Christmas isn’t all that Festive [KOTW]

Christmas brings a series of mixed emotions for me. As the years pass, I think Christmas has lost its luster for me.

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I do have so wonderful memories of Christmas Past.

Back when I was 13 yrs old I received my first kiss from a 16 yr old. I gave him my heart that night while watching “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It was Christmas eve night. I remember it was something out of a movie, he was gentle and it was romantic. Kissing by the light of the television. He held my chin with his hand, guiding me towards his face. Because we lost contact, Christmas would depress me. I would always flashback to that moment when I fell in love with him. I needed closure. A few years back, I decided to enter his name in Facebook and voila! I found him. We did talk, I got the closure I needed and Christmas wasn’t so emotionally painful for me anymore. day 1 of sassys sexmas

Christmas doesn’t do anything for me when it comes to sex. Although I am on winter break until the second week in January. I tend to drink a lot more, go out to the bar a lot more and yes get into trouble a lot more. My impulsive and risky behavior is in maximum drive. Currently I am involved in a situation that has me afraid and excited. His name is Mr. Sam and I’m not sure what to do with him. I know that because of the Christmas holiday my involvement has escalated to a level that makes me very nervous.

I try to keep my mind occupied with things that won’t trigger any depression or outbursts. I avoid the work Christmas party, I avoid my family Christmas gatherings. My two oldest children do not call or visit to wish me Merry Christmas.

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I guess that’s why I started doing my 12 Days of Sexmas photo challenge. It keeps me busy.

I think Christmas is when people are at their worse, rude and selfish. I believe that Christmas is for the young. Is my bitterness showing? In my household there are no exchange of presents with my hubby. He buys his own and I get money to buy mine. We used to do the gift exchange but it seemed like to much work. I didn’t want to do it anymore. Somewhere I lost my Christmas spirit. Not sure I even want it back.

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I’m almost embarrassed to share this, like I should have some hot & steamy sex story but I got nothing.


I Won

While I was in the Big D over the Christmas Holiday, visiting my Manchild since he was unable to drive up north. It was Christmas Day, just leaving the Dallas area, while in the backseat of the Manchild’s car. I’m occupying myself with my iPhone (of course) checking email. I read an email from I like reading The Frisky because they do have some interesting articles. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Scrolling through it I see a contest to win “The 25 Days of Sexmas.” I figured “WTF, I’m bored & I never win anything away.” I continued to read the rules, simple enough. The Frisky was just hosting a contest. I double checked the time, I think I entered with like 45 minutes to spare.

On the day I was driving back to Illinois from Texas, got the email requesting verification of my address. WHAAAA?!


I WON something?! Get the F*** out!

20140120-185550.jpg Yes. I won. So, what did I win? Here is the list from website.

One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive an Unbound Box including

Glas G Spot Tickler approximate retail value (ARV) seventeen dollars ($17.00 USD)

OVO bullet vibe ARV eighteen dollars ($18.00),

Good Clean Love Lube ARV twenty dollars ($20.00)

Lelo Luna Beads Noir ARV thirty four dollars ($34.00)

Bijoux Indiscrets Silk Blindfold ARV twenty dollars ($20.00)

Babeland Arousal Balm ARV twelve dollars ($12.00)

Maia remote control vibe ARV sixty dollars ($60.00)  This one hadn’t arrived in time for the main shipment. It was sent separately. I am still awaiting this prize.

Bijoux Indiscrets Mimi Nipple Covers ARV sixteen dollars ($16.00)

PicoBong Toy Cleanser ARV five dollars ($5.00)

Dead Batteries ARV five dollars ($5.00)

Vibrating Sponge ARV fourteen dollars ($14.0)

Sir Richards ARV two dollars ($2.00)

This is L. ARV two dollars ($2.00)

OOO Condoms ARV two dollars ($2.00)

Tattly Tattoo ARV five dollars ($5.00)


Who sponsored this contest?

I had seen the site before, stumbling onto through twitter or a blog. I wasn’t totally unfamiliar with the site. I was really excited, concerned when my prizes hadn’t arrived yet. I thought, did I miss the delivery at some point? God, I hope no one stole the box of the front porch. Shit, that would be just my luck, ya know?! Winning a box full of sex toys and some kid steals it! UGH.

Concerned. I decided to email both Kathryn Oldenburg (thefrisky) & Sarah Jayne (unbound). Both ladies were great. I received the first email on the 27th of December, 2013 from Ms. Oldenburg. The second email was received on the 31st of December from Ms Jayne. She stated that she would be mailing out the prize package this week. On January 14th (2014) I decided I better email both ladies to find out if perhaps I had missed the package in the mail.  Both women got back to me rather quickly, which was great. However, in the back of my mind I wonder if I would have never mentioned not receiving the prize that they might not have sent it out.

20140127-091127.jpgMs. Jayne mentioned that due to the polar vortex that had hit most of the United States, the mail was behind. Sarah tossed in a few extra tubes of lube, along with Erin Hoodini’s specialty bondage rope. She was kind enough to inform me that she was still waiting on the Maia Wicked Wireless to arrive. In the course of emailing back & forth the Maia arrived and Sarah was dropping it in the mail the next day. So, it should be arriving tomorrow (1/21/2014).

As of 1/27/2014 I have yet to receive this product mentioned in the email to the left. It was also part of the winning prize package. I will not be emailing them asking where it is, I just won’t be recommending a positive experience with this company.


20140127-091143.jpgThere were only a few things that I noticed about this. That the box in which it came in was slightly larger and Ms. Jayne apologized for the over-sized box. I did notice that the “pasties” were not inside their protective cover. It looked like possibly items were tossed into the box last minute.  I am pretty sure that it was last minute. I’m pretty sure that perhaps there was no intention on shipment of winning prizes. I’m just surprised that a company like this would even conduct business like this, knowing that they are building a reputation.

I mentioned to Sarah that I would probably blog about this. Can I somehow not blog about it?!

And of course I will add my reviews of the products as I use them. I think it will add to my “resume” of product review items.  I need the experience, practice and something to review. I think this will work. Thanks again to Kathryn & Sarah. And thanks to the universe for tipping in my favor for once.


Christmas Carols [SS Wk 138]

My Christmas carol theme is “Feliz Navidad” and my wonderful photographer picked “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”

“Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad
Prospero Ano y Felicidad”

Feliz Navidad 1

“I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
From the bottom of my heart”


Feliz Navidad 2

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” 

My wonderful photographer, my “Beloved” aka “Old Man” wanted to share his choices. So, this is his choice of Christmas songs along with the photos he took & picked out.

Baby, It's Cold Outside


Baby, It's Cold Outside 2



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Wishing Everyone, including the judges ….. Good Luck in this Sinful Sunday Competition.


Making Sacrifices and Resisting Temptation. TMI Tuesday 3/5/2013

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions were produced by Heelsnstocking and Hedone. Making Sacrifices and Resisting Temptation

1. What did you give up for lent? NOT one damn thing!

2. What sexually could you never give up? Besides sex in general? I could give up anything when pushed. Can’t really think of anything specific that I could NEVER give up.

3. What act would you like to do for 40 days and 40 nights? Not sure about this one…

4. Wha
t sexual sacrifice have you made? I gave up my playmate. Why? I was given no say in the matter.

5. Have you aver been tied to a cross or anything else? Strange, no I haven’t been tied to anything. Restrained at times by someone’s hands. However never actually tied to anything. 

6. What part of your body do you like worshiped? my legs. Rubbed, kissed, bitten, licked. Touched gently by someone’s fingertips, lips, tongue or any other object 😉

7. What can your partner do to you that makes you feel true bliss? gently caress me all over. It makes me relax and sleepy, a calming affect. However can also increase desire, wanting of more exciting things.

Bonus: Tell us about a time you were tempted. Did you give in or resist? The last time I was tempted was yesterday. I so wanted to text …but I denied that inner demon. HOWEVER, yesterday there was another incident which I did give into temptation and called.  No further action was taken. So, my behavior was a wash between two separate cases. 


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A Christmas Meme

I copied this from Frisky in the 916 blog. Jack & Jill, they are a very friendly couple. So, if you get a chance go peek at their blog and tell them that SassyCat sent you!

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags?
I used to use wrapping paper for the kids, then gifts bags came out, so I started using them. I still use gift bags for the adults. Started using wrapping paper due to our one yr grandson. To see him shred the paper in excitement is the best part of the holiday, I think.

2. Real tree or artificial tree?
I always had a fake tree growing up, then I moved out. Time for a change, started getting real trees, mostly from the local boy troops. I was divorced, had 3 little ones, mom moved in. We would pack into the car. Of course my mother would bundle up the two smaller ones like the kid in “A Christmas Story” I would take the oldest with me, while the others sat in the car. Picking trees, strapping it down, setting it up. I decided that I would continue this until the youngest was 18. Now we have a big fake tree. I love it so much better! glad the days of the live trees are over, I just get a pine scented candle now lol.

3. Angel on the tree top or a star?
There was an old foil background Santa thingy that went on top of the tree. When I moved out, I changed it up a bit. The kids made things, and I put it up there. One year my daughter made an angel and for years I used that..then one day while at the Dollar Tree (store) I saw a gold star and for the past 3 yrs thats been the topper.

4. Favorite ornament, theme or color? As far as themes, I had done the blue & silver & white tree for a while. Before that I did the tree of mostly ornaments that the kids made in school. I have since gave them the ornaments so that they can decorate their own tree. I do have one ornament that goes first and center. Why? It was on my mom’s tree…she’s the christmas elf and is as old as I am!

5. When do you put up the tree? I try to put it up around the first weekend in December, but this year I wasn’t wanting to do it. I  put it off until two weeks before Christmas and it took me about 4 days to finish it.

6. When do you take the tree down? I normally take it down the first weekend in January. So, that I can move all the furniture back.

7. Favorite gift received as a child? There are a few that stick out at me, one was a doll that sang “I’d like to teach the world to sing” she sang it in a few different languages from a colored plastic disk I could put in her back and she had different outfits to go with the different cultures. The suede coat my dad got me one year, the silver star with the diamond in it.

8. Hardest person to buy for?
Currently it would be my grandson, I am so not used to buying for little kids anymore. Even tho he is only 1 & half, its still difficult for me to think of stuff he needs or would enjoy playing with.  
9. Easiest person to buy for? My hubby, anything that’s involves Transformers, Star Wars, cars, motorcycles or guns and he’s thrilled.

10. Mail or email Christmas cards?
I always snail mail my Christmas cards which I failed to do this year, I used to send out a lot, but not anymore! I normally just send out ones that have been sent to me. I just procrastinate!

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? mmm, let me think, I am sure there is something, but nothing comes to mind right now.

12. Favorite Christmas movie?
“It’s a Wonderful Life” I had my first kiss while watching this movie when I was 13yrs old. It was magical for me, I watched this movie every year since without fail on Christmas eve night and float back to a time of innocence. I always cry at the end to, now becuase the movie has a different meaning.

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas?
I start anytime, I just put stuff away for Christmas, I may see something in July or even this week and I will pick it up and save it. One year I was finished by October, but this year I waited til the Wednesday of this week, Christmas being today (Sunday)

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?
I think I have, just don’t remember was it was.

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?
Homemade tamales & mexican wedding cookies…oh what a wonderful tasty treat for me

16. Favorite Christmas song? Check this out on Chirbit

17. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Staying home, we hadn’t left out house in years. Not for Christmas anyway.

18. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer? No, I don’t think so.I can name eight if I am allowed to sing that song!

19. Can you name all of the 7 Dwarves?
No, probably not.

20. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning?
We do both Christmas eve is always the big event, Christmas morning was saved for gifts from Santa. those gifts were not wrapped, they were in a huge black bag with a ribbon and a name tag. Santa always a a sack of toys…then everyone goes about their day around noon on Christmas day. I am still in my PJ’s as I type this.

21. Most annoying thing about this time of year?
The people, crowds, attitudes…all the fricking pressure for parents to get that “special” gift! I can’t deal with the crowds anymore. Its just insane, people are so rude, selfish..Oh yeah..remember to keep “Christ in Christmas” whatever!

22. Do you ever hang mistletoe?
Yes, used to hang the real stuff, then went to the plastic stuff. Its just for an ornamental decoration, not to be taken seriously with kisses all the time.

23. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa?
I think my cousins ruined it for me somewhere around the age of  12 or 13 maybe even sooner. I just never gave it much of a thought.

24. What’s the most important thing about the holidays for you?
mmmm, hearing from friends and family. Being home for the holidays. keeping it very simple for us.

25. What do you want for Christmas this year?
I want a pair of leather gloves, I got pretty much what I wanted. I would really love to have all 3 of my kids here at one time..but that will never happen!

Just Humping Away Today…

Yesterday I left work with only ONE transport for today. So, I figure that I can goof around and catch up on a few things around the house (stop laughing my intention is there). So, I get to work and son of a bitch I got two more transports at 930. This means that I probably won’t get out of work until noonish. For the record I clocked out at 1pm, I tried not to lose my head, I did some micro audio blogs expressing exactly how I felt about it. I have been standish in the office due to politics, I also figure its best if I am not too attached when I quit.

So, I told my co-worker about the add-ons and she says “I never call you to let you know.” My boss says “you’re dressed casual today.” I looked at her “I had other plans!” She said “I heard that.” Its not that I don’t like my job, I love it, its that I had PLANS! grrrrrr.
I had some time to kill while I was waiting for the transports to call ready, so I stopped into Toys R’ Us. My daughter has a “wish list” for my grandson. I went in there and didn’t focus on anything, really I just wandered around looking at the cool toys.

Where were all those cool toys when I was a kid? Did my family not know about them or was it that my private education and traveling out of the country was more important than some trendy toy? Remember that whole Tickle Me Elmo sandal a few years back? My family would have NEVER, I mean NEVER done anything to that extreme. I can’t see my father doing the Jingle all the way kind of thing. Altho due to his work he normally waited until the last minute. I remember the suede bomber jacket, the silver star diamond necklace, the wooden music box with the “Holly Hobbie” cover that playing “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head.”

So, I looked at the stuff my daughter was for my grandson. I couldn’t find a thing. WAIT..I did the Playschool farm house. Man, I loved those as a kid, the little people that you put in to holes. The Playschool house opend up like a suitcase, and when closed you could carry it with the handle. Ok, ok, enough waiting down memory lane.

The office girls asked if I was attending the company christmas party tomorrow night, I replied “No.” One of the girls says “I bought Cathy shoes.” Referring to the fact I used to do the shoe thing. She says “you won’t see them now, if you don’t go.” I just said “take a photo for me.” I know they all want me to go, didn’t attend last year. A part of me feels bad, another part wants to go, then I think “what are we gonna talk about? WORK!! What else is there?” We all have different views, maybe I am just anti-social in the sense I don’t socialize well. “Old Man” says “you were never socialized as a child, you are like those cats who hide under the sofa until you watch the visitor for a while, then you come out to greet them.” Ok, I guess I’m messed up…who isn’t?

Enough of that, this is turning out to be a long blog, haven’t been doing much of the written blogging. But, you know me, I go through my moods so, here I am for awhile.

Cat’s Tales Christmas Party

Well, it was a very interested show. I had a surprise call from Jeff Lynn. Its a nice feeling to know that I am at a great place with both him & Laura (Trejo). I no longer feel trapped in the middle of them. It feels like it did before all the bad blood that was spilt. Laura is welcome on my show anytime as well. Its not a place where people should feel like they can’t participate. I dont want that.

This a great Christmas to know that I have let the past go. Altho, there are some issues that will linger yet. I know this blog is for the show, however it intertwines with my feelings about things. Holger called in and shared a bit about Christmas, have’nt spoken to him in a month of Sundays. My “fireman” called in for the first time ever…Mark, he shared about the charity work done by his firehouse. Its a great things that they do.

Also, my son, Justin called into the show and his “friend” Cindy’s daughter Corine, she’s 12 and sang a song for us. It was great, having all of them here for a brief moment and sharing Chrismtas here. We exchanged presents and it was a great feeling. Its NOT what the gift is, its the idea behind it, that they thought enough of us to get something.

I had a few guests show up, not sure who they were, but its nice that they popped in to hear the show. Trying to think of anything I might have forgotten. Played some songs, “The Fireman” by George Strait. “Santa Baby” by Eartha Kitt. “Rest ye Merry Gentlemen”, “Baby it’s Outside”, “Merry Christmas Darling”.
Thanks to JL for hanging with me through the show….

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