Stress Relief Balls Toys [Product Review]

I was asked to review these Stress Relief Balls.
I noticed there are a lot of fidget spinners and companies that are trying to jump on the band wagon of the attention keepers. Objects that would aid a person in focusing, an object to keep in their hands to occupy their mind.
Right. Not happening with these balls.

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I didn’t find any instruction or information booklet in the package. So I wasn’t aware that there were different levels of firmness to each ball. There was no information explaining which color was the easiest to squeeze and the hardest to squeeze. I had to figure that out by squeezing them all.

The description on Amazon states that I could squish or smoosh these balls. But I couldn’t do either of that. I can’t see using these balls as a fidget type toy for children. I can only see these balls to be used as hand strengtheners, muscle builders. Objects that might be used during physical therapy for the hands, wrists and forearms.

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Thanks to Mr. Sam for helping me with this review.

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AudioBoom is an AudioBUST

Tuesday I woke up to see the newest version of Audioboo, now called AudioBoom. There was a few things that I noticed that I didn’t like out of the starting gate. There is so much disappointment with this new updated version. The small community that I am a part of is hurt, confused and disappointed. Some feel that this is the beginning of the end of the community as we know it to be. I highly doubt it’s the end, yet I’m sure that some (such as myself) will be looking elsewhere to record. Others might stop all together recording, others might try to find other ways to record to bypass the audioboom app. There will always be some community there, until the site closes down. The community might not be as tight-knit as earlier times. I will always be around.

Audio Error. Audioboom is an AudioBUST

Audio Error. Audioboom is an AudioBUST

You can listen to my podcast that I talk about some of the apps. Keep in mind that the written post and podcast do not contain that exact material. [Thanks to GingerTom for the background music]

There are just a few issues I have, otherwise I am fine with the new version.

  • I do NOT like that there is an auto-play when opening the app.
  • I do NOT want to hear anyone else but those that I am following.
  • I do NOT to hear any other channels. I just want those members that I am following in my stream.
  • For me, it’s difficult to found, listen to the most recent, current posts from those members that I am following. I ended up going to the main website page to find the recent stuff.
  • Bottom line it is difficult for me to maneuver around in the app to listen to just the people I want to hear.

I have always been into doing audio. It’s so much easier than typing out the words. Besides I believe that the listener can hear my emotion in the audio. I like to review some of the audio apps that I come across, to see their potential. Below are some of the apps, websites that I have used or reviewed. Please feel to add any information that could be of use to someone who might be considering using or downloading one of these apps.

I added a few issues that come to mind, both positive & negative. Each app offers something different. I have not found an app/website that offers everything. The closest I have found is Voqel. Downside; only an iOS app available.

Chirbit – Has potential for community or lone wolf activity. Chirbit iOS app is 99 cents. Recording space depends on the space you have on your phone. Ability to share, embed and voice or text comment. Has website to view members profile page. I do not like the look of the app or website. The colors are dab.

Ipadio – Community. Can upload files, including location and photos. Can share to social media. Can use telephone to call app to record. There is no voice commenting only text. The app is solely for recording, unable to view other members or main webpage. All commenting, viewing and listening needs to be done on main webpage or by RSS or itunes.

Voicebo – Very similar to AudioBoom, however there is only 5 minutes per audio. The community isn’t a strong one, has potential. Tag section and description section could allow more characters. Only text commenting within the app. Can subscribe via RSS feed. The app is pretty easy to find your way around. If you sign up there, PLEASE tell Brett Wilson that Cat sent ya!!!

Eevzdrop  – There is no uploading files on this app. No website to view a member’s profile page. There is 10 minutes of recording time. After uploading your “drop” there is no option to edit. You can only share to Facebook, not to Twitter. You can copy the URL and share it.

Dubbler/Yappie – Voice filters. Some sense of community. Time limit on recording is 60 seconds.

VoiceByte – You only get 30 seconds to record. It’s great for a promo or sharing a statement. Ability to include a photo and link to that recording. Can share to Facebook, Twitter and Friends. There seems to be only a handful of users here.

Voqel – This app wouldn’t even let me sign up. The “timer” just kept going, even after deleting it and reinstalling the app. I went to the website and was successful in creating a profile. Everything about this really looks interesting, promising. I will have to say this is so far the best of the community formed audio/broadcasting/podcasting networks out there.  Files can be uploaded from the website and members can also record via microphone. The website is user-friendly with detailed “how-to’s.” You can even create private groups. Sadly, there it is only available on iOS. There is so much to this app and website. Two thumbs up for this one. You can view my first recording >HERE<

CLICK the microphone icon below to go to my Voqel profile page.


Micbytes – Waste of time. No activity since August of 2014. Can’t share with Twitter or Facebook after uploading the post. Too vogue of an app.

Soundcloud – I stopped using this after the plans were introduced. My account has 3 hours left. I did like the app and the website. Those site is mostly filled with DJ’s. I guess “Lordes” was discovered after uploading her tracks to Soundcloud.

Spreaker – There are plans you can purchase. My account only has 10 hours left and I can record up 30 minutes. After that I would have to purchase a plan. I did really like this app & website. However, there cost is my main issue.

Blog Talk Radio – I used this for two years or more. Cat’s Tales Podcast. Main issue I had is that the sound quality is total crap! You need a phone to use this site. There is no app for this site. You use your landline or cell phone to record your audio. You can upload 3 mp3’s to use during your broadcast. You get up to 30 minutes free, with 15 minutes extra also free. I called the 15 minutes “the after party.” A member can schedule a show/broadcast to air live with a chatroom during non peak hours. Only paying members get access to prime time slots. A member can share to Twitter & Facebook. The interactive dashboard is pretty easy to use. There are a lot of good qualities about BTR, the whole set up is really cool. The “Studio” that a member uses to record their broadcast or to upload a file. A member can upgrade, starting at $39 per month in which a member can use Skype to record their show. There are more bells & whistles with the upgrade.

Check Out Lifestyle Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with SassyCat38 on BlogTalkRadio



PodOmatic – Mostly for music DJ’s. There is a storage limit of 500MG and bandwidth of 15GB. Not sure if it’s restarted after 90 days or if the member has to upgrade. The basic plan is $9.99 per month. A member can edit their profile page.

Mixlr – I downloaded this one. But there was something about it, that I couldn’t figure it out. The way it looked bothered my senses. It was unappealing to me. So if you can share some insight on this app and website that would be great.

Melt – There is only 60 seconds or 30 seconds of record time. There is a feel of community there. I do like the embed player. You can read my full review >HERE<. There is no main website. This app seems to be only available in iOS. I would use this more to toss a single thought into the air on twitter.

Here are a few other iOs apps that I haven’t “tested.” They look kind of tame, simple and similar to Melt, Yappie, Dubbler and VoiceByte.

I noticed that most of these apps are iOS only. A few have android, Windows versions available. Do you have a recommendation for an audio, voice, broadcasting app? Share it. I need to nick my Beloved’s new Galaxy to visit the app store to see what’s available. BUT if you already tried something, drop me a comment. Share your experience.

Two Women One Topic [Podcast]

The topic of sex is always in the background of my mind. I was still thinking about the question “Why do we demonize men who are honest about their sexual needs?’

I decided to talk to my mother about this. To find out how she felt, being an older woman, having been raised in a different time with a different way of thinking. Not to mention the totally different view about sex in general.


Image courtesy of artur84 at

My mother was raised that the idea that sex is something that is not to be discussed. Something strange, scary and it’s a part of marriage. Sex was a frightening act that probably was not pleasurable, but only to the man.

We discussed a lot of personal opinions, experiences about the topic of sex. How society has changed but managed to stay the same if that makes any sense.

Perhaps you can get some into sight into how I, Sassy Cat, came to be. Not just a result of my parents fucking, but how &b where my views of sex started from. We are just two women sharing a meal, spending some mommy-daughter time together and talking about sex at a fast food joint.

I’m not really sure how long the podcast is, maybe 20 minutes or more. Please lemme know what ya think and if you have any topics you would like me to discuss, drop me a email.

Keep in mind that was is said in the audio is different than what is typed above. The above is merely a summary. [25 mins runtime]

My Signature Drink [PostADay]

A daily prompt from Daily Post at WordPress

Captain Picard was into Earl Grey tea; mention the Dude and we think: White Russians. What’s your signature beverage — and how did it achieve that status?

Above is my “signature” drink – X rated & Sprite

You can follow along with my “drinking adventures” on instagram

Girl with a Gun


 I have grown up around guns, weapons, crime reports and photographs. Thanks to my father’s job. I shot my first gun at 15 years old while spending one summer with my inner city cousins. I married a man whose grandfather shot dinner. Rabbits, Squirrels and other edible critters. My Beloved was taught how to use guns to protect his kinfolk and if necessary provide food. My father used guns in his job for over 35 years. I’m no stranger to them. I just never felt a need for one. Now I own two of my very own. One was a gift for my birthday, a little too big (view photo gallery) and the other was for Valentine’s Day. I love my Ruger.

I decided to do a podcast, that ended up being around 30 minutes long. Discussing a few different topics regarding guns.

A summary of the podcast is as follows. My Beloved has grown up with guns, works on guns as a hobby.

  • Discussing having guns in the home with small children. Educating children about gun safety. Keeping the gun locked up, so that little children can not access them so easily.
  • NEVER trust a gun. Always assume it’s loaded.  Revolver’s are easier to see due to the cylinder verses an automatic, because the bullets are hidden in the clip.
  • We discussed the topic of “concealed carry.” You are liable for any damages. Recommendation is look into liability insurance of some kind. Or something that covers you in case of an accidental shooting, injury of an innocent person.
  • Mental Illness & gun control. Briefly touching upon the Fort Hood incident. Sandy Hook School shooting. Why would that mother have those types of guns in her home? Two guns that the government what’s to get rid of?
  • My Beloved shares his favorite guns. Model 28 Smith & Wesson.
  • We talked about going out shooting with our kids. Each one of them either own guns or truly love shooting them.
  • My Beloved talks about “paper patching.” Also, how bullets are tracked once the bullets are picked up by law enforcement at the scene of a crime.
  • Ending with a recap of guns in society.


Disclaimer: We are sharing our opinions on this subject of guns. We do not support any agency nor are we affiliated with any organization or agency.

General Podcasting Stuff

Black and white photograph of a Neumann U87 mi...

I have felt restless about going back to typing. I have been really wanting to get back into my “audio-blogging” and podcasting. What’s the difference?

I would say audio-blogging is more of a personal audio daily dairy sort of thing. Podcasting is more on the professional and not so personal audio.

I continued onto to talk about other audio platforms that I have some experience with. This all came about with the new time increase on Audioboo to 10 minutes from the free 3 minutes upon sign up. I was at 6 minutes for about a year or more.

The audio apps that I mention in my above audio is…

I just gave a run down of those. I hope to continue to do more audio stuff. If you sign up for any of the above, look me up and follow me. I will follow you in return.

Social Stigma’s


Last week, I responded to a tweet from @RayneMillaray when she re-tweeted the following.

I was not a teen mom, however I did have my first child straight out of high school. I had to get married. I am Mexican, an only daughter and raised by my paternal grandparents along with my macho father. Of course I had to get married! It was the worst time of my life. I will say that attending Catholic school for 12 years, I don’t remember a time when a women’s body was broken down so that I could understand any thing that was going on in my body.

I mean, when I first heard about menstrual cycles. They are all the same right? Right! Every 28 days, ok, maybe 32 days. Lasts for 7 days right?! RIGHT!!

NO! Every women’s cycle is different. At 18 years of age I had no idea. I also had no idea that being on the pill and taking antibiotics can cause pregnancy. Ya know, one cancels out the other one. Too late. I found that out the hard way, nine months later. It’s one thing to be a teen mom, there is judgement. However, being 18 years old, married and on welfare. There is another judgement there. There is a stigma of that “poor lower class people.” There is that judgement of nationality, being stereotyped. I felt that (a lot).

My grandparents told me “if it doesn’t work out, get the divorce, move home, but the baby has a name.” Good Grief! I was terrified. Long story short, I got the divorce, moved back home. Once again experiencing the judgement of being a divorced women, single mom on welfare.

Fast forward to present day. I have a job that one could easily get away with wearing their “house clothes” to. However, I do not leave my house in sweats or my “cleaning the house” clothes. I dress a bit more stylish, why should I dress frumpy? I was recently told that I dress somewhat sexy for driving out in corn country. Then I explained how I used to dress in the 1980’s with the big hair, short skirts, heels and sometimes with stocking with the seams up the back when I worked in the local government office building. The person I was speaking with said “you dressed like a hooker?! You were loose.” Even though this person is 22 years older, I figured that there would be a bit more open-mindedness. Since we as a society have come pretty far. Well I thought so any way.

I was hurt at first. Then it turned to anger, because that person judged me based on my attire. Judged on how I dress to go to work. Maybe they would feel more comfortable if I wore bib overalls, white tee-shirt with some farm boots and my red hankie hanging out of my back pocket.

I am disappointed that society still has some of the stigma’s. Teen Pregnancy, Mental Illness, Financial. Doesn’t matter what the social stigma is. Education. I see that education is the key. I have educated all three of my children about birth control, abstaining and menstrual cycles. They have no excuses. I educated them about sexuality to the best of my ability. My best friend, a gay man. I never hid my kids from viewing my friend with his life partner. I spoke to them about mental illness, more so now that I have my issues that I have started working on. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. 

Educate your daughters. About their bodies, about those “bad boys.” Educate your sons. About their bodies and about those “mean girls.”

Do not judge a person on their outward appearance. Get to know the person. Ask questions. Don’t just walk away or turn your back on someone because they are different from you. You might miss out on something so special, that both your life and theirs may be changed for the better. One life affects so many others.

Rayne Millaray was inspired to write a post on her website Insatiable Desire called “Shit Happens: On My Experience as a Teen Mom

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