5 Reasons Why I Love Chocolate [WW218]

“In Heaven Chocolate has no calories and is served as the main course.” – unknown

5.  Chocolate can be as good and sometimes better than sex.

4.  Chocolate is always festive and dressed up during the holidays.


3.  Chocolate always makes me smile.

2.  Chocolate makes me eat more fruit.



1.  It’s not illegal to be addicted to chocolate.



Chocolate! Who doesn’t like chocolate? Okay, I guess some people won’t like it, but still I would love all of you to share your best (and sexy) chocolate stories! – Wicked Wednesday

Wicked Wednesday

Candy [Review]

I was in CVS store picking up a prescription. When I walked by the candy isle. I love candy! Most all candy. What I love more is tasting new candy. I walked past a display for something new that I haven’t seen before.

M&M’s (distributed by the Mars Chocolate Company). The display was for “Birthday Cake M&M’s” and “Mega M&M’s” for only 88 cents each. I couldn’t pass that up. I bought one of each.


First I tasted was the “Mega M&M’s”

  • These M&M’s are larger in size than the regular M&M’s
  • Candy comes in Blue, Red, Green, Blue, Orange and Yellow.
  • There were about 14-17 total M&M’s in the 1.48 oz package
  • 200 calories

These M&M’s tasted just like the regular milk chocolate M&M’s, just more of the candy to melt in your mouth.

Next up for the taste test was the “Birthday Cake M&M’s”

The “Birthday Cake M&M’s”

  • Tasted like a moist bakery chocolate birthday cake
  • Only three colors. Blue, Yellow and Red
  • There are about 20-23 M&M’s in this 1.40 oz package
  • 190 calories

These Birthday Cake flavored M&M’s are pretty tasty. My Beloved said they were a little too sweet to eat them all at once. I enjoyed munching on them while I was watching a movie.

I do enjoy candy. I tend to eat too much of it. I do go through binges where I will eat a lot of candy then I can stand even the smell of it.

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Valentine’s is Almost Here

Valentine’s Day is upon us. Around the corner, that special day for lovers & couples. A time when husbands & wives search for that special gift that says “I Love You.” I have never been the conventional, conservative female. I told my spouse from early on in our relationship, that flowers, cards and jewelry just wasn’t for me. Sure, I never stopped him from buying those things for me. I have a gold bead necklace that he would add to on every occasion.

Who would say no to chocolates?! Not I. I will kill a slut for some fresh melt in my mouth chocolate. Cards, I read them and sometimes I keep them other wise, I’ll toss them in the trash. “Old Man” is the sentimental one. Flowers fade, not lasting long. Also flowers, especially roses, can be very expensive. Nope. I want something different. Something that says “I love you” in our marriage. Not someone else’s, because what works for us, isn’t going to work for others.

Ruger .22 Long Rifle with Rosewood Grips

Ruger .22 Long Rifle with Rosewood Grips

A few years ago for Valentine’s Day I was given “Rosie.”  She means more than the dozen long stemmed roses, box of chocolates and sappy card. She takes great care of me, when I am home alone or when I travel. She reminds me of “Old Man.” Because he knows that I am picky, he looked for the “perfect” gift. He found it. Now, once again, he will say “I love you” this time with a shotgun. I looked in the little kids section. Ya know, the shotguns that only weigh 5 lbs or less (not many).  There are shotguns that weight 7 lbs or more, way too heavy for me. I will be also getting a cute little red light for it and a pistol handle in place of the standard. I am kind of excited.

Whatever he picks out for me, I know I will be happy with, just like with “Rosie.” Old Man loves me, like no other and it’s times like this when I can actually feel my icy cold heart skip a beat for him.