Satisfyer 2 [Review]

I was expecting to receive one of the Satisfyer products and was thrilled when I received three of the Satisfyer’s to test out. I received the Satisfyer 2, Satisfyer Pro 2 and the Satisfyer Pro Penguin. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to review them together and compare them to each other or to review each one separately. I decided to do each one on its own starting with the Satisfyer 2.

These touch-free clitoral stimulators use a “pressure wave” technology. In which the opening of the stimulator is placed on the clit or the area to be stimulated, to feel what seems like suction, but is really bursts of air. The higher the setting you use the more intense and more vibration you feel on your selected area. I think because of the oval-shaped head and the deeper area pushes the air harder, faster to the selected area.

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I noticed that each box had two Hygienic Seals on them. One located on the edge of the box and the other was on the bottom of the box. A form of reassurance that the product has not been opened or used until I opened it for myself. On the sides of the box were the specs and general information about the device in several different languages.

Opening the box I found the Satisfyer 2 along with a booklet of instructions also in several different languages. The booklet is broken down into Functions/Use, Cleaning, Storage and Material, Troubleshooting, Disposal and Safety Information. There is some helpful & useful information in the booklet. Also if you have any trouble with your Satisfyer 2, there is an email provided. Something that made me wonder about was written under Safety Information and it states “Do not use the product to stimulate any part of the body for longer than 15 minutes.” WHY? What will happen if you do? How do they know it’s 15 minutes, might be 10 or 20 for someone else. But what happens???? I think I might be able to answer that, however let’s continue with this other information first.

The Satisfyer 2 requires 2 AAA batteries to use it. Batteries are inserted at the bottom of the product by twisting to the bottom section to the left. Insert 2 AAA batteries, place bottom back on, twist to the right and now all I have to do is turn it on.

The outside of the Satisfyer 2 is pretty straight forward. There is a circular power button and a long multi-speed power button with a + and – symbol on it.

Satisfyer 2, sassycat3000, product review, sex toy review, sexblogger, latina

Before I used the product I held it in my hand, turned it on & off. I assumed that the on/off button was just a simple push, it is to turn the Satisfyer 2 on, but you must hold down the power button for a few seconds for it to shut off. I noticed that the power button is slightly slanted. I’m not sure if there is on purpose, part of the design or if maybe I pushed it in too hard. If you look closely in the photo below you can see where the button is lower on one end than it is on the other. The power still works fine.

Satisfyer 2, sassycat3000, product review, sex toy review, sexblogger, latina

The + and – button control the intensity of the pressure wave or the vibration. It’s a steady vibration no different rhythms. When you start it you are on the lowest setting. This product has 11 different levels of intensity which are all pretty good. However if you have not used a product like this before it can be a bit intense in the beginning. I can have an orgasm within the first 10 minutes of using this product.

The volume level is a bit on the loud side. I placed it under a blanket on my bed and closed the bedroom door. Windows open, birds chirping and I could just hear a slight buzzing. When the device is wide open (highest setting) it sounds like a hedge trimmer or weed whacker or even a Dremel tool that is just idling.

I don’t like that I was unable to find a price on the Satisfyer website. However, I did find several varying prices through the internet. Anywhere from $49.99 to $29.98 and everything in between.

My Intense Orgasms

I didn’t have any expectations for myself or the product. I thought that because it’s battery operated that it might not last very long. However, so far it has lasted longer than I expected. I used it a handful of times at 20 minutes at a time with a middle to high intensity level and using the same batteries I put in there when I received the product.

I have never had such intense eye-rolling in the back of my head orgasms until I used this device. Generally speaking this device is fairly easy to use one-handed. I did use this device longer than 15 minutes as stated in the instruction booklet. After a while there was a slight burning tingling sensation. Not sure if that was part of the intensity but I rolled with it. It kind of reminded me when I used to go swimming and went to the bathroom immediately afterwards. There was that weird stinging sensation. The orgasms were super intense. I’m not sure if at one point I squirted or peed on myself.  I am 99% sure I squirted. This is not the norm for me. At this point after having so many intense orgasms I really don’t care.  I am never disappointed with my orgasms that I get when I use this device.


  • The device was not truly waterproof (Photos Below)
  • The control buttons were uneven (not sure if that was intentional or done by me pushing to hard)
  • Battery operated (2 AAA)


  • Easy to clean
  • Removable silicone tip (Photo Below)
  • Slim line design (easy to hold)
  • Multi-speed (11 speeds, from very light pressure waves to very intense)
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Body safe

Satisfyer 2, sassycat3000, product review, sex toy review, sexblogger, latina

Recommendations & Conclusion

Let’s discuss the main defect of the Satisfyer 2. It claims that it is “waterproof” with a IPX7 rating.Satisfyer 2, sassycat3000, product review, sex toy review, sexblogger, latina

  • The term waterproof implies that the product will not be destroyed, damaged if submerged in water.
  • The IPX7 rating means that the device (should be) is protected from immersion in water up to 3 feet (1 meter).

Knowing now that this product has an issue with water entering the battery chamber, it would be my recommendation that when the Satisfyer 2 is used in the shower, bathtub or a time when water can enter that the batteries be removed as soon as possible after use. That the battery chamber be dried with a q-tip, dried as thoroughly as possible. Possibly stored upright in order for any excess water to drain out.

I noticed that when the bottom part of the Satisfyer 2 is secured, that there is a tiny lip that seems to be in place of an O-ring. Perhaps a clear plastic O-ring added to create a barrier in addition to that other lip already in the body of the product.

If the product is not used totally submerged in water maybe it should be dried with head of product down in order to allow any excess water to drain out and the silicone tip removed (and cleaned).

I would also suggest not using the control buttons while the device is being used under water. There is a likelihood of water leaking into the device while using the buttons.

My Satisfyer 2 still works after the batteries were replaced (with new ones)  from being shorted out due to water exposure. The product continues to work as it did in the beginning, but for how long I not sure.

I will not say do not buy this product, because it is affordable. It does cause intense orgasms. I did enjoy using it, however I am always skeptical when a product says that it is waterproof, requires batteries or has any type of opening with the possibility of water exposure. The product can not truly be 100% waterproof.

I think that the Satisfyer Family needs to consider changing their waterproof claim.

Food for thought: The iPhone 7 has a IP67 rating which means that it is protected against dust & water.  Yet water leakage is not covered under the warranty. And knowing what you know now after reading this review, ask yourself – Would you submerge the Satisfyer 2 under water intentionally?

Satisfyer Pro 2, sexblogger, latina, product review, Clitoral Vibrator

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sexblogger, latina, product review, Satisfyer Pro Penguin, Clitoral Vibrator

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[Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted or complimentary price for reviewing purposes. This will not influence my opinion or experience of this product. The blog post may or may not contain affiliate links.]



OVO W1 [Review]


OVO W1 review by SassyCat3000

A contest prize from &

Back in December I entered a contest via The Frisky website. I won. The prizes were sponsored by Inside were many products that I am attempting to give my opinion about. The first product I used was the “OVO W1” (Violet). It is available in three different colors. I found prices vary anywhere from $15 to $30. I would not pay $29.95 for this product.

This product is …OVO W1 Bullet Product Review by SassyCat3000

  • designed & developed in Germany
  • waterproof
  • made of Silicone material and 100% body-safe materials

The product came in a small box with a tight fit, a bit difficult to open. Inside the box the product was displayed in a foam type of setting with the instruction pamphlet at the bottom. It took a few attempts before I could pull the instruction booklet out of the slot.

Opened box, instruction bookletI’m not impressed with the instruction booklet. The instructions are typed in eight different languages. However, it’s written to cover most if not all the similar products. Inside the basics are covered from cleaning the product to warnings about using the product. Keep cards with magnetic strips away from the toy, as the magnetic field could damage the cards. I would have never known that, would you?

This product is

  • easy to use, has on/off push button at tip of bullet
  • requires (3) LR41 cell batteries (which are $1.50 each)
  • a single speed powerful bullet clitoral vibrator
  •  somewhat quiet
  • approx 5cm -2 inches with a circumference of 2cm to 0.8 inchs (fits in the palm of my hand)

My Personal Experience: I have used this product a few times. The first time I used it, the motor slowed down. I shut it off, waiting for a few minutes. I powered it back up, it worked at full speed again. The second time I used it, it died completely after only a few minutes. I figured that the batteries that came with it might have been old. I replaced the old batteries, used it during sex (the third time). I noticed it started to slow down once again. The OVO W1 overheated or something else causing it to slow down, yet again. After a few more minutes the OVO W1 stopped working. Not sure what exactly the problem is with it. I washed it with hot water & soap. Wiped it down with some baby wipes. towel dried it, putting it back in the box. That was the last time I used it. I have only used this product with water based lube. I have not used it in the shower or tub, even though it is waterproof. The OVO W1 left me disappointed & frustrated.

This product comes with a 15 year warranty.




  • I Won (


Clit Exciter – Very Powerful


product picture
Clitoral vibrator by California Exotic
Material: Plastic



Clit Exciter

This little slender number is very powerful indeed. I will say that it will leave your hand and fingers feeling a bit numb & tingly after the first time you use it.

The 3 pieces that make up the clitoral encaser

The Clit Exciter does just that, it’s available at for only $14.99. When I first opened the package I wasn’t impressed with the general instruction sheet for the battery insertion. There is a clear plastic tube that the batteries are placed in. It uses 2 AAA batteries. The Exciter has a vibration control at the very base, it tends to be very touchy. To increase speed of the vibration you just merely turn the very base clockwise.  It can be accidentally shut off during sex, merely by the awkwardness of holding onto it.

The “head” with “love dots” of the clit exciter

I did not like the angle of the Clit Exciter, the actual weight that turns within the  exciter is slightly above the actual angle so if you are resting it on your body more than just your clit will feel the intense vibrating. Another thing I noticed was that it is seemingly loud. However, when I turned it on high in the office and walked into my “Beloved’s” office attempting to hear it. I couldn’t. So it does seem loud in the same room but I was not able to hear it in the room right next door.

Close Up of the “love dots” and clit “cap”

I wasn’t so thrilled with the little “cap” for your “bean”. It’s not like one size fits all, however the nubs or “love dots” that surround the “cap” may add some additional stimulation, but once again, due to the intense & powerful vibration it’s difficult to tell.

It’s a very easy clean, made of hard plastic. It’s not flexible. This stimulator has no plastic smell like some other sex toys. I like the idea it’s waterproof and super easy to clean. Just use soap & hot water. I have washed it and have noticed there is no water leakage into the stimluator (so far). There are some added sprinkles in the plastic and is available in 4 different colors.

My Rating is as follows…(according to

  • 4 Vrooms = Strong and easily felt vibrations that powerfully stimulate but are not “earth-shaking”.
  • 3 Bees = Moderate noise level, similar to a small appliance, can heard through covers and probably through a closed door.
This product was provided to me free of charge by Eden Fantasys in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines. 

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