for Mental Health.  Reading a few of the blogs, I started to think back to when I was younger & acting out. I had mentioned that one of my issues, symptoms (hate that word) is impulsivity, including forms of risky behaviors.  Another one is a feeling of emptiness, boredom. This combination is not a good one for me, because it leads into bigger problems. My journey is to better understand myself, the illness and my triggers, so I started re-reading some of my old journals. Below is a story that I put together from a decision that I made on May 23, xxxx.


G texts me this late afternoon. Surprisingly, I didn’t have my phone with me, it was upstairs. I missed his first text by 15 minutes.

hey i met a guy who has some stuff. Feel like partying a bit? I know you’re hurting.”
I am shocked by this. G must be watching my Facebook, having an idea of my emotional state. Why he thought I would “party” with him….ok, back in the day. I partied A LOT. BUT we are responsible adults now. RIGHT?!

Yes? No? Maybe?

Sure, I’ll try some.

where u wanna meet me?

where ever


when ever ur ready

SWEET! u wanna fuk too?????

of course if u got time!

OHHHH I got time! lol

where & when?

upstairs..I’ll sneak u in @ 6

k..45 mins..c u soon

ya that cool?


sweet…u wanna fuck?


i’m ready 😉 do a rail together and then FUK!

k…want me there now?

NO..not yet…just be here by 6



ETA 5mins

I start walking down the stairs.  I hear his voice at the top of the stairs. “Damn that was fast
I have a fast car now.

that foreign crap??!!!

shut up! its a sweet ride!

Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out the little plastic baggie. I begin to feel instant regret, guilt and that “what if I get caught” feeling. He checks his phone, trying to unwrap the baggie. Do you have a dollar?

NO! Having my purse would make noise and being without it makes for an easy escape.

Laughing loudly he says an easy escape! Ok, babe…here, I got a buck. I know you are down, thought this would help, BUT its a ONE time deal, you understand?!

I smiled, as if to say “thank god” I understand!

He put some on the table. He is trying to close the baggie. His phone goes off…hey cut that up.


yeah don’t act like you don’t know what you’re doing! you aint innocent. And why you being so quiet? talk to me.

Ahhh, i’m used to us NOT talking due to you not wanting anyone to hear us and risking getting caught.

Well, just cut it up into two..one for me and one for you.

I did as I was told.

He did his, handing me the rolled up bill, I do mine. He walks around for a bit.

You feeling ok? Good, huh? I just nod. I couldn’t believe what I had just done. My stomach sunk to the floor, til the feeling hit me. I walked over to the window to get some air. He shut off the light in the kitchen, walking towards me, pulls me toward him. Kisses me, just like we used to. We stand there by the window, kissing passionately, tongues dancing. I like sucking on his tongue when he pushes it into my mouth. His hands make their way inside my jeans (no panties again) his hands on my ass cheeks, squeezing hard, pulling me tightly against him. My hands on his back holding him, all the while kissing.

He starts to unzip his pants. He strokes his cock just for a few seconds. I feel him getting hard. Pulling a chair out…

I’m suppose to sit there?! is that where you want me to sit? 

Yessss, let me do what I do best. I squat down, look up at him smiling. I love it when you watch me. Watch Me

He winks at me, nodding just once. I slowly take his cock into my mouth. Both hands on his clean shaven pubic area, my thumbs pushing his balls up towards my lower lip. I suck long strokes, when I reach the base I lick his balls, also gently massaging with my thumbs. I move one hand to his shaft, stroking & sucking at that same time. He leans his head on his hand, I look up and see his eyes are closed as if he is sleeping, but with a slight smile on his face, like he’s at peace, quickly opening his eyes, staring at me again.

I decide it’s time to ride his cock now. I stand up, taking off my pants. You wanna feel this in your pussy? As he strokes his cock a bit.

Yessss, can i?

would love tooYeah ride me babe..fast & hard. I mount him, guiding his hard member into my awaiting pussy. That amazing feeling when it first goes in. sigh. I’m getting off on just feeling deep inside me. He’s watching my face. I’m looking at his lips, not looking him in the eyes. Riding.  Up & down, then changing to sliding back & forth. His hands on my ass, spreading my cheeks apart, pushing & pulling me while he is holding on.

His hands move from there to my shirt, lifting my shirt, up with my bra. He sucks on one nipple, not hard like he usually does, his hand is on the other. I can’t hold off much longer, I start moving faster, breathing harder. He knew I had cum, just by the way my thighs were shaking, my vocal cues are enough for him to know. We kiss a few times more. I wanted to whisper his name, but I just couldn’t get it out of my mouth. His hands are back on my ass, he is moving up thrusting into me quickly.

Yeah baby yeah, just like that…fuckkkkk….yeah gimme your cum baby. His eyes were closed, head tilted back. I heard that deep moan. That was it. We stopped moving.


Yup 123. I stood up.  Our DNA mixture dripped onto his thigh.

Oh, look you got me! 

Opps sorry. Giggling as I walk towards the bathroom. I noticed that we both came a lot. I was really wet. He was already dressed by the time I returned.  He walked me to the door, wait right here! till i text you that’s its clear


I’m gonna go stand my the side door as cover!

             ohhh gotcha. I pretty much run to my car.

There’s the reckless, risky behavior I spoke about. I understand how I used the drugs & sex. In a strange way, I used those to fill the emptiness I was feeling at that time. It wasn’t about love or getting high, but more about feeling something.  It was about being distracted from whatever was really causing me pain at the moment in my life. Using both as some sort of band-aide, as if that would ease the true pain I was experiencing at the time. The sex was great, it always is when it’s like this. The rush of it all,  that becomes the addiction, right? Do I feel guilty about it, no. Should I?

After reading my journal entries  from years ago. I’m thankful that I learned something from that risky behavior. I learned to see some of my triggers. Not to hold everything inside. Not to be afraid to share with that special someone, who will do his best to listen, help and most important to me, is to say that everything is gonna be ok,  I’m right here with you. There are situations, incidents or even drama that might push me into that direction again.  Sometimes I have a very difficult time fighting the urge not to go back to that “Charlie Sheen lifestyle” as I like to call it. It’s all part of growing, maturing and understanding. Never boring that’s for sure.


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